Eventful Weekend.


Hello everybody.

A weekend full of happy events, family lunches and parties,ended with the beautiful wedding of my beloved cousin.

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Beautiful party full of love and joy, wish the bride and groom a happy life ahead

Today’s morning was also extra special, breakfast with my besties, can’t get enough of these warm gatherings,always full of laughter and old memories, I always thank God for having the best friends in the world.


Orders for today was date rolls and lunch was mellow and spaghetti with veggies.

wp-1458511141629.jpg date rolls.

wp-1458511154943.jpg spaghetti with veggies

wp-1458511160750.jpg  mellow.





Shrimps With Tomatoes and Spaghetti.


Hello everybody.

Too much work today,stuffed pickled eggplants,pickled olives and even did some with carrots,walnuts,chili and coriander.

Nevertheless this didn’t mean I didn’t cook so I made something quick and easy , I posted the recipe before but it was with risotto ,today I did it with plain spaghetti.

* Shrimps:

* 1 kg medium or jumbo shrimps.

* 2-3 garlic cloves.

* chopped sweet peppers.

* 1 can chopped Italian tomatoes or fresh ones.

* bunch of coriander.

* salt,pepper,and some chili powder.

* saute garlic and peppers in some olive oil.

* add shrimps and stir till color changes then add salt,pepper and chili.

* add tomato can and a bit of water then leave to simmer on low heat till sauce is thick.

* add chopped coriander and cook for another 5 minutes.


Absolutely delicious meal :)



20140518_132908    20140518_133054

12115967_10153571566355907_6206582965766922115_n yummy end result.


Spaghetti <3

Hello everybody.

Went to breakfast with my sweet Aunties and Mom to Hamada Restaurant-Fuheis branch,nice cozy,clean tasty and cheap place,a rare thing these days to find all these qualifications and most important excellent quick service :)

Before I went out I cooked simple spaghetti with minced meat,mushroom tomato sauce. Nobody says no to that,though I couldn’t eat a bite after the hummus falafel foul breakfast :)


Spaghetti and Meat Balls.

Hello everybody.

We all ate too much yesterday,kebabs were really yummy so decided to lighten it for this evening.

I made simple spaghetti with olive oil salt and pepper,meat balls with tomato sauce,garlic bread,Caezar salad and french pizza. Kind of Italian night !!

No dessert cause we’re going to visit my brother I’m sure we’ll eat dessert there.


20140710_191721  20140710_194441


Spaghetti and Tzatziki Salad.

Hello everybody.
Saturday is back!!!!

Grocery and errands, kids wanted spaghetti, of course I didn’t object..easiest thing to do.
Today I made the sauce by using:
*minced meat.
* one can chopped tomatoes.
* 1 spoon tomato paste.
*1 spoon pesto sauce.
* chopped mushrooms.
* Mix meat with all other ingredients add a bit of water then leave to simmer till done.
* add salt, pepper, oregano or paprika according to your taste.
* cook pasta then add olive oil, salt and pepper , mix them all till heated
* serve with sauce abd cheese on top.




I found a bottle of tzatziki herbs in my husband’s picnic basket. Took it to use before it expires.
We usually eat this salad in all Cypriot restaurants, it’s served with traditional meat or fish mezze. It resembles the cucumber and yoghurt salad we make but it’s thick and eaten with bread.
Tzatziki seasoning can be bought ready as the bottle I show you or it can be done easily at home by mixing garlic powder with a bit of salt, oregano and dried mints. Original recipe uses only garlic, salt and vinegar. But adding herbs gives is a great taste.
Ingredients and method:
* 3-4 grated cucumber.
* 2 cups strained yoghurt or thick creamy yoghurt (
لبن بالقشطه او لبن نعاج )
* 1 tsp tzatziki powder.
Or salt, vinegar, crushed garlic, oregano and dried mints.
* Drain and squeeze cucumbers till all water is out.
* add herbs and salt.
* Add yoghurt and mix well.
* drizzle with olive oil.
* Can be garnished with paprika and olives.







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