Zaynab Fingers or Tweitat.(اصابع زينب)

Hello everybody.

I guess everybody is still locked in today as well,weather was a bit better noon time but still freezing outside. Last night was phenomenal ,temperature reached -10 in some areas which is a rare thing to happen.

Lunch today wasn’t a big meal,frankly we’re all fed up from everything so I made a dish of avocado dip and fried some potatoes then topped them with herbs,garlic powder and cheese. We still have some shepherd pie from yesterday. very satisfying meal !

As for dessert I made Mom’s versions of this old Arabic sweet , baked Zaynab fingers or tweitat as some people call them. I know most people usually deep fry them but this recipe differs cause they’re baked not fried,less guilt for sure.


Though I posted the recipe before but I’ll write it again better for easier accessibility.


Ingredients and method:

2 cups plain flour.
2 cups whole wheat flour.
1 cup olive oil.( or half olive and half vegetable oil)
1 small spoon of instant yeast.
1 small spoon grounded fennel,anise and cinnamon.
Half a cup of sesame seeds. (سمسم محمص).
Half a cup of black seeds,I think they’re called sativa (الحبه السوداء.قزحه ).
1/2 cup sugar.
Pinch of salt.

For the syrup:
3 cups granulated sugar.
1 and 1/2 cups water.
1 small spoon lemon juice.
Boil all ,then leave to simmer till syrup is thick (30- 35 minutes).

*  Mix all ingredients then start adding warm water (almost a cup)  and knead well till you form a ball.
* Leave it to rest for half an hour then form it to small balls.

* Spread each ball on a grater and roll it to make it as fingers.(I use the hand grater)
*Bake in a well heated oven till bottom is brown.then roast surface as well.

Dip in syrup then remove..leave to cool and serve.



DSC_0275  sweets before baking.

20150110_163414  Avocado dip.

20150110_172231   French fries with tomato chili dip.

20150110_153702  Great in this snow :)

This link will show you how to roll the sweets,hope you find it useful .


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