Kofta with Tomatoes.


Hello everybody.

Waiting for my sister in-law and her son for lunch, upon his request his grandma made freekeh and I made kofta with tomatoes peppers and potatoes.

Ingredients and method:
* 1 kg ready mixed kofta (minced veal with onions and parsley).
* sliced mixed veggies: eggplants, courgettes, pumpkins, potatoes.
* sliced tomatoes and green peppers.
* 1 pack tomato paste.
* 1 cube maggi.
* 1 1/2 cups water.
* salt and pepper.

* form the kofta to fingers shape then cook on low heat till golden and done.
* grill veggies till brownish on both sides, some people fry them but dish will be too oily.
* arrange veggies in rows then add kofta in between. * dissolve tomato paste and maggi in water then add on pan.
* add salt and pepper.
* cook on low heat for 1 hour.
* serve with white rice.

Flakes Chocolate Dessert.

Hello everybody.
So excited today my baby sister is coming home for vacation, can’t believe it’s been a year!  I’m sure it’ll be an eventful spring.

We’ll be having dinner at Mom’s, menu is stuffed vine leaves, beef roast with veggies done by my sister and I made fatoush, pasta salad and Flake chocolate dessert that I did once in Ramadan, just realized that I promised to post this recipe back then and haven’t done so till now, sorry.

Ingredients and method :
* 12 pieces Last Vache qui Rie cheese.
* 1 pack whipping cream.
* 1 pack cream.
* 1 pack plain biscuits.
* 4 pieces flakes.
* some milk.

* beat cheese and creams very well till smooth, you may add some milk if mixture is too thick.
* in a deep Pyrex or serving dish arrange biscuits and soak them with some milk.
* add half cream mixture then sprinkle half the flakes.
* repeat for another layer then decorate top with crushed Flakes.
* keep in fridge to cool for 3-4 hours.

Very easy and yummy, will post dinner details tomorrow,going to airport now :mrgreen:






Fun in the Sun Again :)

Hello everybody.

Just came back from a lovely day and evening by the pool side at my best friend’s house,we had a blast as usual, maybe you all figured from my older posts that I have a group of best friends since childhood,always a pleasure to be together and share lunches,dinners,trips or even a 30 minutes cup of coffee.It’s true that real friendship is a big important asset these days that cannot be replaced, love you my besties <3

Lunch was beef and chicken burgers,potato wedges and nuggets.Dessert was the apple pudding eclairs I made yesterday which was just delicious and cooling .

Thank you my dear friend for the lovely day :)




20140811_151428  20140811_151451

20140811_151507  20140811_151442




Apple Pudding Eclairs.

Hello everybody.

Back from a short trip to Taba/Egypt,though tiring long drive but it was worth it.Fun in the sun is the exact description , beautiful Sofitel Hotel with lots of pools and activities all day,the only disadvantage was the quality of food, all inclusive buffets but nothing good to eat.Thank God for bread and butter,but all in all it’s the company of good friends that made this trip memorable,we had a blast and lots of funny stories to tell for sure :)

Today as my son said we need something with rice,a good homemade meal is so satisfying after 3 days of eating out,I made Kebabs with tomatoes and rice or as we call it Indian Kebabs.

Tomorrow we’re going to spend the day at my friend’s house by the pool,another fun in the sun day,so I prepared this cool Summery dessert to take with me, very easy to do and a chance to use all the apples my husband brought while I was away !

ingredients and method:

* 5-6 large apples.

* 1 tsp cinnamon.

* 1 tablespoon flour.

* sugar if desired.

* 1 pack whipping cream.

* 1 pack fresh cream.

* 1 pack cream cheese.

* 4 packs vanilla pudding or you can use homemade pudding also.

* plain biscuits and some milk.


* peel and chop apples then add flour,cinnamon and sugar and mix well.

* mix together whipping cream,fresh cream,cream cheese and pudding very well .

* line the biscuits in a deep serving dish and sprinkle with some milk.

* add half the amount of cream then half of apples.

* repeat the layers then decorate with crushed biscuits and cinnamon.

* keep in fridge overnight for better results.



20140810_155731  20140810_155839

20140810_154923  20140810_155928

20140810_131808  20140810_133056

20140810_134525  20140810_152706 today’s lunch.






Trip Goodies!

Hello everybody.
Long day full of events, I just finished my errands and work, niw enjoying a cup of coffee outside, beautiful night ♡
One of the things I did today was cheese, za’tar and hotdog pastries for our trip to Taba tomorrow. We’re leaving early morning so they’ll be perfect for breakfast in the bus.
See you all Sunday :)








Lovely Limassol.

Hello everybody.

I wanted to post this article a month ago,but then decided to wait till after Ramadan and Eid so as to write it in the proper mood with a cup of coffee!

Many  friends and family always ask us why  we always chose Limassol/ Cyrus as our vacation destination and why not try other places?

Well the answer is very simple,perfect place for a perfect holiday, clean beaches,DELICIOUS food,easy going town cause you can walk to your destination most of the time,friendly hospitable people,short flight,nice weather most of the time and most important for me great shopping!

It is as if going to a mixed European Mediterranean nearby country,has a bit of Lebanon,Syria,Turkey and London (cause they drive on the right side) all together. though this year I felt sorry for Cypriots cause many of them are affected from the economic crisis,too many shops closed and people are complaining,hope things will be better soon.

You can find many places to go to,downtown where you’re always welcomed for a snack or coffee at Petros cafe,Debenhams mall where you can shop,have coffee and eat fresh tasty bakeries,MY Mall,Fassouri water park  for kids amusement and the most recent newly opened Limassol Marina, beautiful scenery and a wide selection of restaurants and coffee shops,you can go enjoy your time and have dinner then coffee or ice cream.

A place we always go to on our first and last night is a small family owned restaurant,Meze Taverna, most delicious variable Cypriot dishes all made with love by the owner and hosted by the most welcoming  Mr. Demidies, warm cozy atmosphere and most delicious dessert you’ll ever have Fried Ice Cream , be sure not to miss it if you go.

20140623_081735  20140623_081725

view from hotel balcony.

20140627_140245-1  nothing beats a good book at the poolside .

20140623_141721  20140627_132028

coffee and pastries at Debenhams.

20140623_104627  nuts and dried fruits shop downtown.

20140623_144705   loved these elegant raviollis 😉

20140625_154003  fresh salad at Petros Cafe.

20140627_214017  20140623_220825 Meze Taverna.

20140625_223636 20140625_222446 Derlicious Restaurant.

20140627_193738  20140627_193732

20140625_220921  20140625_222237 Marina.

20140628_055119  20140628_055113 Sunset

Hope enjoyed this briefing !



Big BBQ dinner party :)

Morning everybody.

Last night was a blast,we have cousins visiting from abroad and as usual a BBQ in the garden is a tradition whenever they come.

I wasn’t responsible for grilling or handling the meat,but did the salads,appetizers and sweets. All delicious and either wiped out or gone take away !

I made  white cheese with tomatoes and pesto,tabouleh,pasta salad,eggplant dip,chili tomatoes,hummus and yoghurt. dessert was creme caramel and peanut butter brownies.




20140801_211438   20140801_211510

20140801_211445   20140801_211536

20140801_212106 main dish.

20140801_192358 a trick to minimize insects and flies

a lemon with cloves inserted in it,very effective!





20140801_222529 all gone in a minute !

20140801_171428 lovely evening :)

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