Cold Weather Food.

Hello everybody.

Gloomy cold rainy day, lentil soup is the best thing to do in these conditions.

Za’tar puffs are the order today along with another Daisies chocolate cake, though puffs contained cheese but I doubled it by stuffing rest of the dough with another kind for the boys.

Lunch today was our favorite, homemade pizza, never bored from it.




Authentic Italian Potato Pizza.


Hello everybody.

Couldn’t resist and wait to make this pizza, search for the original recipe was very easy and anyways my cousin living in Rome posted it last night and told me how to make it.

Some recipes add ranch sauce or sour cream but guess this one is more basic and pure Italian.

Well taste and aroma are miraculous, rosemary gives it a real nice twist.

Ingredients and method :
#simple pizza dough (the 10 minutes miracle one)
# 2 large potatoes cut to very thin slices ( don’t peel them)
# fresh or dry rosemary.
# coarse kosher salt.
# crushed pepper.
# olive oil.
# mozzarella cheese.

# coat potatoes with some olive oil,cover and microwave for 2 minutes so as to tenderize.
# spread pizza dough then sprinkle with a bit of the cheese.
# arrange potatoes all over then sprinkle with salt and pepper.
# bake in a medium heated oven for 30 minutes or till bottom and crust are golden.
# add cheese on top and roast till it melts.


wpid-wp-1443879403748.jpg wpid-wp-1443879393180.jpg

wpid-wp-1443879381355.jpg easy basic ingredients.



wpid-wp-1443879423611.jpg  Remaining dough turned into a regular pizza with some kalamata olives. Yummy 😋

Fruit Garden -Dabouq.

Hello everybody.

Been wanting to go to this place for a while now specially after they posted last week that they have an offer on berries ( buy 5 get 2 for free).

Well today since I had some spare time before picking my son from his exam and to stop worrying about it I passed by the Fruit Garden shop located in Dabouq and how happy I was that I went.

Neat,clean, cheerful place with helpful staff and very good prices, they even told you should come take pictures on Friday cause all Asian fruits arrive Thursdays,will definitely go back.

They have many services like preparing and cutting your veggies, sanitized herbs and vegetables, juices and fruit baskets, my dream shop.

Can’t wait to do yummy things with those fresh berries, started by a detox water mix with some mints.

Lunch today is pizza,again comfort food cause of the exams.

wpid-dsc_0194.jpg Fruit Garden / Dabouq.

wpid-20150506_135249.jpg wpid-20150506_135131.jpg

wpid-dsc_0190.jpg wpid-dsc_0189.jpg

wpid-20150506_141430.jpg wpid-20150506_141502.jpg detox water.

wpid-20150506_135249.jpg yummy healthy fruits.










Apple Pudding Eclairs.

Hello again.

Invited to a gathering at my cousin’s house in my  hometown Huwwara-Irbid,each one bringing something so I made this old recipe I had.

Gathering was full of many different dishes all very yummy as expected.

wpid-20150421_173144.jpg Apple Pudding Eclairs.

wpid-dsc_0014.jpg wpid-dsc_0009.jpg  big variety of delicious food.

wpid-20150421_190101.jpg rose and lemon cheesecake.

wpid-20150421_190157.jpg wpid-20150421_190354.jpg

wpid-dsc_0008.jpg my amazing hometown.








Day Off!

Hello everybody.
Lovely day off at Dead Sea,beautiful weather with amazing company, I really needed this day.

Day ended with a super delicious dinner at Napolitana Pizzeria, haven’t had such a satisfying well presented meal in a long time.
We had an antipasto platter of marinated veggies and two kinds of pizza, dessert was yummy teremaisu and elegant espresso with cream.

wpid-wp-1426361609770.jpeg wpid-wp-1426361526956.jpeg

wpid-wp-1426361542898.jpeg antipasto platter.

wpid-wp-1426361574972.jpeg wpid-wp-1426361561252.jpeg yummy pizza

wpid-wp-1426361589980.jpeg wpid-wp-1426361603085.jpeg

Teremaisu and espresso with cream.

Highly recommended whenever you’re in Dead Sea, you won’t miss it in Samara Mall ground floor.

Crispy Tortilla Pizzas.

Hello everybody.

