Pineapple Pudding Dessert. 


Hello everybody.

A dear friend of mine ordered chicken pie and any kind of dessert that contains pineapples, so after a quick search I came up with this version which is a mix of different recipes with some personal touches.

Ingredients are very similar to the apple pudding eclaires I usually do but with different filling.


Ingredients and method :

* 1 pack of plain biscuits باكيت بسكوت ساده.

* 1 tablespoon butter rubbed with crushed biscuits for the base. ملعقه كبيره زبده بنخلطها مع البسكوت المطحون للقاعدة.

*1 can pinnapple. علبه اناناس.

*filling :

* 1 cup vanilla pudding. كاسه مهلبيه فانيلا دانيت

* 6 kiri pieces. 6 حبات كيري

* one pack cream علبه قشطه

* 2 envelopes dream whip باكيتين كريما

* 4 pieces chopped pineapples اربع قطع اناناس مقطع

* half cup pineapple juice نص كوب صغير عصير اناناس.

* coconut جوز هند

* layer cups with biscuits butter mixture. اول طبقه بسكوت وزبده

* beat all filling ingredients till creamy and well combined. تخلط المقادير السابقه جيدا حتى تكثف وتتجانس

* add some extra pinnapple over biscuits then add cream filling. يضاف بعض قطع الاناناس فوق البسكوت ثم طبقه من الخلطه.

*garnish with roasted coconut and leave to cool in the fridge. تزين بجوز الهند المحمص وتترك بالثلاجة لحتى تبرد.




Steak Sandwiches, Potato Chips and Crunchy Eggplants.


Hello everybody.

Today is meat turn,I always try to make variations during the week between poultry, meat, veggies and no protein day. Unfortunately we’re not a  fish loving family so I rarely cook it if you noticed.

Lunch today was steak sandwiches, homemade chips crunchy baked eggplants and sun-dried tomatoes, grilled halloum salad with roasted pine nuts.

Trick in homemade chips to be a lot like ready ones is soaking potato in iced cold water for 30 minutes then drying it completely before frying in very hot oil.

Crunchy baked eggplants are simply sliced, soaked in egg and milk wash then dipped in breadcrumbs and baked in some olive oil, that’s it.

Lovely big salad with sun-dried tomatoes,grilled halloum and pine nuts over a bed of greens and avocados with simple vinaigrette.


wpid-wp-1440598779852.jpg super combo dish

wpid-wp-1440598803981.jpg baked eggplants.

wpid-wp-1440598811876.jpg iced potatoes.


wpid-wp-1440598825799.jpg yummy salad.

wpid-wp-1440598833524.jpg wpid-wp-1440598821525.jpg lovely lunch i must say!







Hello everybody.
Have a gathering this evening for my sister in-law’s family so I prepared several things one of them is teramisu since I have some mascarpon cheese fresh from Italy that I’d rather use before it’s spoiled.

Cause I don’t prefer using raw eggs though the original recipe requires it, I substituted it with a pack of cream caramel powder, gave it the same color and texture and result was super.

You can find many recipes for it,here’s one option that is very tasty

* 2 packs whipping cream.

*2 packs kiri or cream cheese.

* 1 can condensed milk (or cream and 1/4 cup sugar)

* lady fingers biscuits.

* Nescafe ( 1 big spoon dissolved in 3/4 cup warm water)

* mix cream,condensed milk and cheese together very well.

* arrange biscuits in a deep serving dish then soak them in coffee mixture. * add half of cream mixture then repeat process. * refrigerate for 3-4 hours.

* sprinkle cocoa powder on top.

Or the one I made today:

* 200 gm Mascarpon cheese.

* 6 pieces Kiri.

* 1 sachet whipping cream ( Dream Whip).

* 1 pack of cream caramel powder.

* 1 1/2 pack lady fingers biscuits.

* strong espresso or Nescafe.

* beat cheeses and cream very well till smooth then layer biscuits topped with coffee then cream in a pyrex or any mold you like.

* cool in fridge for 3-4 hours or overnight.

wpid-wp-1439734309029.jpg perfect this time.

wpid-wp-1439734334639.jpg cream,coffee and biscuits.

wpid-wp-1439734347064.jpg wpid-wp-1439734360273.jpg layering.

wpid-wp-1439734370919.jpg before cooling.




I also did Muhalabieh with caramel  and sliced some fruits.

wpid-wp-1439734383276.jpg wpid-wp-1439734388444.jpg

Appetizers will be spinach tabouleh, falafel rolls and Suborek ( turkish cheese pastries)



Welcome everybody.

Green Beans with Tomato Sauce.

Hello  everybody.

Lunch today was an old fashion heart warming meal,green beans with meat and tomato sauce with rice on the side, good choice specially that it’s been a while since I cooked it.

You will need:
1/2 kg of lamb meat cut to cubes or big pieces with bones as you prefer.
1kg cut, washed green beans.
2 or 3 large ripe tomatoes.
2 cloves of garlic.
1 small onion.
2 big spoons tomato paste.
5 cups of water.
Salt.pepper. mixed spice.paprika.
1 big spoon olive oil.

In a pressure cooker or regular pan..heat the oil then add meat pieces, salt.pepper.spices. paprika, stirr well till meat is brownish and crispy.
Add the beans and keep stirring till it softens.
In a blender mix the onion, garlic, peeled tomatoes, tomato paste and water then pour it over the beans and meat..
You can add one more cup of water if the juice is too thick.then leave to boil for 30-40 minutes on low heat if in pressure cooker or for hour and half if in regular pan.. or till meat is well done.
Of course this dish is served with I made rice with small noodles (شعيريه ) I toasted it with vegetable oil and salt till golden.added the rice, mix them well together then added water till above rice by one inch.
When all water is absorbed lower the heat ,, I usually place a tin under the pan to keep heat very low and rice won’t burn, then leave till rice is done.





