Salami Cheese Pie.

Hello everybody.

Still have leftovers from yesterday,no intention to cook at all, but upon my youngest son request,whom I’m actually pampering these days cause he’s in his senior year and needs snacks while studying, I made this kind of a pie or pastry.

I made a simple 10 minutes dough (pizza dough) split it in half ,spread one in a big pan then added all kinds of cheese I have, topped them with salami and oregano then topped them with the other half. Sprinkled sesame seeds and made small holes with the scissors and bake then slice them to triangles.

He actually ate them for lunch with a simple lettuce vinaigrette salad,will be a perfect snack for the next few days,if they lasted that long !!








Chicken with Herbs.

Hello everybody.

Today is chicken day ,I brought with me different kinds of mixed herbs from Cyprus so I did the recipe Chicken with sesame seeds and oregano and added some of new ones to it.

I also did sauteed vegetables,Armenian freekeh with cheese and I have some potatoes from yesterday. Made more lentil soup and fatoush.

Dessert today is qatayef again, nobody says no to it :)






Chicken with Sesame and Oregano.

Happy Labor Day everybody. Though Moms deserve this holiday cause they’re on call 24/7 , but it does seem hard to take a day off doing absolutely nothing, don’t you agree?

I have a pack of Knorr ready chicken sesame and oregano seasoning, been in my  pantry for a while,so I bought 2 packs of chicken thighs marinated them since morning.

Ingredients and method:

* chicken thighs or whole chicken.

* 1 pack knorr sesame oregano seasoning.

* extra sesame seeds,oregano and lemon juice.

* few cloves of garlic.

* olive oil.

* marinate chicken in all ingredients as long as you can.s

* roast them in a medium heated oven in a baking bag or wrap them in foil paper as you wish

. * I made plain basmati rice with peas and carrots  and potato salad on the side.   Really tasty,extra sesame and oregano added to the flavor, highly recommended :) IMG_1837 20140501_11512020140501_115649 IMG_1840 Wish you all a nice long weekend .

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