New Style Tuna Sandwiches.

Hello everybody.

Every time I decide to stay home and relax in end up working too much or doing multiple things at the same time.

First thing when I entered the kitchen this morning I realized I have one very ripe avocado and one lonely eggplant so made a dip (mashed with some lemon juice,tahini,yogurt and salt)   and baba ghanouj ( chopped grilled eggplants with diced tomatoes,peppers and some mints then topped with pomegranate sauce)

Then the daily question of what to cook started nagging in my mind, then decided to do a new sandwich style my cousin posted last night with shredded chicken but I made it with tuna, turned out really good, kids loved it.

Secret ingredient is the crunchy sandwich bread or crust done by cutting edges of toast  then soaking each couple together in whisked eggs then coating all with breadcrumbs.  I let them cool in the fridge so as to hold better then deep fried till crunchy, when cooled open and fill with any stuffing you like, today is added tuna with corn,capers, relish, mustard, mayonnaise and green onions,served with fries and big mixed salad.

Another task for today was making fresh pesto before basil turns black and a fresh fruit cocktail from new honey from Ghor, oranges, pineapple and bananas, really refreshing after all this.



wpid-wp-1427729696109.jpeg wpid-wp-1427729703838.jpeg



wpid-wp-1427724814840.jpeg guacamole dip with tomatoes,chili,dried mints and olive oil on top.

wpid-wp-1427724827238.jpeg  baba ghanouj بابا غنوج

wpid-wp-1427724841568.jpeg mixed salad with everything in .

wpid-wp-1427724857679.jpeg fresh pesto.

wpid-wp-1427724862878.jpeg fresh oranges and new honey.

wpid-wp-1427724833542.jpeg colorful table!










Seperable Garlic Bread and Steak Sandwiches.

Hello everybody.

Recycling yesterday’s steaks today, I shredded the leftovers and sauteed them with onions and green peppers  added some spices and a bit of water.

I baked the sandwiches bread at home, bakery style braided with sesame seeds on top.

kept some of the dough and formed them to balls then coated each one with a mixture of butter, oil,parmesan, oregano then put them all in a loaf pan and left them to rise well before baking, they’ll be like a salty monkey bread, really yummy.

Ingredients and method for bread ( as seen on Roya TV done by Domain Hijjawi for burgers)

* 3 cups flour.
* 50 gr butter or two big spoons.
* 1 tsp salt.
* 1 egg

* Mix all these well then add :
* 1 cup warm milk.
* 1 big spoon instant yeast.
* 1 tablespoon sugar
* all mixed till frothy then added to flour.

* knead all together very well then leave in a warm place till it rises.
* form to any shape you like, buns,braids or big loaf.

wpid-wp-1424624970996.jpeg  steak sandwiches with fries.

wpid-wp-1424625000039.jpeg wpid-wp-1424624992064.jpeg

wpid-wp-1424625018857.jpeg  wpid-wp-1424625028148.jpeg breads before baking.

wpid-wp-1424625046361.jpeg wpid-wp-1424625060785.jpeg

wpid-wp-1424625073480.jpeg shredded steaks.

wpid-wp-1424624978087.jpeg wpid-wp-1424625008859.jpeg













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