Cookie Gifts :)

Hello everybody.

I have this childish habit I guess ! love to use,eat.wear any gift right away .I never hide away or keep anything for later like today, I got this beautiful food display tray from my cousin yesterday,really elegant, so I called my friends this morning for coffee then thought why not make a quick breakfast to use the new item ? loveliest meal ever specially when shared with my best friends.

20141228_122028  20141228_121826 20141228_122142

Afternoon I baked some Rock cookies and Chocolate Chip Marsh mellow ones for my cousin loving in U.A.E ,will send them with my friend going to visit her tomorrow, even improvised a greeting and packaging quickly, hope she likes them .

No cooking today of course,lots of leftovers from yesterday.

20141228_144933  chocolate chips and mini marshmallows cookies.

20141228_145655 rock cookies with nuts and raisins.

20141228_145930 20141228_150016 banancooking labeled gifts.



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