Today’s Order. 

Hello everybody.

A loving grandma ordered this lovely combination of dishes for her visiting grandchildren.

Outcome was very colorful specially the tutti fruitti cake, full of fruits and cream.

Alongside she ordered za’tar puffs, pasta salad, teramisu and a small box of chocolate balls I sent as a gift.

wp-image-868975489jpg.jpg wp-image-181775601jpg.jpg



Friday Lunch Order.


Hello everybody.

Though I try not to take orders Friday but this one I couldn’t say no to cause it’s from a special old friend to her family.

Thank God though order was a bit variant but all went smoothly and was done on time.

I made

wp-1461935418675.jpgfave beans in yogurt.

wp-1461935407110.jpgchicken tikka masala,

wp-1461935390027.jpg cannelloni and zatar puffs.,

wp-1461935400234.jpg dessert was simple basic cake , always a favorite to many people.







Homemade Ravioli.


Hello everybody.

Very busy eventful week,orders dinners and birthdays.

Last night I had guests at dinner, tried to make it a restaurant style one , served salad which was Greek with capers and feta cheese then pasta, penne and ravioli, then main course, grilled veal with mushroom sauce, baked potatoes and veggies and one portion of grilled salmon with garlic dill and olive oil.Desert was teramisu.

wp-1454594755247.jpg wp-1454594925509.jpg

wp-1454594936797.jpg wp-1454594870141.jpg

wp-1454594862202.jpg grilled salmon with dill,lemon,ginger and garlic.

wp-1454594877480.jpg grand finale was a perfect teramisu cup.


here’s the ingredients and method of ravioli:

* 2 cups flour.

* 1/2 tsp salt.

* 3 eggs.

* on a clean surface or in a bowl mix flour and salt then make a well in the middle and crack eggs in it.

* start whisking eggs into flour with a fork gradually.

* continue working with your hands or in a food processor till you get a firm dough.

* cover with cling film and leave to rest for 30-50 minutes.

* divide to 4 pieces then roll to a rectangular thin layer.

wp-1454594819427.jpg wp-1454594827214.jpg

* make stuffing of your choice, cheese,spinach with cheese,meat .

*add one teaspoonful of stuffing in a line , cover with another rolled dough, add egg wash on sides  then cut into squares using a cutter or roller knife.

* keep dusting with flour so as pieces won’t stick to pan.

* cook in salted boiling water for 4-5 minutes only.

wp-1454594835937.jpg wp-1454594842172.jpg

* cook in cream with basil and garlic or tomato pasta sauce as you wish.

I can humbly say it was an excellent meal and everybody had a great time.


Today’s morning orders were za’tar puffs, falafel rolls and two Daisies chocolate cakes.


wp-1454594892471.jpg wp-1454594885368.jpg













Cold Weather Food.

Hello everybody.

Gloomy cold rainy day, lentil soup is the best thing to do in these conditions.

Za’tar puffs are the order today along with another Daisies chocolate cake, though puffs contained cheese but I doubled it by stuffing rest of the dough with another kind for the boys.

Lunch today was our favorite, homemade pizza, never bored from it.




Assorted Cookies, Chocolate Balls and Za’tar Puffs.


Today’s order was lovely, assorted cookies included chocolate and lemon crinkles, rock cookies and date rolls plus some za’tar puffs.

Additional small gift for my new client a box of chocolate balls hope she’ll like them.


wpid-wp-1447600698008.jpg wpid-wp-1447600690174.jpg

wpid-wp-1447600682394.jpg these zatar puffs are a big hit !



First Catering Order.


Hello everybody.
Did my first official order today to a dear friend of mine.

Date rolls, baked Zaynab fingers were the dessert part, za’tar puffs, smoked kebabs with Iranian rice were appetizer and main dish.

wpid-wp-1447167221115.jpg wpid-wp-1447167212999.jpg

wpid-wp-1447167235348.jpg all ready and packed.




Orange Coconut Cookies.


Hello everybody.

Had a small gathering this morning, didn’t have too much time but managed thank God.

A cheese platter with dried fruits, some veggies and za’tar puffs is always an elegant easy thing to do, so that was the salty part.

As for the sweets I made a dry fruits cake last night and since I’m baking the puffs thought I’d do these old times favorite cookies.

These were a big hit back when we were kids, mom used to make them all the time,along with the pineapple upside down cake and jello with apples, life was very simple and basic back then right?

Ingredients and method :

* 2 eggs.
* 1 tsp vanilla.
* 2 tablespoons butter.
*1 cup sugar.
*zest and juice of one big orange.
*3 cups coconut flakes.
* 2 teaspoons baking powder.
* 2 cups flour.

*beat sugar and butter till smooth and creamy.
* add eggs,vanilla, zest and juice.
* add coconut, flour and baking powder.
* dough must be neither soft nor tough so you can easily scoop it with two small spoons.
* line your cookies on a cookie sheet then bake them in a moderately heated oven for 10-13 minutes.
Note: be careful not to over bake them or else they’ll be dry.
*cool and store in a well sealed jar.

These cookies were featured in Family Flavors October issue by the way.



wpid-wp-1445426486352.jpg rocca salad.

wpid-wp-1445426521539.jpg all was yummy !

wpid-wp-1445426468514.jpg wpid-wp-1445426495839.jpg wpid-wp-1445426503215.jpg






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