Pumpkin Rolls.

Hello everybody.

Remember I posted this dish a while ago but didn’t have the recipe?  Well I got it at last and did it today.

Though original recipe is done with phyllo pastry but I used puff pastry instead and omitted oil and butter.

You simply cook the pumpkin cubes with some finely chopped onions then season them with salt,pepper, cinnamon, ginger and a pinch of cloves,then you spread the pastry to a thin rectangular shape,spread a bit of pumpkin filling and roll all together.

Bake in a moderate heated oven for 30 minutes then when done and golden turn off the oven and add a bit of milk all over them and leave in the oven to cool.

I also made some with minced meat and Russian salad.




Rice in Puff Pastry.

Hello everybody.
Home all day cleaning and putting away carpets and heavy clothes, an annual ritual!

Even the kitchen had it’s turn, arranging fridge and freezer , I don’t like keeping frozen food for long periods always try to use it specially if fresh veggies are in season, so today took out some green thyme and made za’tar sticks, some pieces of puff pastry stuffed them with spiced rice, peas,carrots and meat plus some poppy seeds and made orange cake with seeds in.

Too much work but all yummy and needed as snacks for my son studying for his finals.

Good luck to all IB students around the world.


wpid-20150503_172032.jpg a rich nice meal !

wpid-20150503_172116.jpg wpid-20150503_172513.jpg

wpid-20150503_141318.jpg wpid-20150503_134600.jpg

wpid-20150503_164855.jpg Orange cake and za’tar sticks.

wpid-20150503_164926.jpg wpid-20150503_165115.jpg

wpid-20150503_165817.jpg my lovely pot and mints :)







Mushroom Broccoli Pie.

Hello everybody.

Bad dusty weather , went back home quickly after a meeting and closed everything tightly hoping that house stays clean,then started buzzing in the kitchen.

Lunch as planned was courgettes in white sauce and meat, specially requested and done,love it when kids ask for something a day before you wake up happy hahaha.

After that I started looking around for something to do with the remaining puff pastry from yesterday, then I remembered the asparagus pie in did couple of weeks ago and decided to use same filling ( mustard, labaneh, eggs) but used mushrooms and broccoli, added some olives and cheese then wrapped it up, sooooo delicious.

I also found some leftover blueberries so I made my favorite biscuits with jam or filling, yummy yummy for sure.



wpid-20150415_153016.jpg mustard ,labaneh and egg filling with mushroom broccoli on top.

wpid-20150415_154320.jpg   all wrapped up.

wpid-20150415_151216.jpg courgettes,meat and white sauce.

wpid-20150415_175139.jpg jam biscuits or mabroosheh.

wpid-20150415_171818.jpg wpid-20150415_175139.jpg today’s work!








Asparagus Pie.

Hello everybody.

End of a very busy week at last, hope weekend will be relatively relaxing, though till now too much is scheduled already.
Well lunch today was an open buffet as I call it,all leftovers in the fridge but I did a small side dish cause I have these freshly picked asparagus so it’s a shame not to do something with them, so I picked this recipe from Pinterest ,easy and quick and luckily I have all ingredients.

Ingredients and method :
* 1 pack puff pastry.
* 2 tablespoons labaneh or sour cream.
* 1 tsp mustard.
* 1 egg.
* 1 cup grated cheese ( any kind that melts).
* asparagus.
* Salt, pepper and a bit of nutmeg.

* when pastry is tender roll it to a rectangle shape then put it in a rectangular oven pan.leave sides up a little.
* bake in a medium heated oven for 20 minutes or till it’s golden from bottom.
* mix half of the cheese, egg, labaneh and mustard well then add salt, pepper and nutmeg.
* spread mixture over half baked pastry then line up the asparagus after cutting the hard stems.
* sprinkle rest of cheese on top then bake again for 15 minutes then roast top till golden.
Serve hot as a side dish with any roasted beef or chicken.



wpid-wp-1427388336543.jpeg simple ingredients once asparagus is around.

wpid-wp-1427388368699.jpeg yummy indeed.



Banana Caramel Pie.( فطيره الموز والكراميل)

Hello everybody.

Craved something sweet last night or actually I saw this recipe on TV couple of days ago,bought puff pastry Saturday so as to do it when the occasion pops up.

It’s a very easy dessert that you can do anytime you have sudden guests, just keep a pack of puff pastry always ready in your freezer and I guess bananas are always available most of the times.


Ingredients and method:

* 1 square pack of puff pastry.

* 1 cup sugar.

* 1/4 cup water.

* 1 tsp butter.

* 5-6 big bananas.

* a sprinkle of cinnamon.


* In a deep oven skillet or pan add sugar and water, heat till caramelized and golden.

* add butter then cut bananas to medium sized pieces and arrange over caramel.

* sprinkle with cinnamon.

*roll the pastry to a big circle then cover all over bananas and secure edges.

* bake in a well heated oven till pastry puffs and become golden.

* while still hot turn it upside down quickly.

* serve with vanilla ice cream or whipping cream.





DSC_0767 DSC_0769 DSC_0770 DSC_0775

DSC_0776 20150215_202948



Lunch today was frittata ( عجه) and I made some spinach pastries and rest of dough I baked it in a deep pan and made a loaf.

20150216_154917 frittata.عجه

20150216_155217  20150216_161237 whole wheat loaf.

20150216_154526 deep pan loaf.

Kept some spinach and made a spinach cheese quiche,yummy yummy.


20150216_165048 20150216_165250

20150216_165114 spinach cheese quiche.




Valentine’s Day Ideas.

Hello everybody.

