Chicken Escalope and Poutine.

Hello everybody.

Second day of Eid preparations but not cooking this time,a more tiring boring thing to do ,cleaning the house :(

Though we clean our houses everyday but don’t know why we make a complete clean up at the end of Ramadan, Eid rituals I guess !

As for dinner I  did a new soup “Menstrone vegetable soup”,really tasty,I’ll post the recipe later for sure. Plus chicken escalopes and poutine  upon my son’s request,but he ended up going out to dinner,well bad luck cause not a bit left !

I’m drinking coffee now then up to do some cookies,will post photos tomorrow.






Poutine ( french fries and gravy)

Hello everybody.

I know you’re asking yourself what’s that Banan is talking about?

Well my eldest son told me about this dish,his friend living in Canada told him this a famous traditional Canadian dish,so after doing a quick review on various recipes ,today I did this one. Really really good,we all loved it.

Poutine is basically french fries covered with gravy and cheese,but gravy is very rich and tastes great.

Ingredients and method:

* potatoes, cut and fried any shape you like.

* Gravy:

* 2 tablespoons butter.

* 2 tablespoons flour.

* 1 small finely chopped onions.

* 1 chopped garlic .

* 1 yablespoon ketchup.

* 1/2 tablespoon soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce.

* 1/2 tsp vinegar.

* 3 cups chicken or veal stock.

* cheddar cheese or cheese curd.


* saute onions and garlic in some oil.

* add ketchup,vinegar and soy sauce.

* stir well and add stock.

* melt butter and mix with flour till brownish,then add to stock.

* mix well and simmer till thick,add salt,pepper and chili if you like.

* fry potatoes then place in a deep dish,cover with gravy and cheese.

* put in the oven a bit till cheese melts and serve.

Today I made kofta with tomatoes and salad with the poutine, to be done again for sure :)



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