Bought these tortillas Saturday to do these pizzas and didn’t have time to do them till today, excellent when you don’t have time to make a dough. Even an extremely fast choice if you have ready pizza sauce and already grated cheese :)

You simply add pizza sauce on one tortilla,add any kind of topping you like, I made one salami,one roast beef,one only olives and one with only pesto and salami then add cheese. Top it with  another tortilla on top and add some sauce and cheese on the surface. Bake them till crispy and golden on sides, really yummy yummy :)

One last tortilla left so made it as dessert, Nutella and crunch, FANTASTIC after lunch !


DSC_0781  morning coffee with my best cousin <3


DSC_0789  DSC_0793


DSC_0798  Nutella crime !




Palmetto Artichoke Corn Salad.

Hello everybody.

Very busy Saturday,didn’t have time to write my daily post till now.

Lunch today was Pizza,homemade in two big trays,boys are now eating it for dinner also. We are definitely a pizza lovers family !

I also made this rich salad,we usually eat it in restaurants specially in Fakhr El-Deen , it’s a mix of coarsely chopped  palmetto,artichoke, baby corns,avocados and mushrooms over a bed of lettuce and I made a honey mustard dressing which contains a bit of mustard,honey,lemon juice,bit of pomegranate sauce and of course olive oil,salt and oregano . Yummy rich salad for sure.







Pizza Loaf.

Hello everybody.

Full of activities this Friday,usual coffee at my sister in-law then lunch with my family at Zuwar Restaurant, beautiful place and scenery, then my dear auntie and cousin came for tea. feeling blessed as they say in Facebook statuses , love you all <3

I made this loaf for afternoon tea and a bowl of fresh fruit salad, this loaf recipe is easy and quick,tastes a lot like pizza but all mixed together, or can slice it and spread cheese or labaneh on top.

Ingredients and method:

* 2 eggs.

* 1 tsp salt.

* 3/4 cup vegetable oil.

* 1/2 cup chopped mushrooms.

* 1 cup chopped peppers.

* 1/2 cup pitted olives.

* finely chopped green thyme leaves.

* 2 tsp baking powder.

* 2 cups flour.

* white cheese and sesame seeds for decoration.


* beat eggs,salt and oil till creamy.

* add all other ingredient and mix with a wooden spoon (it’ll be like a thick cake but not a dough)

* decorate with cheese pieces and sesame seeds.

* bake in a well heated oven for 30-40 minutes or till done.


Great day full of delicious food and loving people.




20140926_173241  best dessert ever !





Salami Cheese Pie.

Hello everybody.

Still have leftovers from yesterday,no intention to cook at all, but upon my youngest son request,whom I’m actually pampering these days cause he’s in his senior year and needs snacks while studying, I made this kind of a pie or pastry.

I made a simple 10 minutes dough (pizza dough) split it in half ,spread one in a big pan then added all kinds of cheese I have, topped them with salami and oregano then topped them with the other half. Sprinkled sesame seeds and made small holes with the scissors and bake then slice them to triangles.

He actually ate them for lunch with a simple lettuce vinaigrette salad,will be a perfect snack for the next few days,if they lasted that long !!








Eggplant Pizza.

Hello everybody.

I was planning to make eggplant with rice for lunch today ( maqloubeh) but my youngest rejected the idea cause he doesn’t like it,so I switched to homemade kebabs and made this new eggplant recipe that my cousin posted on my fb page.

Turned out really tasty nutritious and light,eggplants are very full of fiber and you can find so many recipes for them,but in general not so many people like them, I have many in my family :)

Ingredients and method:

* 2 large eggplants half peeled and thickly sliced.

* 1 small finely chopped onions.

* 1 clove garlic.

* 2 large chopped tomatoes.

* feta and kashkaval or mozzarella cheese.

* salt ,pepper,pesto,oregano and olive oil for seasoning.


* Mix all ingredients together except the eggplants.

* brush a pan with some oil then add eggplants with topping.

* cover and leave to cook on low heat,when almost done add cheese on top and leave to melt.


Rest of eggplants I dipped them in some eggs and breadcrumbs then deep fry,really crunchy and yummy.




20140831_132734 made some cooked tomatoes with the kebabs also.

20140831_133749  20140831_134226






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