Apple Pudding Eclairs.

Hello again.

Invited to a gathering at my cousin’s house in my  hometown Huwwara-Irbid,each one bringing something so I made this old recipe I had.

Gathering was full of many different dishes all very yummy as expected.

wpid-20150421_173144.jpg Apple Pudding Eclairs.

wpid-dsc_0014.jpg wpid-dsc_0009.jpg  big variety of delicious food.

wpid-20150421_190101.jpg rose and lemon cheesecake.

wpid-20150421_190157.jpg wpid-20150421_190354.jpg

wpid-dsc_0008.jpg my amazing hometown.








Maltesers Coconut Balls

Hello everybody.

As you may noticed from my daily posts I’ve been either invited or out to parties,lunches,visits since beginning of this week ,thank God all for happy cheerful gatherings !

Yesterday evening we visited our newly wed cousin and his lovely bride, she was so sweet and welcoming and made a great effort in everything, many yummy dishes and pastries,all well done and delicious ,thank you dear Nour and sisters in-law ,we had great time.

Today mom had visitors for lunch, she made fava beans with rice,pasta with veggies,broccoli soup and a big salad, dessert was fruit salad and I made this easy one,Maltesers coconut balls,recipe from my cousin in Irbid the other day.

*ingredients and method:

*2 cups dry milk powder.

* 2 cups coconut.

* 1/2 cup icing sugar.

* 1 pack cream.

* 1 tablespoon butter.

* 3 packs Maltesers.

* Note: I added some orange zest,goes well with it.

* Mix all ingredients together till they’re like a paste then cover each Maltesers ball with it and roll into a ball .

* cover with coconut and leave to cool in the fridge.

That’s it! you can replace sugar and milk with condensed milk also, same taste.




DSC_0680  DSC_0686

DSC_0670  DSC_0671

DSC_0659  amazing Irbid’s Eid Loaf.

DSC_0660 yalanji, all this at Nour’s house.

DSC_0716 DSC_0714 mom’s lunch.





Morning Gathering .

Hello everybody.

As I mentioned yesterday we have a gathering this morning for a very special group of ladies that I really love so much, my mother in-law’s school mates,really sweet lovable group <3

Last night I made the apple pie and za’tar pastries,this morning I arranged a cheese platter with some fresh figs and grapes,decorated some pastries with labaneh,tomatoes and olives and made spinach tabouleh and my sister in-law made yalanji and got some Halouva .




Turned out a really elegant table,everybody enjoyed the food and company :)


20140820_120644  20140820_120703


20140820_120714  20140820_120703



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