Steak with mushroom, mashed potatoes and fettuccine.

Hello everybody.

Invited our cousin and his family for dinner tonight.

Menu was steaks with mushroom,mashed potatoes,fettuccine,Iranian rice,mloukhieh,Russian salad and lettuce noodles salad.

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Freezing Vegetables.

Hello everybody.
No cooking today, each one has plans either for lunch or dinner so no cooking is necessary, did a bowl of Russian Salad it will do just fine in guess.

Spent this morning cleaning and preparing some fresh peas and fava beans for freezing, my husband bought some from side road sellers on his way back from Irbid yesterday, very fresh and green, I usually only cut wash and freeze directly.

Peas were really sweet and tender, boiled some and added them with carrots, corn and potatoes to the salad.

wpid-wp-1426764993873.jpeg  ready for storage.

wpid-wp-1426765010427.jpeg Russian Salad.
Another Irbid product is garden cress(  رشاد)  sent to me from my cousin, very tasty with labaneh and green olives or onions, all yummy.






Braids (جدايل).

Hello everybody.

Hope 1’st day of fasting went well and easy.

Today I’m making some side dishes only cause I still have a good amount of yesterday’s meal,will make things I made before,potato cake,stuffed mushroom,Russian salad and rocca with strawberries salad,you’ll find recipes in links.

As for dessert I made this very old recipe,I even can’t remember it’s origin,a tradition of mine to do in Ramadan,though I hate to do it in hot weather,but today I wanted to share it with you,really good.

Ingredients and method:

* 4 cups flour.

* 2 eggs.

* 1/2 cup vegetable oil.

* 1/2 cup warm milk.

*1 tsp instant yeast.

* 1/2 cup warm water.

* 1 tsp cinnamon.

* 2 tsp anise powder.

* oil for frying.

* sugar syrup.


* mix all ingredients and knead well for 10 minutes,then leave to rest and rise.

* make medium length robes and braid them.

* heat oil very well then fry braids till golden.

* put on paper towel till then dip in syrup and remove.

Enjoy :)


wpid-20140630_174908.jpg   wpid-20140630_182305.jpg

wpid-20140630_182354.jpg   wpid-20140630_183059.jpg

wpid-20140630_193052.jpg   stuffed mushroom.

20140630_193259  potato cake.

20140630_193641 Rocca with strawberries and Russian salads.



Appetizers:Russian Salad,Broccoli Soup and Spinach Pastries.

Hello eveybody.
Today I only made a salad and soup cause I still have some leftovers from yesterday. I also made some spinach pastries. Tomorrow i’ll make a new dish Inshallah.
* Russian Salad:
This salad is very easy but a bit fatty cause It has lots of mayonnaise. But  I always use light one hoping to decrease the damage :).
You simply boil some beans, carrots, sweet corn and potatoes in water till tender then add salt, pepper, bit of vinegar and a good amount of mayonnaise to cover them. Mix gently.
Note: boiled eggs are usually used in this salad also in it or as garnish but I don’t actually use’s fine without it as well.



*Broccoli Soup:
Love this delicious healthy soup.
   Used to make it with fresh cream but one day I ate it at my sweet aunt Nabiha, it was very light but creamy as well. Trick is using one big potato with it so that when mixed together with the broccoli it gives a creamy rich texture.
Ingredients and method:
* 1 big potato peeled and cubed.
* 5-6 broccoli florets.
* 2 green onions.
* 1 cube maggi.
* 2-3 big spoons oatmeal.
* 1/2 cup milk.

* heat a bit of butter, stir chopped onions, potatoes and half of the broccoli.
* add the oatmeal, maggi, salt and pepper. Mix all together.
* add 4 cups water and the milk.
* simmer till vegetables are done.
* mix with hand mixer or in blender.
* add rest of broccoli florets. Leave to simmer for 15-20 minutes.








* Spinach Pastries.
I was looking in my freezer and fridge wandering what else to do, found some puff pastry left from last time’s  chicken pie  and some spinach so thought to do these pastries . Hoped they’ll taste as good as they look.
I simply added black pepper, a piece of white cheese and a small piece of cream cheese, then closed the pastry as a parcel and baked them.





Actually all tasted delicious and satisfying. ♡♥♡♥



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