Another Kibbeh Fiesta.


Hello everybody.

Kibbeh day, intention was to make some mini ones and spread in a pan with nothing else or at least only some fries.

But then one thing led to another, got excited to do more appetizers to complete the Lebanese style, so end result was muhammra, rocca salad, chili potatoes, various types of kibbeh ( even fried the extra dough)  and new olives.

All extremely yummy, my favorite kind of food.

wpid-wp-1448035388829.jpg wpid-wp-1448035396117.jpg


wpid-wp-1448035429827.jpg wpid-wp-1448035415532.jpg one portion of muhammara to go !





Cauliflower Stew and Iranian Rice.

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Hello everybody.

Early this morning I was hosted at  Ro’ya TV in an interview to talk about my contributions in Family Flavors magazine, I can humbly say it was very nice and informative, looking forward to more fruitful work and achievements.

Well this didn’t mean no Saturday chores and errands ending up with cooking cauliflower stew,Iranian rice and a fresh salad containing rocca,pomegranates and walnuts.


Ingredients and method:

* cooked minced meat or cubed veal or lamp as desired.

* boiled and fried cauliflower

* 2-3 cloves garlic.

* one small onion finely chopped.

* lemon juice.

* salt,pepper,all spice, cumin and dry coriander (or fresh)

* saute meat till dry then add garlic and onions.

* add cauliflower and seasoning,leave to simmer, you may add a bit of water if it’s too dry.

* serve with tahini sauce and summaq on top.

Note: to minimize frying you can boil cauliflowers a bit then sautee them with a bit of oil that’ll be enough)


12096506_10153569880850907_4536980778857054438_n Iranian rice.

12144812_10153569880685907_4449276869722940965_n rocca pomegranate salad.

Appetizer Platter.

Hello everybody.

After yesterday’s big breakfast I went shopping to prepare for dinner,our dear friends Salam and Flora came to dinner last night with sweet adorable baby Mariam,lovely evening and food.

I made a big appetizers platter similar to the one we ate last week at Bonita Restaurant,well it was close enough but not as perfect. It contained avocados with tomatoes,smoked salmon with cream cheese dill filling on a bed of rocca, frilled chicken with pesto sauce on top and grilled eggplants ant tomatoes with cheese in between or as they name it eggplant tower.

Salad was Rocca with pomegranate seeds,walnuts and cheese, main dish was grilled steaks with lemon thyme butter on top and baked potatoes and veggies on the side.

Dessert was an extremely rich delicious Velvet Cake done by my lovely guest ( homemade from scratch), you’re right Flora tasted even better today, thank you my dear <3



20140924_185912  20140924_185846




20140924_190208  table setting.

20140925_164320  20140925_164344



Chicken Pie ♡

Hello everybody.

Well khubeizeh alone is not enough plus kids don’t like it much..most kids not only mine. It’s one of the old fashioned meals I told you about earlier.

So I made chicken pie and rocca salad.
*  shredded chicken.
* mixed vegetables, today I used carrots, peas, mushrooms, broccoli and corn.
* small onion.
* fresh cream or white sauce.
* puff pastry.

* chop onion and sautee with chicken in a bit of oil or butter till done.
* add the vegetables and leave on low heat till a bit tender.
* roll the puff pastry to rectangles and line them in a greased oven pan. Leave part of it outside to cover the pie.
* add chicken vegetable mixture.
* add the cream or white sauce.
* cover the filling, decorate as desired.
* bake in medium heated oven till golden then roast the top.








Rocca salad today is a bit diffrent, actually we ate it at a restaurant last month and it was delicious.

You need rocca leaves, fresh strawberries, fresh mushrooms. For the dressing mix :
* 1/4 spoon mustard.
* 1 small spoon balsamic vinegar.
* 1 small spoon lemon juice.
* 1 small spoon salt.
* 1/2 spoon honey.
Mix well and drizzle over salad.




Enjoy ♡♥♡♥

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