Shakshouka and Zalabya (زلابيه).


Hello everybody.

Sunny warm Friday, we even had our morning coffee outside.

Lunch time came with no clue what to do, just made dough for zalabya then started to think. End result was a big Shakshouka with lots of spicy sausages,very delicious and gone in minutes.

ingredients and method of shakshuka:

* 1 large thinly sliced onion.

* 4 cloves of garlic ( used my new mortar to crush them)

* 1 can or 5 big diced tomatoes.

* some fresh sausages (optional).

* chili powder,salt and pepper.

* some chopped parsley (optional)

* 4-5 eggs.

* olive oil.

* saute onions and garlic in hot olive oil till tender.

* chop sausages and add  them.

* add the tomatoes,salt,pepper and chili then leave to simmer till done.

* crack the eggs on top and cover .

* leave over low heat till eggs are done the way you like them.

wpid-wp-1449845025084.jpg shakshuka in the making.

Zalabya was awesome as well,though takes time while frying but worth it.

ingredients and method of zalabya or fried arabic crepes:

*5 cups flour (  I mixed 3 white and 2 whole wheat)

* 1 tablespoon aniseed powder.

* 1 tablespoon fennel powder.

* 2-3 tablespoons sesame seeds.

* 2-3 tablespoons black seeds.

* 1 tablespoon instant yeast dissolved with some sugar and lukewarm water.

* 1/2 cup sugar.

* enough water to knead the dough.


* Mix all ingredients and knead well till you get a kind of soft dough.

* leave to rest and rise then form equal small balls and leave to rest for 30-40 minutes.

* heat oil very well then spread each ball to a thin round flat bread .

* remove carefully and fry till golden.

* sprinkle with icing sugar or honey before serving.


wpid-wp-1449845055513.jpg wpid-wp-1449845047171.jpg wpid-wp-1449845030901.jpg


wpid-wp-1449845036383.jpg old fashioned yummy dessert.







Energy Bites!

Hello everybody.

Did a massive fridge and freezer cleaning today and took out many things stored since a long time so as to do something useful or throw them away.

Result was a mix dried fruits,nuts, crushed biscuits,blueberries, oats all bound together with honey and molasses with a bit of cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. They’ll make a super snack during Ramadan specially at suhour time cause they’re full of nutrients and fiber which will help during fasting next day.

Another outcome was a plate of chickpeas with tahini sauce ( مسبحه) decorated with parsley and nuts.

Lunch was Shakshouka, no cooking till beginning of Ramadan, that’s my decision so far.

wpid-wp-1434372089016.jpeg energy bites.

wpid-wp-1434372099175.jpeg wpid-wp-1434372131202.jpeg

wpid-wp-1434372111335.jpeg nuts fruits oats mixed with honey and molasses.

wpid-wp-1434372151087.jpeg chickpeas and tahini.

wpid-wp-1434372159462.jpeg shakshuka.

wpid-wp-1434372170908.jpeg lunch !

wpid-wp-1434372165693.jpeg  yummy light food!











Raseberry Lemonade.

Hello everybody.

Gardening today,went to our usual place and bought lovely new plants and flowers.

Lunch was a quick Shakshouka a favorite anytime, I also made a small Greek salad and a pitcher of raseberry lemonade since I have some, thanks to my cousin Ghada who mentioned the idea.

A very refreshing cool drink specially after working out.

Ingredients and method :
* 1 cup sugar.
* 1 cup water.
* 3/4 cup raseberry.
* juice of 4 lemons.

* boil water and sugar till a bit syrupy.
* mash raseberries of blend then add to syrup through a mesh.
* add lemon juice.
* mix well then pour into ice and 4 cups of cold water.

That’s it!




wpid-20150508_160754.jpg shakshouka and Greek salad.

wpid-20150508_151739.jpg wpid-20150508_155436.jpg

wpid-20150508_160827.jpg wpid-20150508_160916.jpg

wpid-20150508_161047.jpg wpid-20150508_161155.jpg

wpid-20150508_161216.jpg yummy yummy !!!!







Another Shakshouka.

Hello everybody.

Beautiful weather a real Spring day,going to a gathering this afternoon so my share is Za’tar Puffs amazing how dough rises quickly in warm weather, all process of kneading, cutting and baking took less than an hour.

Lunch was kids’ favorite Shakshuka, great option, easy and everyone love it.




wpid-wp-1428237889200.jpeg wpid-wp-1428237913744.jpeg yummy yummy.





Edited Cardamom Cookies.

Hello everybody.
My mother in-law’s lovely old friends were gathered today upstairs,such a lively group of ladies chatting and laughing at old stories and memories.

We ordered some pastries, made spinach tabouleh and got out some Rock Cookies from the freezer,my sister in law made chocolate cake.
Remember the cardamom cookies in made long time ago?  Well did some today but added 1/2 tsp baking powder this time and it did make a difference, I’ll write down the recipe again better.


Ingredients and method:
*2 cups flour.
* 4 teaspoons cardamom powder.
* 1/4 tsp salt

*1/2 tsp baking powder.
* 1/2 cup grounded almonds.
* 1/2 cup sugar.
* 3/4 cup melted butter.
For the coating:
* 1 cup confectionary sugar (سكر ناعم ).
* 2 teaspoons powdered cardamom.
* almonds.

* mix flour, cardamom powder, sugar, grounded almonds and salt together. * add butter and mix with your hands till you have a frim dough. You can add a bit of cold water for easy handing.
* form dough into small balls.
* coat with powdered sugar-cardamom mixture. * press balls with a small cup to flatten a bit.
* decorate with almonds.
* bake in a medium heated oven for 10-13 minutes. Till bottom slightly golden then toast surface for 5 minutes.
* store in a well closed jar.

Perfect with black coffee, please try them, they’re really good ♡♥.


wpid-wp-1426177678132.jpeg wpid-wp-1426177687120.jpeg


wpid-wp-1426177710944.jpeg luqom a Caucasian kind of sweet.

wpid-wp-1426177722445.jpeg today’s lunch ..Shakshouka !

wpid-wp-1426177741093.jpeg amazing cookies.




Dry Fruits Cookies.

Hello everybody.

Was privileged by a visit from my dear uncles this morning,e had coffee and Coconut Jam cake, a favorite of my best uncle Ziad, I was really happy he ate from it cause I know how much he loves coconut.


Started cooking lunch after they left which was upon kids request ” Shakshouka” and some baked beets. Did them a different way than usual, wrapped in foil then baked till tender , yummy and easy.

DSC_0363 20150129_135120

DSC_0367 baked beets,you can mash one to use as food coloring !


My son invited some of his friends over so I baked some mixed dried fruits cookies and prepared a chocolate chip giant skillet cookie to bake when they arrive. I actually prepared a basic batter then divided it to two portions one with fruits and one with chocolate.

Basic cookie dough is:

*1 egg.

* 3/4 cup butter.

* 1/2 to 3/4 cup brown sugar.

* 1 tsp vanilla.

*1/2 tsp bicarbonate.

* 1 tsp baking powder.

* 1/2 cup oats ( optional)

* 1 1/2 cups flour.

* pinch of salt.

* beat butter and sugar till creamy then add egg and rest of ingredients then you can add any kind of nuts,dried fruits,dark or white chocolate or marshmallows.

* spoon a walnut size amount of dough and place in a big oven pan.

* bake in a medium heated oven for 10-13 min max.

* I decorated today’s cookies with some melted chocolate.

DSC_0371 dried apricots,cranberries and raisins.

DSC_0375  DSC_0380

DSC_0384 drizzled some chocolate on top when cooled.

20150129_171429 20150129_171448

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