Apple Strudel.


Hello everybody.

Today’s order was for dinner, kibbeh in a pan  mini ones,good thing is I made one for lunch.

wpid-wp-1451933911319.jpg wpid-wp-1451933900555.jpg pan and mini kibbeh.

Dessert was Apple Strudel, same recipe I did last year, always a success, did one for us as well.A small addition was some custard sauce with it but not the one with egg yolks and cream cause I didn’t have time so I just make simple custard with cream but a bit loose with vanilla and a bit of cinnamon.

wpid-wp-1451934148254.jpg apple strudel with custard sauce.


Ingredients and method of Apple Strudel again:

For the dough:

* 2 cups flour.

* 1 egg.

* 2 big spoons butter.

*pinch of salt.

*100 ml (almost 3/4 cup) lukewarm water.


* 1 kilo peeled and thinly sliced apples.

* 3/4 cup sugar.

* zest of a lemon.

* 2 tablespoons lemon juice.

* 3 tablespoons crushed walnuts or  almonds.

* 3/4 cup raisins soaked in some water.

* 2 tsp cinnamon.

* 2 tablespoons bread crumbs.

* extra butter to brush top of strudel.

* icing sugar for decorating.

* make the dough by mixing flour,salt and egg in the middle mix well then add butter and rub all together.

* start adding water till you get a round hard dough that you can handle.

* leave to rest for 30 minutes.

* spread some flour on a kitchen cloth and spread the dough to a big rectangle.

* make the filling by mixing all everything together.

* spread the breadcrumbs over dough then add the filling in the center.

* with the help of the cloth fold the sides together and ends also very well.

* transfer slowly to a big oven pan .

* brush with butter then make some lengthwise cuts with a sharp knife.

* bake in a medium heated oven for 50-60 minutes.

* dust with icing sugar upon serving.


Order included some baked Zaynab fingers and two suborek pans, one with cheese and the other with spinach and feta cheese.

wpid-wp-1451933678560.jpg wpid-wp-1451933661131.jpg

wpid-wp-1451934176110.jpg our lunch !













Quinoa Tabouleh.


Hello everybody.

Hubby and boys made sheep pluck today, men’s kind of dish.I never even tried it!
For myself I made a big bowl of healthy Quinoa Tabouleh even used spinach instead of parsley, so yummy 😋


wpid-wp-1448717322243.jpg sheep pluck cooked with onions and olive oil.


wpid-wp-1448717317269.jpg quinoa,spinach and veggies with simple vinaigrette

Hope you all had a nice weekend 😀

Spinach Day.


Hello everybody.

I was  invited to lunch today so I cooked very early, a selection of dishes was the menu cause main dish was spinach stew and my husband is not a fan at all .

wpid-wp-1447687908541.jpg healthy nutritious dish .

Alternatives were spinach pastries, beetroot orange salad and a small dish of hedge mustard (حويرنه) with yogurt.


wpid-wp-1447687919772.jpg  wpid-wp-1447687898720.jpg



Artichoke Spinach Baguette.


Hello everybody.

Since yesterday’s lunch was so old fashioned today’s choice is extra Italian!
Fettuccine Alfredo with mushrooms and chicken was the main dish, on the side I made this yummy sort of garlic bread but with rich stuffing.
Saw this recipe on Facebook yesterday,you mix some chopped artichokes, spinach, cream cheese, mozzarella or kashkaval or cheddar as you like, season with garlic powder  salt and pepper and any other herbs like basil or oregano.

Cut the baguette to three pieces, remove the inside and  stuff it with the mixture . Cut to small slices  then brush all with butter, garlic powder and parsley ( I used thyme instead).

Wrap the loaf with foil paper, bake for 20 minutes then uncover and bake for another 10 minutes.

Serve hot with any pasta or pizza, so easy and delicious.

wpid-wp-1447084933532.jpg stuffed baguette.

wpid-wp-1447084939848.jpg line up slices,add butter on top.


wpid-wp-1447084947535.jpg  taste is awesome try it !

