Old New Lunch!

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Hello everybody.
Well lunch today was two opposite dishes, first very old and traditional the other kind of new and modern. Had to do this to please everyone and hopefully to have enough leftovers for tomorrow.

Okra with olive oil, a simple dish with few ingredients, you simply fry okra with some olive oil till crispy, add chopped garlic and tomatoes. Add salt, pepper and chili and leave on very low heat till all done.

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Other dish was chicken cubes cooked till done with some chopped onion and garlic, then I added fresh mushrooms, broccoli and fresh cream and cooked till cream is thick and veggies tender,all served on a bed of fresh yummy pasta from Maysas.Pasta.

wp-1464450381908.jpg  yummy ingredients leads to a delicious meal.

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Baking Day!


Hello everybody.

Two busy days, was invited to a big family lunch at my cousin’s in Irbid , loving gathering with lots of yummy food. Always a pleasure to visit my hometown.

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Today started with baking Eid bread ( افراص عيد) traditional old kind of bread usually done in Eid time ,this time I tried to correct what I did wrong each time I did them before by making them thick and bake them in a very hot oven.Result was really good this time !

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Then I cooked lunch ,Kabseh with hot sauce and fresh salad .


meanwhile I baked a beautiful cake for my friend’s son birthday ,chocolate and strawberries with ganache drippings.

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Shakshouka and Zalabya (زلابيه).


Hello everybody.

Sunny warm Friday, we even had our morning coffee outside.

Lunch time came with no clue what to do, just made dough for zalabya then started to think. End result was a big Shakshouka with lots of spicy sausages,very delicious and gone in minutes.

ingredients and method of shakshuka:

* 1 large thinly sliced onion.

* 4 cloves of garlic ( used my new mortar to crush them)

* 1 can or 5 big diced tomatoes.

* some fresh sausages (optional).

* chili powder,salt and pepper.

* some chopped parsley (optional)

* 4-5 eggs.

* olive oil.

* saute onions and garlic in hot olive oil till tender.

* chop sausages and add  them.

* add the tomatoes,salt,pepper and chili then leave to simmer till done.

* crack the eggs on top and cover .

* leave over low heat till eggs are done the way you like them.

wpid-wp-1449845025084.jpg shakshuka in the making.

Zalabya was awesome as well,though takes time while frying but worth it.

ingredients and method of zalabya or fried arabic crepes:

*5 cups flour (  I mixed 3 white and 2 whole wheat)

* 1 tablespoon aniseed powder.

* 1 tablespoon fennel powder.

* 2-3 tablespoons sesame seeds.

* 2-3 tablespoons black seeds.

* 1 tablespoon instant yeast dissolved with some sugar and lukewarm water.

* 1/2 cup sugar.

* enough water to knead the dough.


* Mix all ingredients and knead well till you get a kind of soft dough.

* leave to rest and rise then form equal small balls and leave to rest for 30-40 minutes.

* heat oil very well then spread each ball to a thin round flat bread .

* remove carefully and fry till golden.

* sprinkle with icing sugar or honey before serving.


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wpid-wp-1449845036383.jpg old fashioned yummy dessert.







Baked Mazorella Sticks.


Hello everybody.

Plan for today was kofta topped with tomatoes, onions and potatoes with Iranian rice on the side.


That was the main dish, then I decided to try this appetizer when my son sent me the video while in lectures, thought it’ll be a nice surprise when he comes home.

End result is good but definitely fried ones are better but they’ll do as healthier alternative.

You simply coat the mozzarella sticks in flour then dip them in eggs then in breadcrumbs mixed with oregano and spices. Then you repeat process again with eggs and crumbs.

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Leave in fridge or freezer then coat with melted butter and bake for 15 minutes.







Beets Orange Salad.


Hello everybody.

Did the second step in makdous today, stuffed it and put it aside so all water will drain till tomorrow.

Had some extra small ones left so they were today’s lunch, stuffed with minced meat and cooked in tomato sauce.

Side salad dish was both simple and juicy, beets with orange slices with a sprinkle of orange juice and drizzle of oil.


Kofta with Tomatoes.


Hello everybody.

Waiting for my sister in-law and her son for lunch, upon his request his grandma made freekeh and I made kofta with tomatoes peppers and potatoes.

Ingredients and method:
* 1 kg ready mixed kofta (minced veal with onions and parsley).
* sliced mixed veggies: eggplants, courgettes, pumpkins, potatoes.
* sliced tomatoes and green peppers.
* 1 pack tomato paste.
* 1 cube maggi.
* 1 1/2 cups water.
* salt and pepper.

* form the kofta to fingers shape then cook on low heat till golden and done.
* grill veggies till brownish on both sides, some people fry them but dish will be too oily.
* arrange veggies in rows then add kofta in between. * dissolve tomato paste and maggi in water then add on pan.
* add salt and pepper.
* cook on low heat for 1 hour.
* serve with white rice.

Baked Feta Cheese.


Hello everybody.

Alone for lunch today so I was looking for something light and quick to do,though hate eating alone but well one have to sometimes.

Found a pack of feta cheese in my fridge so I directly decided to this super easy appetizer that we always eat in our favorite restaurant in Limassol /Meze Tavern in old town. Of course it’s served alongside a wide selection of meze but today only with some rocca salad and crisp toasted bread.

Though the one they make stays more firm cause it’s originally this way so it stays the same after baking,mine was a bit crumbly but yummy nevertheless.

You simply coat the feta in foil paper then drizzle with olive oil and add oregano,tomatoes,olives and herbs. bake for 10-15 minutes and that’s it.

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Pickled Eggplants( مخلل باذنجان)

Hello everybody.

Saw those lovely small eggplants yesterday just perfect for pickling for now and making makdous later on.

I combined two recipes together, so stuffing was a mix of tomatoes, garlic and chili peppers.

Ingredients and method :
# small eggplants.
# finely chopped tomatoes.
# minced garlic.
# hot green and red peppers.
# lemon slices and juice.
# salt, chili flakes.
Water and salt brine.

# boil eggplants till a bit tender.
# mince garlic with chili peppers then mix all with tomatoes, lemon juice and 1 tablespoon salt.
# stuff eggplants as much as you can.
# arrange them in a clean glass jar then add water salt brine.
# leave to be done for 1 week.

wpid-wp-1441620842417.jpg ready for storage.

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Pickled Stuffed Peppers.

Hello everybody.

Though I felt like I’m an old lady doing these cause they’re related to my late grandmas in some kind of way, these pickles were a must in every household long time ago, done usually this time of year when tomatoes and peppers are abundant to be preserved for winter time.

It’s a very easy procedure specially if you’re not making massive amounts like old times, I clearly remember large glass preserving pots all set up to be kept inside cupboards along with makdous and olives.

You simply cut pepper stems and remove seeds as much as you can then stuff them with hard chopped tomatoes, minced garlic and dry mint. Close and arrange in a pot then add brine which is a big tablespoon of salt to each cup of water. Then add one tablespoon of vinegar and one chili pepper if you like.

I added some olive oil on top to prevent fermentation .

Close and leave for 3-4  weeks till it’s done,you can serve it with labaneh or cheese as you wish.



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Wild Pigeon With Mushrooms and Tomatoes.

Hello everybody.

While I was packing cleaned pigeon breasts that my husband did after his last hunting trip I thought why not surprise him with something,cause usually I don’t deal with hunting stuff neither cleaning nor cooking.

After a thorough search I found this one in The Field hunting magazine,simple and easy.

wpid-wp-1440512457897.png this is the original recipe, but I omitted the wine:)

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