How to Make Sun-dried Tomatoes?

Hello everybody.

Tomatoes are in season now and I do have plenty cause my hubby planted some in the farm and it all ripened in this heat, so better do something with it.

Searched for ways to make dried tomatoes, results were either in the oven for 5-7 hours which is something I’ll never do in this heat or sun-dried for 3 days and since weather is dry and hot these days so this was my option.

You simply cut ripe hard tomatoes to halves or quarters, remove seeds and watery bulb, sprinkle freely with salt and/or pepper, oregano and basil.

Spread all on a flat sieve or wooden tray, I flattened them on a metal mesh ( the one we use for BBQ)  and leave them in the sun for three days or till completely dry .

Cover with cheese cloth or anything light to keep insects and dust away.

Will post end result when they’re done.



wpid-wp-1438952942124.jpg salt,pepper,oregano and basil on top.

wpid-wp-1438952957243.jpg wpid-wp-1438952962559.jpg




Pina Colada Granita.

Hello again.

Had some fresh pineapples in the fridge that nobody wants to eat so it clicked my mind to make it granitta style and added some coconuts to give it a kick ,how about that?

Result was super refreshing yummy.



* 1/2 cup sugar.

* 1/2 cup water.

* 2 cups pineapples.

* 1/2 cup coconuts.

* juice of half a lemon.

* 10 ice cubes.

* heat sugar and water till dissolved and leave to simmer for 3 minutes then cool and add ice cubes,

* process pineapples,coconuts together then add syrup.

* pour all in a metal pan and in the freezer.

* start scrapping the mixture after one hour then every once in a while till all is slushy.


Very easy,healthy and delicious.

11825929_10153411074850907_6614439734817804967_n     11143530_10153411074805907_9124268335115011679_n



Kofta Eggplant Bundles.

Hello again.

Lots and lots of eggplants in my fridge, have to cook them before they’re ruin I guess.

Lucky me my sister came to lunch today and she’s an eggplant lover cause half of my family doesn’t eat it at all by the way.

Quick lunch solution, kofta balls wrapped in fried eggplants as bundles then cooked in tomato sauce. Though the shape wasn’t perfect but taste was very good.

I also did some Gazpacho soup, good in this hot weather.









Pumpkin in Tahini Sauce.

Hello everybody.

Two days ago my husband brought me two giant pumpkins from the farm, I’m not exaggerating they’re really giant that’s how they grow.

Thank God I managed to give away one of them to my neighbor and today I began processing the other, some for freezing and some I cooked today and guess I’ll give away some more cause I don’t have more space!

Today’s recipe was sent to me by my dear chef Rahmeh, pumpkin pieces cooked in tahini sauce with minced meat on top, really delicious and tasty plus everybody loved it, will definitely be on my favorite  list.

Ingredients and method :
# 1 kg of pumpkin cut to large cubes.
# 1 kg of plain yogurt.
# 6 tablespoons of tahini.
# 1 tablespoon lemon juice.
# 1 cube chicken stock.
# salt, pepper.
# 3 cloves crushed garlic.
# 1 bunch fresh coriander.
# some cooked seasoned minced meat.
# sauted almonds or pine nuts.
# cooked white rice to serve with.

# deep fry the pumpkin and leave in a sieve till all oil is out.
# meanwhile whisk yogurt, tahini, lemon, salt and pepper all together very well.
# transfer into a pan and cook till it boils and thickens.
# saute garlic till golden then add the chopped coriander to it.
# add garlic to sauce and stir very gently.
# add the pumpkin pieces and leave to simmer for 10 minutes.
# you can add a bit of hot water if sauce was very thick.
# pour in a deep dish then garnish with minced meat and nuts.
# Serve with rice or pitta bread.

Very nice presentable dish, thanks again Rahmeh.



wpid-wp-1438013562365.jpeg wpid-wp-1438013570292.jpeg

wpid-wp-1438013577366.jpeg final result.



Summery Watermelon Salad.

Hello everybody.

Back to normal life routine today, went grocery shopping and kitchen started buzzing after a three day vacation.

Since it’s extremely hot and nobody wants to eat something hot or heavy after eating in restaurants past couple of days one feels so full right?
Well end result for lunch was this amazingly cool salad which consists of watermelon cubes, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and sprinkled with green onions, mints and lemon slices, I then added a drizzle of pomegranate sauce and olive oil. Really yummy.

I also made some pasta with white cheese and parsley and tacos. All very delicious.




wpid-wp-1437398122671.jpeg cool kind of salad.

wpid-wp-1437398132984.jpeg wpid-wp-1437398179666.jpeg

wpid-wp-1437398159568.jpeg wpid-wp-1437398197856.jpeg







Fresh Stuffed Courgettes.

Hello everybody.

My hubby started planting some veggies in the farm in a small scale for household use.

First crop started yesterday, a big box of fresh courgettes, separated big ones for sautéed use, mediums stuffed today and cooked in tomato sauce and small ones to stuff with meat for ablama, I’ll prepare  and freeze them for Ramadan, a rescue in a busy or tiresome day.

Cooked pulp for Zaid as usual!





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