Spinach Meatloaf and Roasted Potatoes.

Hello everybody.

Only me and my son are home for lunch today so it’ll be a favorite of his choice  ‘Meatloaf’


Easiest quickest thing to do, added some spinach,breadcrumbs,one egg,mustard,ketchup,salt,pepper and a pinch of nutmeg all to 1/2 a kilo of minced veal.Mixed all well then shaped them into a loaf and in the oven for 30 minutes that’s it.

Alongside I baked some wedged potatoes with skin, added salt,pepper,chili and some breadcrumbs also.All done and eaten with an hour!

20150831_150928 simple basic ingredients.

20150831_152029 ready to go to the oven.


20150831_161611  20150831_161727





Hello everybody.
Have a gathering this evening for my sister in-law’s family so I prepared several things one of them is teramisu since I have some mascarpon cheese fresh from Italy that I’d rather use before it’s spoiled.

Cause I don’t prefer using raw eggs though the original recipe requires it, I substituted it with a pack of cream caramel powder, gave it the same color and texture and result was super.

You can find many recipes for it,here’s one option that is very tasty

* 2 packs whipping cream.

*2 packs kiri or cream cheese.

* 1 can condensed milk (or cream and 1/4 cup sugar)

* lady fingers biscuits.

* Nescafe ( 1 big spoon dissolved in 3/4 cup warm water)

* mix cream,condensed milk and cheese together very well.

* arrange biscuits in a deep serving dish then soak them in coffee mixture. * add half of cream mixture then repeat process. * refrigerate for 3-4 hours.

* sprinkle cocoa powder on top.

Or the one I made today:

* 200 gm Mascarpon cheese.

* 6 pieces Kiri.

* 1 sachet whipping cream ( Dream Whip).

* 1 pack of cream caramel powder.

* 1 1/2 pack lady fingers biscuits.

* strong espresso or Nescafe.

* beat cheeses and cream very well till smooth then layer biscuits topped with coffee then cream in a pyrex or any mold you like.

* cool in fridge for 3-4 hours or overnight.

wpid-wp-1439734309029.jpg perfect this time.

wpid-wp-1439734334639.jpg cream,coffee and biscuits.

wpid-wp-1439734347064.jpg wpid-wp-1439734360273.jpg layering.

wpid-wp-1439734370919.jpg before cooling.




I also did Muhalabieh with caramel  and sliced some fruits.

wpid-wp-1439734383276.jpg wpid-wp-1439734388444.jpg

Appetizers will be spinach tabouleh, falafel rolls and Suborek ( turkish cheese pastries)



Welcome everybody.

Lasagna and Pan Garlic Bread.

Hello everybody.

Another busy Saturday, I think I should change my schedule sometimes I really wish to have a real lazy weekend, always failing to do so.

Well lunch today was lasagna with mushrooms and spinach inside,a bowl of Ceazar salad and I did the same pizza procedure as yesterday but with garlic powder, oregano, salt and a drizzle of olive oil on top, really yummy and crispy.

Guess this pan pizza will be on my easy to do stuff list.

wpid-wp-1432394918033.jpeg lasagna and garlic bread.


wpid-wp-1432394949752.jpeg Ceazar salad.

wpid-dsc_0524.jpg pan garlic bread.

wpid-wp-1432394907994.jpeg successful Italian lunch.







Beautiful Gathering

Hello everybody.
Such a lovely day, great for sitting outdoors and enjoying the breeze and warm weather with my lovely group of friends.
A visit postponed many times to eat Caraway since my nephew was born, got the caraway powder straight from Nablus this time from my friend,fresh and tasty though unfortunately she couldn’t come today, thank you dear Nadia.
I also made some fresh ka3ek with sesame seeds, cheese platters and spinach tabouleh, all yummy with great company of course.


wpid-wp-1428430080346.jpeg Thank you Lulu for the lovely flowers.

wpid-wp-1428430085782.jpeg yummy caraway.

wpid-wp-1428430106573.jpeg wpid-wp-1428430115509.jpeg cheese and tabouleh.

wpid-wp-1428430125065.jpeg wpid-wp-1428430150496.jpeg  yummiest ka3ek ever.







