Lentil Soup Fatteh.

Hello everybody.

Seems like winter is back again, weird weather this morning, rainy with heavy fog.

Well I’m sure a big percentage of Jordanians cooked lentil soup today, it’s a rain tradition i guess.

Today I’ll do it with a twist, and member in banancooking.com made this dish and while ago and it looked interesting.

You cook soup as usual but I made it a bit thicker, then you assemble it with all fatteh ingredients. Roasted bread, soup then tahini yogurt sauce and garnish it with cooked minced meat, almonds and parsley.

A big big success, very fulfilling but not heavy, mother in-law and kids loved it,waiting for hubby’s approval now.



wpid-wp-1427897754108.jpeg wpid-wp-1427897747280.jpeg

wpid-wp-1427897740952.jpeg end result .




Double Chocolate Cupcakes.

Hello everybody.
Gloomy dark day,just hate when the sun is not out.

Lunch was courgettes in cooked yogurt (ablama كوسا مخشي) , suitable in this cold weather.

I also did these amazing amazing cupcakes maybe they’ll cheer up the mood. I have this box of chocolates,a gift from a dear friend and a pack of ready mix chocolate cake. I saw this done on the net once thought I’d try it before I end up eating the whole box of chocolate alone.
You simply mix cake as directed then fill half a cupcake with battery add the round chocolate then add another quantity and bake.
They were supposed to be more like molten chocolate but maybe kind I used is too smooth that it sank down but nevertheless it made a crunchy crust,shooo yummy with some ice cream.






Courgettes in cooked yogurt.


Chicken Fatteh and Cheese Loaf.

Hello everybody.

Seems this cold weather will continue all week, was going to make a soup with chicken fatteh but boys said cheese loaf is better.

I like doing fatteh when I have extra cooked rice though it’s an easy dish but needs lots of preparation,cook chicken, roast bread, roast nuts,chop parsley and make tahini sauce. Too much work right?

Cheese Loaf this time was better than last time I did it,trick is as my friend told me is to wrap it in foil first. Absolutely yummy yummy.

I also made the palmetto,artichoke salad and refreshing rich salad for sure.






Spinach Pastries.

Hello everybody.

Cold and rainy this morning and expected to continue till tomorrow, a warm comfort meal is in demand !

I cooked spinach with minced meat and rice on the side,kids love this dish though my husband hate it,so I made this new way of spinach pastries which are usually done as a big loaf ,very thin and full of olive oil, but made them as small squares and not soaked in oil a lot.

You make a simple no yeast dough,flour,salt and water only. leave to rest then form it into small balls, roll each one into a thin layer then add spinach mixed with cooked onions,salt,pepper,chili and lemon juice to make 2 layers of spinach and three of the dough then fold it as square and pat them as thin as you can.

Bake in a greased pan in a well heated oven till golden, really good with some fresh yogurt from Irbid.



DSC_0560  DSC_0563

DSC_0564  DSC_0567


What to do with Last Year’s Olives?

Hello everybody.

Pouring rain today,hope nobody got stuck in traffic or got soaked wet like me,it was sunny when I left home I swear ! anyway thank God for car’s heater , but roads were really awful and I just heard many people were hurt or stuck in floods ,wish you all be safe and warm .

A dear friend told me last week she do this appetizer with olives,since new ones are about to be ready I pitted all last year’s green olives mixed them with grated carrots,crushed walnuts,hot and sweet peppers,lemon slices and some chili then put all in glass jars and added olive oil to the rim. Great appetizer in cold wintry days like today.

Lunch today was chicken curry also a good choice in cold weather and my son insisted to do some Tacos for himself cause he doesn’t like curry a lot .

I also made Anise Cake to have with mint tea now .


DSC_0263 DSC_0266


DSC_0268 DSC_0271

DSC_0281 Tacos before it’s done .

20141103_154113  chicken curry.




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