Light Lunch.

Hello everybody

No cooking today not only cause tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan but nobody’s home lunch time so I fixed myself a labaneh and Seniora sandwich with a pickle with remaining beans salad, desert was white cheese with apricot jam I made last night.

Noon time I made a big brownies pan for my son going to a picnic and some extra pickles.

Ramadan Kareem again.



wpid-wp-1434545039043.jpeg brownies.

wpid-wp-1434545051506.jpeg wpid-20150611_141842.jpg jam and pickles.





Kebab Sandwiches and Seperable Cheese Garlic Bread.

Hello everybody.

Another busy day though it was planned to be a relaxing Friday.

Well thank God that I have a pack of kebab meat that were not done last night so they were a rescue today at lunch,grilled them with some onions and summaq, did some yogurt mayonnaise dip with it.

On the side I made two loaves of cheesy garlic bread one for lunch and the other for tomorrow’s picnic.


wpid-20150612_151638.jpg separable cheese garlic bread.

wpid-20150612_152749.jpg kebab sandwich.

wpid-20150612_151812.jpg  yummy  when dipped with olive oil balsamic vinegar.




Hawaiian Blessing.

Hello everybody.

Picnicking today, beautiful weather, company and place.

Went with my cousins to a farm near Amman, each one brought something, my share was a dessert so I made my specialty Hawaiian Blessing.

This dish is always a favorite and gone in minutes cause it’s not too sweet and full of fruits plus refreshing in hot weather.


wpid-dsc_0092.jpg wpid-dsc_0073.jpg

wpid-dsc_0087.jpg wpid-dsc_0093.jpg very nice peaceful place.

wpid-20150426_164855.jpg Summery refreshing dish.







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