Successful Catering Job. 

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Hello everybody.

Today I was honored to cater a workshop at the Ministry of Water and Irrigation for a group of Dutch experts.

I can proudly say it was a job well done, everything was perfect and work went on smoothly.

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I did assorted cookies and snacks for the coffee break then followed by burgers, shawerma and falafel for lunch.  

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Along with zatar and cheese puffs all with veggies and olives.

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Grand finale was a beautiful lemony cake topped with berries and ganache.

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Full Day!

Hello everybody.

Long full day, sometimes all work comes altogether like today.

First order was two lasagnas and cookies plus one for us.



Then I made a beautiful simple chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies for my friend’s mom.





Then a sudden quick order came up, falafel rolls and shawerma for a young lady’s birthday.



All in all it was delicious and elegant.

Small Lovely Gathering.



Hello everybody.

Made some lovely finger food for a small gathering at a friend’s house.

Loved the idea of the menu, small shawerma, mini burgers, mini kibbeh and a cheese platter.

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Dessert was chocolate mousse and cookies but I didn’t get the chance to take photos, sorry!






Beautiful Baby Natalie Party.



Hello everybody.

Was invited to a lovely gathering welcoming baby Natalie to the world.

Beautiful setting and theme, all lavender and purple colored. Food was various and delicious, of course caraway was present as always.

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My friend ordered from me falafel rolls, mini kibbeh, shawerma and Daisies chocolate cake.

wpid-wp-1452630531194.jpg beautiful kibbeh plate.

wpid-wp-1452630544182.jpg  shawerma.

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Elegant party for sure.


















Zaid Cooking / Shawerma.

Hello everybody.

Went to parent’s meeting all morning,last one to attend, hurray :), good results and comments this time thank God.

Went back home with no idea what to cook,my son suggested shawerma and since he’s home and free he did the cooking, I only supervised and did some cheese rolls in thin bread (shark)

To the chicken he added garlic powder,oregano, chili and smoked spices then sautéed them and wrapped all in a sandwich with garlic mayonnaise mix and pickles. He roasted the sandwiches after that.

Lunch was served with French fries and a salad,thank you my handsome young man, wish you best of luck always.







Cheese rolls.



Shawerma Fatteh.

Hello everybody.

Last night my dear cousin Samar posted this dish she made for dinner,kindly she also posted the recipe which is perfect to do today with the lasagna leftovers, I needed something light and small and this  was just it.

Remember I did meat shawerma before,you can use same spices and marinate for chicken also.


Ingredients and method:

* shredded chicken breasts.

* salt,pepper,all spice,pinch of cinnamon,cardamon,cloves.

* small tsp balsamic or white vinegar.

* sliced onions with summaq.

* chopped tomato.

* tahini sauce ( yogurt,tahini,lemon and salt mixed together)

* chopped parsley to garnish.

* fried or toasted pitta bread.

* saute chicken till almost done.

* add tomatoes and onions,cook all together till most water evaporates.

* line a deep dish with toasted pittas then add chicken mixture just before serving.

* add tahini sauce and parsley.

Thank you dear cousin for this recipe,a new addition to my cookbook “Samar’s Fatteh” great for Ramadan also.









Homemade Shawerma .

Hello everybody.

I know many people specially youngsters prefer to eat Shawerma from local specialized restaurants. In my case I don’t like buying it at all ( had many bad health incidents whenever  I do !!) . It’s not a difficult dish to do at home,you even  eat with comfort cause you’re sure of meat quality and hygiene  as well.

I started Spring clean up today,so to be quick, called the butcher and ordered fresh lean steaks . picked them noon with some fresh thin bread and started cooking.

Ingredients and method:

* shredded beef marinated in soy sauce,balsamic vinegar,lemon juice,salt,pepper,all spice,cinnamon,cloves and pinch of nutmeg .

* 2 big thinly sliced onions.

* Summaq.

* sliced tomatoes,pickles and tahini sauce for adding in sandwich.

* thin bread ( خبز شراك).


* Heat pan till very hot then add meat ,stir till all excess water is gone and meat starts sizzling.

* mix onions with summaq then add over meat.

* lower the heat to minimum and cover till onions are tender. ( you might add a bit of water so as meat won’t dry).

* upon serving fill bread ,roll it and press it in grill till crispy.

* serve with french fries,tomatoes,pickles,tahini,mayonnaise as each one prefers.


Bet you it’s  best than any Shawerma sandwich you buy !!!

Enjoy my friends.








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