Ramadan Kareem.

Hello everybody.

Two days passed, I can say they were easy and smooth.
First day ritual dish was stuffed vine leaves and courgettes, mushroom soup and fatoush. Typically dessert was qatayef filled with cheese and walnuts.

Second day’s dish was okra in the oven and Iranian rice, as for dessert I tried a new recipe that I sorted out by mixing many similar ones of the same ingredients.

Pistachio rose water dessert, base was crumbled biscuits and butter,topping was a mix of whipping cream, heavy cream, yogurt, pistachios, rose water, pinch of saffron. All beaten till creamy then onto biscuits, cooled then garnished with pistachios.
Simple elegant dessert with Ramadan spirit in it.








Persian Walnut Cookies.


Hello everybody.

As always I like to try a new recipe,it’s becoming like a weekly challenge for me. Today’s trial was an interesting cookie one from the Persian cuisine.

Ingredients can give you a hint that it’s delicious, all nutty and aromatic but next time I’ll make them a bit smaller cause they spread well when baked.

Ingredients and method:

wp-1459442978819.jpg wp-1459442970682.jpg

* 1 1/2 cups crushed walnuts.
* 3/4 cup sugar.
* 3 egg yolks.
*  1 tablespoon rose water.
* 1 tsp cardamom.
*  1 tsp vanilla.
* 1 tsp baking powder.
* pinch of salt.
* 1 extra egg yolk plus one tablespoon water.
* extra whole walnuts for garnish.


* Beat eggs, vanilla, cardamom, sugar well.
* add walnuts,rose water, baking powder and salt.
* dough will be sticky so use two spoons to scoop small amount on baking tray layered with wax paper.
* put a walnut on each cookie then brush with egg water mixture ( I think I’ll skip this next time maybe)
* bake in a medium heated oven (180 c) for 15-20 minutes only or till edges are brownish.


Note: cookies will be soft when hot but don’t worry they’ll harden later on.

Store in a closed jar later, they great with coffee or tea,rich in flavor and extremely delicious.









Muhalabieh with Caramel.



Hello everybody.


Had this recipe in my book since Ramadan,a friend of mine made it and I took it right away in order to make it then but I didn’t have any chance,so today when the milkman came it crossed my mind and I bought some fresh milk and did it at last.


Very easy cooling recipe and the caramel adds a lot to the taste for sure.


Ingredients and method:

Note :this quantity yields 12 small jars or pots.

* 6 cups milk.

* 6 big tablespoons starch.

* 1 tsp mistaka finely crushed with 1/4 cup sugar so as not to stick to the grinder.

* 1 tsp rose water (optional)

* more sugar also optional cause the caramel sauce is sweet.

* leave one or two cups of milk aside and mix starch in them very well.

* add to other quantity,mix all very well then boil till it thickens.

* add mistaka and sugar and the rose water.

* pour in one big bowl or small glass bowls or jars.

* cool in the fridge for at 2-3 hours .



* 1/2 cup sugar melted till caramelized and golden.

* 1/2 cup water added very carefully to the browned sugar.

* stir very well and leave to simmer a bit till it’s thick.

* Before serving flip the muhalabieh in a slightly deep dish then garnish with crushed pistachios and drizzle with the caramel sauce.



Pistachio Dessert (مفروكه فستق)

Hello everybody.

Have guests coming tonight so I prepared some sweets,nuts and fruits.

Got this recipe from a friend since beginning of Ramadan and hadn’t got the chance to do it till now,hope it’ll taste good, usually done in Mediterranean restaurants specially Lebanese.

Ingredients are very simple :
# 1 cup knafeh dough processed to fine pieces.
# 2 cups finely chopped pistachios.
# 2 tablespoons butter.
# 1/2 cup icing sugar.
#3 tablespoons sugar syrup.
# 1 tsp rose water.
# fresh cream.
# roast knafeh dough a bit till golden.
# in food processor mix all ingredients together till you get a smooth dough.
# spread in a Pyrex or in molds the shape you like.
# add fresh cream ( قشطه بلدية) on top.
# cool in fridge till served.

wpid-20150708_185217.jpg elegant dessert right?

wpid-20150708_185340.jpg wpid-20150708_185244.jpg



Walnut Rolls ( برمه او لفائف الجوز)

Hello everybody.

Sorry for the delay but I was tied up and busy.

Since it’s still so cold till now and you feel yourself needing something really sweet to warm up I decided to do this kind of wintry dessert.

Remembered this dish last night ,ate it many years ago at a gathering done by a relative, called her today to recall details and ingredients and she was really sweet to give me the exact small ones.It’s called Burma or simply Walnut Rolls.


Lunch was stuffed cabbage,a favorite on our table all times.



Ingredients and method:

* 1 pack phyllo pastry leaves ( رقائق الهنا)

* 2 cups finely crushed walnuts.

* 1 tablespoon cinnamon.

* 1 tsp cardamon.

* 1 tablespoon rose water.(ماء ورد)

* 1 tablespoon blossom water ( ماء زهر)

* 1 tablespoon sugar (optional)

*some vegetable oil in bottom of a Pyrex.

*thin long piece of metal (  I cut a part of metallic clothes hanger)

* 1 1/2 cup sugar syrup ( قطر)


* cut the phyllo sheets to in half.

* mix walnuts with cinnamon,cardamon,rose and blossom water.

* spread one sheet then place the wire in half and add one spoonful of walnut mix.

* cover with other side of sheet and roll with wire inside.

* close up the side of roll till it form wrinkles.

* remove wire slowly then place in the oiled Pyrex and so on till all sheets are used.

* bake in a very hot oven till crispy from bottom and surface.

* while still very hot pour cold syrup on top.


Wait till it cools and serve, absolutely delicious specially with a cup of Turkish coffee.



20150118_161207 the metal rod here wasn’t good I used the hanger later on much better.

DSC_0018 final result.



Here’s a video showing how to roll them.

Aish EL-Saraya ( عيش السرايا).

Hello everybody.

We’re Mansaf-ing today for dinner as well,second time this week :) ,but this time at my mother in -law’s house and ( don’t be shocked) we’re mansaf-ing again tomorrow at my mom’s, 3 Mansafs in one week is a big crime I suppose, bye bye diet !!!! why is it whenever you decide to start a diet you either have guests or receive lots of invitations? all include food of course,anyway I’m trying to at least minimize my portions :)

I made this Arabic dessert for tonight,remember I did it once in Ramadan but didn’t post the recipe then.


Ingredients and method:

* 1 loaf white toast.roasted till dry and golden.

* 4 cups sugar.

* 2 1/2 cups water.

* some rose water.

* few lemon drops.

* 2 cups fresh cream and 2 packs ready cream (قشطه بلديه وعلب)

* some crushed pistachios.


* Remove hard toast sides and process the insides to fine crumbles.

* heat 1 cup of the sugar till it’s caramelized and brown.

* add the water and rest of sugar and stir till all melts,add the lemon drops and simmer till solutions is syrupy (20-30 minutes),add rose water.

* pour syrup while hot over bread crumbs and mix well till it’s all absorbed.

* spread in a wide serving dish.

* mix creams well then spread over bread.

* leave to cool in the fridge.

* decorate with finely crushed pistachios.


Really easy delicious dish , I personally love it <3



20140918_104938  20140918_105611

20140918_104341  20140918_110808

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