What to cook tomorrow!!!!!

Sorry for the delay today…guess it’ll be what to cook tomorrow.
Well Saturday is usually grocery shopping day..so I usually cook fastest thing I can think of.
Today I made Mloukhieh. ( ملوخيه ناعمه وورق ).
I usually make the two kinds..cause each one of my boys prefers a kind.
So I make whole mloukhieh,meaning leaves not chopped and loose or finely chopped kind.
I was in such a hurry so as to save time,I used :

Two large boneless chicken breasts,cut them into squares .

  • In a heated skillet,  put the chicken cubes, add a bit olive oil.salt, pepper, all spice, dry coriander.
  • Stir well till chicken is brownish.
  •  add a small finely copped onion 4 or 5 chopped garlic cloves and stir all till tender.
  • I split the chicken into two portions,first one added coarse leaves (     ملوخيه خشنه )and the other chopped fine leaves (ملوخيه ناعمه ).
  • add 2 cups chicken stock to the fine leaves plus lemon juice and 1 spoon white vinegar and 1 cup also to the coarse leaves plus lemon juice.
  • Leave on low heat to simmer for half an hour.
  • Serve with rice,fried bread cubes in the case of fine leaves and eat it with bread in the case coarse leaves.
  • Definitely a side dish of pickles,olives,green onions and bell peppers will be delicious with this dish.

Hope you all had a nice day♡♥


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