Cheese Zatar Rolls.


Hello everybody.

Thanks to a member in Banan Cooking group that made realize that  i didn’t post recipe of these yummy rolls that are now a basic item in my menu. So light and perfect for a snack or even breakfast.

Sorry for my laziness again in posting new recipes, it’s been really the craziest summer ever , hope life will go back to it’s normal routine soon.


Ingredients and method:

* 3 cups flour.

* 1 tsp salt.

* 1 cup yogurt.

* 2 teaspoons instant yeast dissolved in a cup of warm water and 1 tsp sugar.

* 1 tablespoon butter.

* 1 egg.

* a drizzle of olive oil to coat dough .


  • grated white cheese.
  • 2 tablespoons feta cheese.
  • zatar.

*Mix flour with salt , yogurt and butter.

*When yeast foams add it with the water to flour and knead well for 5 minutes.

*Dough will be very soft, leave to rise then roll it to a big rectangle on a flour dusted surface.

*Add stuffing and roll it,

*Cut to pieces then flip it on the side and shape then into circles on n oven pan

* Bake them in a well heated oven till bottom is golden.

*Roast surface as well, you can drizzle olive oil on top at this step .


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Cinnabon Rolls.


Hello everybody.
Sorry for the delay but it was such a busy day,we even had lunch which was Moussaka very late.

Today’s order was for my cousin and neighbor,quesadillas and cinnabon rolls. Doing them for the first time and recipe from the net with some alterations specially in the glaze ingredients cause it contained too much sugar.


Extra dough turned into orange buttons, simple knots with marmalade on top, these were amazing.

wp-1453576168086.jpg orange rolls.

Ingredients and method :

# 1 1/2 cups warm milk.
# 1 tsp instant yeast.
# 1 egg.
# 1/4 cup sugar.
# 1/4 cup butter.
# 3-4 cups flour.

Filling :
# 4 tablespoons butter.
# 1/4 cup brown sugar.
# 1/4 cup sugar.
# 1 tablespoon cinnamon.
# 1/4 cup walnuts.

Glaze :
# 4 pieces Kiri cheese.
# 1/4 cup icing sugar(سكر ناعم)
# 1 pack cream ( علبه قشطه)


* use half of the milk quantity, dissolve in it yeast and sugar.
* beat egg, butter and rest of milk.
* add yeast milk sugar mixture after it froths and beat all together.
* gradually add flour and a pinch of salt till you get a soft dough.
* leave it covered in a warm place to rise.
* prepare the filling, mix all ingredients together.

* when dough rises roll it to a big rectangular shape spreading flour under and over it to prevent sticking.
*spread filling then roll it.
* cut to 2 inches pieces, turn around and flatten them a bit.
* arrange rolls in a greased pan then bake in a medium heated oven for 20-30 minutes or till golden from sides.
* mix glaze ingredients and beat well till creamy then add on top of rolls while still hot.

wp-1453576173888.jpg wp-1453576161336.jpg




Pumpkin Rolls.

Hello everybody.

Remember I posted this dish a while ago but didn’t have the recipe?  Well I got it at last and did it today.

Though original recipe is done with phyllo pastry but I used puff pastry instead and omitted oil and butter.

You simply cook the pumpkin cubes with some finely chopped onions then season them with salt,pepper, cinnamon, ginger and a pinch of cloves,then you spread the pastry to a thin rectangular shape,spread a bit of pumpkin filling and roll all together.

Bake in a moderate heated oven for 30 minutes then when done and golden turn off the oven and add a bit of milk all over them and leave in the oven to cool.

I also made some with minced meat and Russian salad.




Fruit Cheesecake Cookie Cups and Apple Cinnamon Rolls.

Hello everybody.

I’m so excited today cause me and my friends are invited to a special early dinner at our lovely neighbor’s house and she’s making a traditional Carcissian dish called chips and basta, I’ll write you details about it later tonight.

As usual I told her dessert is on me, I wanted to do something new, colorful and lively so after a bit of searching did these cute kind of tarts and since I have some apples in the fruit basket is did some apple wheels or rolls.

Ingredients and method of fruit tarts :

* 3/4 cup butter.
* 1 cup sugar.
* 1 egg.
* 1 tsp vanilla.
*  2 cups flour.
* 1/2 tsp baking soda.
* 1/2 tsp baking powder.
* 2 tsp cornstarch.

For the filling :
* 1 pack cream cheese.
* 1/2 cup icing sugar.
* 2 tablespoons cream.( قشطه)

* mixed fruits for topping.

