Colored Cauliflower.


Hello everybody.

Got these two lovely colored cauliflowers yesterday from our friend.When I asked my Facebook group what to do with them I got many suggestions, main one was to pickle them and another was roasting with garlic, olive oil and Parmesan or as gratin with potatoes.

wp-1455789729801.jpg wp-1455789736840.jpg

So now I pickled half and prepared a pan with potatoes and cream for baking. All looks appealing and colorful.






Mloukhieh Today 😀


Hello everybody.

Free today, no orders or things to prepare so I cooked at ease though babysitting my bundle of joy but he’s such an adorable boy, even ate some freekeh soup and chicken and loved it.


I made mloukhieh, both coarse and fine, grilled chicken and freekeh soup. So yummy with pickles and peppers on the side.

wp-1453131448584.jpg lovely appetizing meal.




Light Lunch.

Hello everybody

No cooking today not only cause tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan but nobody’s home lunch time so I fixed myself a labaneh and Seniora sandwich with a pickle with remaining beans salad, desert was white cheese with apricot jam I made last night.

Noon time I made a big brownies pan for my son going to a picnic and some extra pickles.

Ramadan Kareem again.



wpid-wp-1434545039043.jpeg brownies.

wpid-wp-1434545051506.jpeg wpid-20150611_141842.jpg jam and pickles.





Dry White Beans.

Hello everybody.

Guess many people cooked beans in this storm, actually it’s heart warming in this cold weather,specially with some pickles,peppers and olives.

Had a small chance to go grocery shopping today,first time out since last week,roads still slippery and full of snow, hope tomorrow will be better !



20150111_162704  pickles,olives and beets.

20150111_163018  beans and rice.


Courgettes in Yogurt ( Ablama).

Hello everybody.

Very very busy morning,my husband brought a big bag of turnip from the farm (لفت ) so I bought extra beets,cauliflower and eggplants and made two large pots of pickles for Ramadan.

I also made a batch of date rolls for my lovely cousin to take with her to Dubai,these rolls are becoming my traditional gift for people I love ,better than anything you buy <3.

After all this work I cleaned all my kitchen in and out then started to cook,I posted this recipe in the early days of my blog,today is a repeat to remind you of it,I know many people cook it first day of Ramadan cause they say you must cook something white !!

Ingredients and method:

* hulled courgettes.

* cooked minced meat spiced and mixed with roasted pine nuts.

* ewe yogurt or jameed and butter milk.

* starch.


* cook the yogurt after mixing it with equal amount of water and 2 big spoons starch,add salt,pepper and margarine.

* stuff meat after cooling into the courgettes.

* fry courgettes  or as I prefer roast in the oven with a bit of oil and keep turning them till golden from all sides.

* dip courgettes in boiling yogurt on low heat for 40-50 minutes.

* serve with rice.

I had some courgettes left so I cut them to rings,added salt,garlic,summaq and a bit of oil then roasted them in the oven and made tahini sauce on the side,really good side dish :)

Enjoy .



20140615_134719   20140615_133123

20140615_140346   20140615_141058

20140615_123625   20140615_161014



How to make Pickles.

Hello everybody.

Today I cooked a repeated dish ,eggplant with rice (maqloubeh),I think made it with cauliflower,it’s the same but with eggplants instead.

Last week I bought these lovely mini cucumbers,great for making pickles,many housewives now starts to make them for Ramadan,they’re very tasty though people with high blood pressure must avoid them,but I usaully make them not too salty. I might even need to make another batch cause I’m sure they’ll be gone soon as Ramadan comes.

Ingredients and method:

* cucumbers (or any other vegetables you like e.g. cauliflower,beets,green tomatoes,small eggplants…etc)

* water.



* vinegar.


* chili powder or flakes.

* In an clean empty juice or water bottle or glass jar insert cucumbers.

* make a salt water mixture, 1 big tablespoons for 1 cup of water,I usually make 4 cups of water for this bottle.

* fill water solution in bottle then add 2 cloves garlic and chili (optional)

* add 1 small spoon vinegar and 1 small spoon sugar.

* close well and shake.

* pickles will need one week to 10 days to be ready, you can leave it stored or open bottle ( be careful cause it’ll be very fizzy) then store it in the fridge.

Enjoy :)









Homemade Shawerma .

Hello everybody.

I know many people specially youngsters prefer to eat Shawerma from local specialized restaurants. In my case I don’t like buying it at all ( had many bad health incidents whenever  I do !!) . It’s not a difficult dish to do at home,you even  eat with comfort cause you’re sure of meat quality and hygiene  as well.

I started Spring clean up today,so to be quick, called the butcher and ordered fresh lean steaks . picked them noon with some fresh thin bread and started cooking.

Ingredients and method:

* shredded beef marinated in soy sauce,balsamic vinegar,lemon juice,salt,pepper,all spice,cinnamon,cloves and pinch of nutmeg .

* 2 big thinly sliced onions.

* Summaq.

* sliced tomatoes,pickles and tahini sauce for adding in sandwich.

* thin bread ( خبز شراك).


* Heat pan till very hot then add meat ,stir till all excess water is gone and meat starts sizzling.

* mix onions with summaq then add over meat.

* lower the heat to minimum and cover till onions are tender. ( you might add a bit of water so as meat won’t dry).

* upon serving fill bread ,roll it and press it in grill till crispy.

* serve with french fries,tomatoes,pickles,tahini,mayonnaise as each one prefers.


Bet you it’s  best than any Shawerma sandwich you buy !!!

Enjoy my friends.








What to cook tomorrow!!!!!

Sorry for the delay today…guess it’ll be what to cook tomorrow.
Well Saturday is usually grocery shopping I usually cook fastest thing I can think of.
Today I made Mloukhieh. ( ملوخيه ناعمه وورق ).
I usually make the two kinds..cause each one of my boys prefers a kind.
So I make whole mloukhieh,meaning leaves not chopped and loose or finely chopped kind.
I was in such a hurry so as to save time,I used :

Two large boneless chicken breasts,cut them into squares .

  • In a heated skillet,  put the chicken cubes, add a bit olive oil.salt, pepper, all spice, dry coriander.
  • Stir well till chicken is brownish.
  •  add a small finely copped onion 4 or 5 chopped garlic cloves and stir all till tender.
  • I split the chicken into two portions,first one added coarse leaves (     ملوخيه خشنه )and the other chopped fine leaves (ملوخيه ناعمه ).
  • add 2 cups chicken stock to the fine leaves plus lemon juice and 1 spoon white vinegar and 1 cup also to the coarse leaves plus lemon juice.
  • Leave on low heat to simmer for half an hour.
  • Serve with rice,fried bread cubes in the case of fine leaves and eat it with bread in the case coarse leaves.
  • Definitely a side dish of pickles,olives,green onions and bell peppers will be delicious with this dish.

Hope you all had a nice day♡♥


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