Shrimps With Tomatoes and Spaghetti.


Hello everybody.

Too much work today,stuffed pickled eggplants,pickled olives and even did some with carrots,walnuts,chili and coriander.

Nevertheless this didn’t mean I didn’t cook so I made something quick and easy , I posted the recipe before but it was with risotto ,today I did it with plain spaghetti.

* Shrimps:

* 1 kg medium or jumbo shrimps.

* 2-3 garlic cloves.

* chopped sweet peppers.

* 1 can chopped Italian tomatoes or fresh ones.

* bunch of coriander.

* salt,pepper,and some chili powder.

* saute garlic and peppers in some olive oil.

* add shrimps and stir till color changes then add salt,pepper and chili.

* add tomato can and a bit of water then leave to simmer on low heat till sauce is thick.

* add chopped coriander and cook for another 5 minutes.


Absolutely delicious meal :)



20140518_132908    20140518_133054

12115967_10153571566355907_6206582965766922115_n yummy end result.


Green Beans with Tomato Sauce.

Hello  everybody.

Lunch today was an old fashion heart warming meal,green beans with meat and tomato sauce with rice on the side, good choice specially that it’s been a while since I cooked it.

You will need:
1/2 kg of lamb meat cut to cubes or big pieces with bones as you prefer.
1kg cut, washed green beans.
2 or 3 large ripe tomatoes.
2 cloves of garlic.
1 small onion.
2 big spoons tomato paste.
5 cups of water.
Salt.pepper. mixed spice.paprika.
1 big spoon olive oil.

In a pressure cooker or regular pan..heat the oil then add meat pieces, salt.pepper.spices. paprika, stirr well till meat is brownish and crispy.
Add the beans and keep stirring till it softens.
In a blender mix the onion, garlic, peeled tomatoes, tomato paste and water then pour it over the beans and meat..
You can add one more cup of water if the juice is too thick.then leave to boil for 30-40 minutes on low heat if in pressure cooker or for hour and half if in regular pan.. or till meat is well done.
Of course this dish is served with I made rice with small noodles (شعيريه ) I toasted it with vegetable oil and salt till golden.added the rice, mix them well together then added water till above rice by one inch.
When all water is absorbed lower the heat ,, I usually place a tin under the pan to keep heat very low and rice won’t burn, then leave till rice is done.





Stuffed Courgettes and Nescafe Croquant Cake.

Hello everybody.

Tonight we’re invited to a BBQ ,but I have to cook for the boys anyway,thought stuffed courgettes and pulp will be a good choice,they both love it !

I think this dish is a favorite in most Jordanian homes,you seldom find anyone who doesn’t like it, I usually stuff eggplants also but not today,I usually cook the pulp with it,everybody loves it, my youngest sometimes hides the remaining amount in the fridge for dinner or the next day.

I also made my traditional Nescafe croquant cake to take with me for our hostess at night.




Stuffed Courgettes and Eggplants

Hello everybody.
   I’m sure many will say I already stuffed cabbages yesterday so why stuffing again today??
Well to tell you the truth I have extra filling from yesterday so I went to grocery shop and got some nice courgettes and eggplants. You can buy them all ready to be stuffed also if you’re in a hurry or find it difficult to hollow them like me..I end up making holes in half of them:(
  *Wash them from inside with salted water then stuff them with the same filling as cabbages, but be careful to leave an empty inch from top so as rice will fill it when done.
  *Make a tomato sauce of fresh tomatoes, paste, small onion, some cloves of garlic and a cube if chicken stock.
  *Boil the sauce, dip the courgettes and eggplants,, you can stuff green peppers also by the way.
   *Boil for 10-15 minutes then leave to simmer for 1 hour on low heat.
  *Add some dried mint powder to the sauce, it’ll give a nice aroma.







Enjoy ♡♥

Pasta dish for this week: lasagna

I noticed that all family members enjoy pasta of every kind and flavor…I myself , cooks a kind of pasta every week or 10 days.
Today I made lasagna…simple basic recipe..with white sauce..and minced meat with tomato sauce,,, I added some vegetables to the meat sauce..peas, carrots, sweet corn…this is optional of course.

A tip my best friend Sireen once told me is to add one tablespoon of flour to the tomato sauce mixture so as to thicken it.
I also added dried oregano and a big spoon pesto sauce……so yummyyyy.
I also made a basic salad  with fresh green onions and mint leaves.




Of course nothing beats a cup of coffee after lunch with my best friend Rahoom

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