Veal Escalopes,Croquettes and Coleslaw.


Hello everybody.

Lunch today was semi ready, brought ready made veal escalopes and potato croquettes from my favorite grocery store in Amman, Centro Stores. Salad was two coleslaw bowls one with raisins the other without for the boys.

By the way all butchery goods at Centro are delicious, most important thing is the friendly professional staff who cares about every detail.

wpid-wp-1447514084807.jpg wpid-wp-1447514084807.jpg

Enjoy the sunny weekend everybody cause we’re expecting rainy stormy weather this week.




Veal Escalope And Veggies.

Hello everybody.

Have you noticed that restaurants these days are becoming increasingly expensive?

Well after a simple overrated lunch last Friday in Jerash I decided to compensate this week, since it’s only me and hubby are home for lunch I did these two lovely restaurant style dishes.Delicious,clean, elegant and with minimum cost.

Veal escalopes,baked potatoes with sour cream, grilled peppers and broccoli with lemon garlic sauce and a dish of baba ghanouj for each.

Enjoy your weekend lovely people.


wpid-wp-1441374568069.jpg elegant lunch for two.



wpid-wp-1441374582476.jpg wpid-wp-1441374588638.jpg


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