Spinach Gnocchi.

Hello everybody.

Warm sunny day,I just love these days, though chilli at night but at least you can enjoy a beautiful day.
Lunch was Italian style except the rice which was the Iranian recipe, it’s becoming our kind of rice these days.

Did meatballs the way my cousin Rita always do them, with parmesan,breadcrumbs, eggs,nutmeg, salt and pepper then after cooling them in the fridge they’re dipped directly in boiling tomato sauce, really yummy.

Another new side dish was Spinach Gnocchi, and tasty different kind of appetizer. To tell you the truth is did once maybe a couple of years ago but it was a failure then, today I did it with patience and it turned out just perfect.

Ingredients and method :
* 4 cups of spinach, cut washed and squeezed till all excess water is out.
* 1 1/2 cups ricotta or white cheese.
* 1/2 cup parmesan cheese.
* 1 egg.
* 1/2 tsp nutmeg.
* 1 tsp salt and pepper.
* 2 big tablespoons flour.
* some butter and one clove garlic.

* squeeze spinach very well then add all ingredients except butter.
* roll mixture into egg shape.
* roll gnocchi in flour and leave in fridge for a while.
* cook gnocchi in boiling water uncovered till they float on top.
* remove slowly then arrange in an ovenproof pan with butter and garlic then sprinkle with parmesan and mazorella cheese, cook for few minutes till cheese melts.
Buon Apatito as they say in Italian.

wpid-wp-1427219647574.jpeg perfect end result.

wpid-wp-1427219665771.jpeg I used our white cheese instead of ricotta.

wpid-wp-1427219742563.jpeg wpid-wp-1427219680352.jpegwpid-wp-1427219772607.jpeg

wpid-wp-1427219695387.jpeg  gnocchi before adding the cheese.

wpid-wp-1427219710269.jpegwpid-wp-1427219702124.jpeg meatballs and Iranian rice.

wpid-wp-1427219779723.jpeg photo in cook book.

wpid-wp-1427219806333.jpeg and these are mine!
















Banana Caramel Pie.( فطيره الموز والكراميل)

Hello everybody.

Craved something sweet last night or actually I saw this recipe on TV couple of days ago,bought puff pastry Saturday so as to do it when the occasion pops up.

It’s a very easy dessert that you can do anytime you have sudden guests, just keep a pack of puff pastry always ready in your freezer and I guess bananas are always available most of the times.


Ingredients and method:

* 1 square pack of puff pastry.

* 1 cup sugar.

* 1/4 cup water.

* 1 tsp butter.

* 5-6 big bananas.

* a sprinkle of cinnamon.


* In a deep oven skillet or pan add sugar and water, heat till caramelized and golden.

* add butter then cut bananas to medium sized pieces and arrange over caramel.

* sprinkle with cinnamon.

*roll the pastry to a big circle then cover all over bananas and secure edges.

* bake in a well heated oven till pastry puffs and become golden.

* while still hot turn it upside down quickly.

* serve with vanilla ice cream or whipping cream.





DSC_0767 DSC_0769 DSC_0770 DSC_0775

DSC_0776 20150215_202948



Lunch today was frittata ( عجه) and I made some spinach pastries and rest of dough I baked it in a deep pan and made a loaf.

20150216_154917 frittata.عجه

20150216_155217  20150216_161237 whole wheat loaf.

20150216_154526 deep pan loaf.

Kept some spinach and made a spinach cheese quiche,yummy yummy.


20150216_165048 20150216_165250

20150216_165114 spinach cheese quiche.




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