No cooking today so I decided to do some cute dishes for Valentine’s Day which is coming up in the next few days or you can even make them in anniversaries or birthdays.

I made these cute little pies with beets and remaining pieces turned to a small salad then made Red Velvet cupcakes and used smashed beets instead of food coloring but seems I over baked beets cause color turned so dark not red, results looked like a chocolate cupcake rather than a red velvet, taste was pretty good .


Ingredients and method of beet pies:

* puff pastry squares.

* some olive oil,salt and pepper.

* boiled or baked beetroot.

* feta cheese or blue cheese as you prefer.

* walnuts.

* balsamic vinegar.


* make heart shapes ( small or big) with cookie cutters.

* spread puff pastry squares on  wax paper then prick them with a fork so as they won’t puff a lot.

* brush with olive oil,salt and pepper.

* line up the beets then bake in a medium heated oven for 30 minutes or till puffs are golden.

* sprinkle feta cheese or blue cheese, walnuts then drizzle with condensed balsamic vinegar.


As for the red velvet I took the recipe from a nice food blog called little sunny kitchen , very easy recipe that uses beets instead of food coloring.

20150212_153918 Happy Valentine <3

20150212_122944 20150212_123853 20150212_124337 20150212_153747


20150212_125422 aren’t these cute?

20150212_125442 20150212_125804

20150212_125724 beet hearts before baking.

20150212_153355 finished dish topped with yummy cheese and dressing.

20150212_153329  20150212_153416

20150212_153849 though not red enough but overall taste and looks was great.

20150212_154519  20150212_154347


Puff Pastry Cream Triangles (وربات بالقشطه)

Hello everybody.

Eventful Friday ,started with boiled eggs for breakfast then followed by a nice coffee at a lovely aunt’s house.Of course coffee wasn’t alone,she made some pastries and a delicious lemon cake.I made her a nice Cherry Cake as a gift :).

Afternoon my dear uncles came by for a cup of tea, such a short notice visit,couldn’t think of anything to serve,After looking through my fridge and pantry for something quick to do, best thing I could manage was some cheese rolls and olives, nuts,chocolate and marshmallows plus I found a pack of puff pastry in the freezer so I thought these would do as dessert, stuffed in cream and topped with syrup and pistachios.

Visit was really pleasant and joyful as always <3

Ingredients and method:

* 1 pack squared puff pastry.

* Cream filling:

* 1 cup powdered milk.

* 1 cup water.

* 1 tsp butter.

* 2 big tablespoons flour.

* 2 tablespoons cream.


* Mix all ingredients except cream very well then boil till sauce is thick.

* add cream and whisk well till all is homogeneous.leave to cool.

* spread each square of pastry a bit,add one tsp of filling then fold to make a triangle.

* press sides with a fork to close well.

* bake in  a medium heated oven till puffed and golden.

* make some sugar syrup (2 cups sugar with one cup water and few drops lemon juice)

* pour syrup over triangle while hot,decorate with crushed pistachios.

20141219_104034  Cherry cake


20141219_094808 hard boiled eggs with olive oil.

20141219_115924  20141219_120009


DSC_1431  DSC_1432

DSC_1433  DSC_1438







Chicken Pie.

Hello everybody.

Though I have some food left from yesterday but it won’t be enough plus it’s not lunch food after all so had to cook something warm today.

I made a richly stuffed chicken pie,with all veggies I have,cream and cheese on top in puff pastry, really good and comforting after a long day at school or work.







Om Ali ( ام علي).

Hello everybody.

no cooking today cause we went shopping at City Mall and had lunch there,in the way back I bought ingredients of Om Ali dessert cause my husband been craving it since two weeks and I hadn’t got the time to do it at all,it’ll be a nice treat after his hunting trip when he comes home.

This dessert is of Egyptian origin,as they say the mother of Egyptian desserts, it’s said that it’s named after the sultan’s wife Om Ali who distributed this sweet after the death of the Sultan’s second wife. It’s basically done from puff pastry with nuts and cream.

Ingredients and method:

* 1 pack puff pastry.

* 3 cups pf milk.

* 2 packs cream or fresh double cream.

*  1 cup sugar.

* some walnuts,almonds,pistachio,raisins and coconut.


* toast the nuts in the oven for 10 minutes then crush them.

* bake the puff pastry till golden.

* heat the milk,cream and sugar till they boil.

* shred the pastry in a deep oven pan then add nuts,coconut and raisins .

* add half the amount of milk then add another layer of pastry and nuts.

* add remaining milk and sprinkle with some cinnamon.

* bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes .

This dish is served hot,you can make it in a pottery pan so as to stay warm for a long time.



20140912_192353  20140912_184146





Lamb Pasties.

Hello everybody.

Last night I remembered this recipe from my Greek cookbook, I always make it in Ramadan,light and easy, since I already have cooked meat cubes in the freezer so it’ll even be a super quick thing to do,suitable for crazy shopping Saturday.

Greeks do it with thin pastry and use lots of butter but I usually use puff pastry and omit butter completely.

Ingredients and method:

* cooked lamb cubes.

* squared puff pastry.

* small chopped onion.

* 2-3 cloves garlic.

* 2-3 cubed potatoes.

* feta cheese.


* saute onions,garlic and potatoes with some oil then add salt and pepper till golden and soft.

* spread the puff pastry a bit.

* add a cube of meat then a spoonful of potatoes.

* add a piece of feta cheese on top then close the pastry as a parcel.

* bake for 30-40 minutes in a low heat oven till pastries are puffed and golden.

* serve with sauteed veggies and salad.

See very quick and easy and tastes good as well :)








20140614_160756  this is the book’s photo.


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