Cheese Stuffed Burgers.


Hello everybody, hope you’re all enjoying the amazing weather.

Well today I can assure you that everything happens for a reason, I absolutely had no idea what to cook this morning then by coincidence I found out that my freezer was off since a while from the loosened wire so I had to cook melted stuff. End result were fava beans and steaks in yogurt, two pieces of scallop and two burgers.


wp-1461420914952.jpg wp-1461420921759.jpg


My son decided to stuff burgers with cheese so I coated it with eggs, flour and breadcrumbs then deep fried the ball.

Result was variety of yummy stuff at the end

wp-1461420893201.jpg fava beans in yogurt









Early Mother’s Day Lunch.



Hello everybody.

All family men were invited to lunch Mansaf-ing as we say, on the occasion of my dear cousin’s wedding.

Well it was a good opportunity for family women to gather, I made a small loving meal for my mom,mother in-law, sisters and sister In-law and we celebrated Mother’s day together.

Made beautiful mini cakes with pineapple, strawberries, croquants and red velvet,though they took lots of time but outcome was really cute.



Lunch menu was steaks with mushroom sauce, baked potatoes on salt, fettuccine, eggplant fatteh and a big salad.




wp-1458325563255.jpg    wp-1458325543636.jpg


wp-1458325593672.jpg  wp-1458325604357.jpg beautiful meal finale.







Veggie Stuffed Steaks.


Happy International Woman’s Day lovely ladies around the world.

I’m sure all women wherever they are and whatever they do deserve to honored and thanked everyday cause each one is important and plays a significant role no matter how small.

On this occasion I cooked this elegant lunch today, steaks stuffed with thinly stripes of veggies ( carrots, onions, peppers and green onions) with sauce and mashed potatoes.

* season steaks with salt, pepper and all spice then add the vegetables, roll and close them with toothpicks.

* add a bit of soy sauce on top of each roll
* heat some oil and butter well, add rolls till golden on all sides, lower heat and leave to cook slowly for 15-20 minutes.

* remove from pan and leave to rest
* in the same oil add remaining veggies, saute till golden then add one tablespoon of flour and 1 1/2 cups water.

wp-1457447137252.jpg wp-1457447129203.jpg
*stir very well till creamy then mix all in blender to get a thick creamy sauce.

wp-1457447120442.jpg wp-1457447111217.jpg

Nice,elegant easy lunch served with mashed potatoes.

wp-1457447076667.jpg wp-1457447084096.jpg

wp-1457447069065.jpg wp-1457447093511.jpg













Happy New Year 🎊 🎉

wpid-wp-1451591312106.jpg wpid-wp-1451591340509.jpg

Good evening everybody.

Happy new year to all people around the world celebrating, a whole awesome eventful year ended today with all it’s joy and sorrow, happiness and pain.Hoping next year will be of full good times, hard work and creative food.

Dinner today was steaks with veggies, quick easy meal specially that meat is fresh and tender, just bought it from my favorite store Centro.


wpid-wp-1451591325775.jpg fresh mini toasts with butter , olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Dessert was homemade cream caramel, my super easy delicious recipe.

wpid-wp-1451591345476.jpg our favorite dessert.

Hope you all have a joyful night full of love 💝💝






Steaks with Onions and Mustard.



Hello again.

Had to cook something quick before going out this morning, easiest of all grilled steaks covered with spices and mustard with caramelized onions on top.

Side dishes were mashed potatoes and lentil soup.

wpid-wp-1446735799322.jpg sauteed onions and mustard steaks

wpid-wp-1446735806680.jpg wpid-wp-1446735782396.jpg




Cheese and Capsicum Steak Stacks.

Hello everybody.

Today is meat day for protein source in the diet.

For a change I looked through my cookbooks for something new and came across this one, personally I loved it meaning not all family members found it unusual but it was worth trying.

It’s basically two thin slices of steaks stacked together with cheese, onions and blackened or roasted capsicum or sweet red peppers.

You then wrap them as a parcel then grill on both sides till golden. Leave in the oven covered for half an hour later on in very low heat.

I did some mushroom risotto and sauce on the side.



wpid-wp-1439304219831.jpg wpid-wp-1439304229149.jpg

  original photo in the cookbook.








Cousin’s Lunch Gathering.

Hello everybody.
Had a warm loving lunch for my cousin and her cute daughters visiting Jordan from Rome, it was really a pleasure.
Menu was Banan’s rice, Fava beans with cooked yogurt and steaks, a pesto pasta and salad.Dessert was plain cake with chocolate Ganache on top and fruits.



wpid-wp-1437940736684.jpeg wpid-wp-1437940768272.jpeg

wpid-wp-1437940778382.jpeg pesto pasta.wpid-wp-1437940790984.jpeg baba ghanouj.


wpid-wp-1437940800785.jpeg dessert.






Steak with mushroom, mashed potatoes and fettuccine.

Hello everybody.

Invited our cousin and his family for dinner tonight.

Menu was steaks with mushroom,mashed potatoes,fettuccine,Iranian rice,mloukhieh,Russian salad and lettuce noodles salad.

wpid-wp-1435687572672.jpeg wpid-wp-1435687556742.jpeg

wpid-wp-1435687588729.jpeg wpid-wp-1435687599763.jpeg

wpid-wp-1435687615788.jpeg wpid-wp-1435687609316.jpeg

Cheese Stuffed Steaks.

Hello everybody.

My husband bought some meat yesterday preparing for Ramadan coming in couple of weeks so as to avoid crowded roads and shops as usual,anyway I kept some fresh steaks to do today.

Well as I always say my number one application to look for new recipes or ideas is Pinterest, just love this it !

Found this super easy recipe, you simply stuff then roll steaks and grill them in some oil and butter. Stuffing was minced garlic, chopped onions and parsley, some pesto sauce and a hard sharp cheese with spices and salt of course.

Happens to be that my friend did the same but stuffing was shredded veggies, looks yummy as well.

Made mashed potatoes and a salad on the side plus a sauce made of balsamic vinegar,steak sauce,a bit of Worcestershire sauce and one teaspoon butter all boiled till it thickens





wpid-wp-1433429530445.jpeg wpid-wp-1433429544424.jpeg my stuffing.

wpid-wp-1433429565686.jpeg my friend’s stuffing.

wpid-wp-1433429556805.jpeg wpid-wp-1433429570125.jpeg


wpid-wp-1433429590053.jpeg  wpid-wp-1433429574668.jpeg all yummy.






French Pizza.

Hello everybody.

Lunch today was steak with mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes, though potatoes weren’t successful cause I cut them to cubes then boiled them till done ( I usually keep it as is)  so mash was runny  didn’t like it at all, never again.Thank God steaks were excellent.

On the side I made my famous French Pizza, always a favorite side dish at any meal or occasion,very simple and easy.
Chopped peppers, mushroom, olives with some cheese, mayonnaise, salt and pepper mixed then topped over sliced French baguettes.


wpid-20150428_134922.jpg even photo wasn’t good enough.

wpid-20150428_170024.jpg french pizza.

wpid-20150428_173901.jpgDessert and coffee, happening now :mrgreen:

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