* beat butter and sugar till creamy then add all other ingredients till you have a thick dough.
* in a cupcake pan add a spoonful in each paper then press well with higher edges ( this quantity made 24 cups)
* bake in a medium heated oven for 10-15 minutes.
* remove and leave to cool.
* meanwhile beat cream cheese with sugar and cream then top over each cupcake.
* decorate with fruits as you look like.

As for the apple wheels, I did same dough for cinnamon rolls or Nutella tree, the added brown sugar and cinnamon to a rectangular spread-ed dough, lined up sliced apples the rolled and baked them.

Hope our host will like them,I’m sure we’ll have fun and eat delicious food.


wpid-wp-1427808973847.jpeg lovely outcome.


wpid-wp-1427809057835.jpeg wpid-wp-1427809029041.jpeg wpid-wp-1427809017590.jpeg   apple rolls.

wpid-wp-1427808983336.jpeg wpid-wp-1427809005505.jpeg

wpid-wp-1427809074883.jpeg wpid-wp-1427808999086.jpeg











Chicken Rolls (مسخن روﻻت ).

Hello everybody.

Going out for breakfast with my lovely friends today. Wanted something easy to make when I come back. So I prepared the stuffing and made rolls  quickly before lunch time.

This dish is an easier version of a big main dish called Msakhan (مسخن ) which is usually done in lunch gatherings, people make it when fresh virgin olive oil is  in season. It Consists of a special kind of bread dipped in onions and summaq cooked in olive oil with roasted chicken and nuts on top. All in one big serving tray.
Today I made an easier smaller scale musakhan by rolling chicken and onions mix into thin bread then roasting them.

Ingredients and method:
* 1 cooked chicken.remove skin and bones.
* 2-3 chopped onions.
* 2 big spoons summaq.
* 10 large thin bread (شراك ) cut to quarters.
* toasted pine nuts (optional)
* olive oil.
* 1 cup chicken broth.

* shred chicken to small pieces.
* cover onions with oil and cook slowly till tender a bit.
* add the chicken, summaq, broth, salt and pepper and leave to simmer till liquid is lessened.
* put mixture in a sieve when done to remove excess liquid.
* roll mixture in bread pieces then line them in a greased pan.
* bake in a medium heated oven till golden all over.
* serve with yoghurt.

I had excess bread pieces so I made some cheese rolls and took out some spring rolls from freezer and baked all together.
I did some sweet and sour sauce as a dip by mixing soysauce, ketchup, sugar, vinegar with cup of water and starch then boil till thick. Great dip !

Turned out a nice quick lunch.










Date Rolls (مقروطه )

Hello everybody.
My sweet cousin requested this recipe since I started my blog, I didn’t have time or chance though. I usually make these cookies or rolls after Ramadan , serve them in Eid . Actually became my speciality. I took this recipe from my mother in-law’s cousin, though i’ve been doing them for years now but nothing beats hers..♡♥.
Tomorrow we’re going to visit a friend from old school days so I thought i’ll take some with me. A homemade present is always heart warming. Hope she’ll like them.

Ingredients and method:
* 5 cups flour
* 4 cups whole wheat flour (طحين اسمر ).
* 1 cup vegetable oil.
* 1 cup olive oil.
* 1 cup margarine or ghee.
* seeded and ground dates (2-3 packs).
* 1/2 cup sugar.
* 1 tsp sodium bicarbonate.
* 2 big spoons ground anise (يانسون ).
* 1 big spoon ground fennel (شومر ).
* 1 big spoon cinnamon.
* 2-3 spoons sesame seeds and black seeds ( سسمسم وقزحه ).
* 1 small spoon mahaleb (محلب )
* mix all oils and spices with flour well till it forms crumbles and leave overnight so as flour absorbs all oils and essences.

* to the dates add olive oil, cinnamon, anise powder, nutmeg, cardamom . A little sprinkle just to add some flavor.

* add warm water to flour enough to make a dough 1-2 must be easy to handle not hard nor soft.
* cut dough and dates to four portions.
* roll one part of dough to a big  thin rectangle between nylons.
* roll dates all to same size rectangle between wax paper or nylon.
* place date over dough and cut unorganized edges.
* roll dough and dates together 3 or 4 rolls.
* cut to 1 inch slices then pat with your hand to flatten them a bit.
* with a sharp knife cut surface to small lines.
* bake in a medium heated oven till bottoms are golden and then toast surface a bit.
* store in a cookie jar or well sealed box.




wpid-20140330_1221185 wpid-20140330_1222434










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