Scottish Eggs.

Hello everybody.

Kids wanted me to do this recipe since a while,a high protein comfort food,boiled eggs wrapped with meat then fried.

Original recipe is done with sausage meat mixed with grated onions, garlic, breadcrumbs and parsley but today I made it with kofta, same basic principle.

Boil eggs, peel then wrap it well with the meat then dust with flour, in egg wash then finally in breadcrumbs. Cool in fridge to hold up then fry in oil.

Kids loved it, men kind of meal.




How to Make Hummus?

Hello everybody.

Being locked in this snow storm made many people creative or let me say willing to try  stuff that are usually bought ready like hummus and falafel.

Hummus is high in iron and Vitamin C plus folate and  Vit B6 and a good source of dietry fibers,it’s very useful in vegetarian diets to compensate protein.

It’s not that difficult to make them from sctratch,I know many folks specially living abroad who always do, but in countries like us,the easiest cheapest meal is always a hummus plate with falafel or hummus fatteh, no need for all the fuss in the kitchen.

My cousin living in Greece made a a delicious hummus last week so I thought to share the recipe with you.

Ingredients and method:

* 2 cups of soaked ( a night before) boiled till done chickpeas.

* 1 big spoonful tahini saice.

* 2 big spoons full cream yogurt.

* 1-2 cloves garlic.

* lemon juice,salt .

* some olive oil.

* Mix all ingredients together in food processor till smooth and creamy.

*add a bit of chickpeas boiling water to make thickness as you desire.

* decorate with chickpeas,chili powder or parsley.

20150112_141659   DSC_0302 the famous hummus !


To make Humus Fatteh which is a Levant dish done mainly in Syria,Lebanon,Palestine and’ll need:

*  pitta  bread cubes or if you like use french bread (خبز حمام)

* make the same hummus mix but add more water and yogurt to make a loose sauce.

* before serving soak bread with chickpeas and water.

* add the hummus sauce.

* decorate with toasted almonds,pine nuts,chili powder and parsley ( didn’t have parsley today )

* serve hot for breakfast or appetizer .

20150112_135401  Fatteh ingredients.

DSC_0305  before assembly.

DSC_0306  DSC_0312


DSC_0300  DSC_0312

Lentils ( mujadara)

Hello everybody.

Lots of events going on today,I went out to breakfast with my lovely friends to celebrate dear Wafa’s birthday, early this morning I baked another Nescafe Cake, I think this one will be my trademark from now on,with the same ornament and flowers. Everybody enjoyed it and was a delightful surprise.

Back home I got the nicest present from my lovely niece Layan,a box of mixed herbs from Istanbul, thank you dear :)

At lunch time plans changed a bit,I’ve  already cooked some lentils before I left ,thought I’ll make one of Mary’s recipes from her lovely book “On Healthy Cooking” but then discovered I don’t have all ingredients available,so ended up making mjadara with fried onions and some salad.

here are links for today’s recipes;

* Mjadara.

*Nescafe cake.

 * Mary’s Dinner Clubs Limassol.



20140528_141807   beautifully packed spices and herbs from Istanbul.





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