Chicken Liver.


Hello everybody.

Leftovers aren’t enough today so I had to do something as a backup. Option was chicken Ceazar salad but it turns out I don’t have any chicken left so a plain one was done.

Found a small plate if chicken liver in my freezer,healthy easy option as well though as my hubby said they turned out a bit dry, always in my case when I make them unlike when he cook them don’t know why.

My sweet stuffed pickled peppers are done, so yummy!

Thank God all leftovers and today’s dishes are gone except a bit of salad that I kept for the boys as a night snack.


Chicken Liver:

* 1/2 kg chicken liver.

* 2 sliced onions.

* chili green pepper.

* olive oil,salt,pepper and pomegranate sauce.

* saute onions and peppers in heated oil,then add livers and stir.

* add salt and pepper then leave to simmer on low heat till dine ( 30-40 minutes)

* when done turn off heat and add one big spoon pomegranate sauce and stir all together.



wpid-wp-1442241768082.jpg wpid-wp-1442241759114.jpg

wpid-wp-1442241779928.jpg  not harmonic but all tasty.






Pickled Stuffed Peppers.

Hello everybody.

Though I felt like I’m an old lady doing these cause they’re related to my late grandmas in some kind of way, these pickles were a must in every household long time ago, done usually this time of year when tomatoes and peppers are abundant to be preserved for winter time.

It’s a very easy procedure specially if you’re not making massive amounts like old times, I clearly remember large glass preserving pots all set up to be kept inside cupboards along with makdous and olives.

You simply cut pepper stems and remove seeds as much as you can then stuff them with hard chopped tomatoes, minced garlic and dry mint. Close and arrange in a pot then add brine which is a big tablespoon of salt to each cup of water. Then add one tablespoon of vinegar and one chili pepper if you like.

I added some olive oil on top to prevent fermentation .

Close and leave for 3-4  weeks till it’s done,you can serve it with labaneh or cheese as you wish.



wpid-wp-1441286864055.jpg wpid-wp-1441286868977.jpg

wpid-wp-1441286873538.jpg wpid-wp-1441286878662.jpg






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