Chicken Picatta.


Hello everybody.

I actually decided what to cook only late this afternoon,had no clue at all and nobody as usual gave me any option.

Well only my freezer and pantry are the ones that can decide and final dish was pesto pasta and chicken Picatta with a buttery lemony sauce. Easy quick meal with a small Caprese Salad on the side.


Ingredients and method of chicken and sauce :

* Small pieces of chicken breasts.
* salt,pepper, Italian herbs if available.
* some flour.


* sauce:

* 2 tablespoons butter.
* 1 small finely chopped onion.
* 2 finely chopped garlic cloves.
* 2 tablespoons capers.
* juice of one lemon.

* season chicken pieces with salt, pepper and herbs.
* coat with flour then freeze for 30 minutes.
* meanwhile sauté onions and garlic in hot butter then add capers and lemon juice.
* fry or bake chicken as you prefer, you can grill them as well.

* serve with pasta or veggies.

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Shushbarak in Tomato Sauce.

Hello everybody.

How are you all doing in this heat?  Guess hot fatty dishes aren’t desirable in this weather though many made mansaf or maqloubeh nevertheless.

Well a last minute decision cause all woke up late was this long time no cook dish. Shushbarak with tomatoes, I added mushrooms black olives, pesto, oregano and a bit of feta cheese over ready made shushbarak pieces then all topped with mozzarella.

Yummy cool and fulfilling, fake ravioli my kids call it.




wpid-wp-1437749236514.jpeg wpid-wp-1437749247121.jpeg lovely colorful mix.

wpid-wp-1437749213055.jpeg wpid-wp-1437749202552.jpeg




Pasta and Couscous Salad.

Hello everybody.
Very long hectic day, usual Saturday I guess, I really wish to have a no work lazy weekend sometimes, never ever had one, maybe a Friday but never actually whole weekend!

Well lunch was all veggies I have in fridge with some minced meat,pesto and tomato sauce with pasta and cheese on top with a bowl of couscous salad. Sorry photos aren’t that good cause I was in a hurry.


wpid-wp-1428174489625.jpeg wpid-wp-1428174496802.jpeg

Pesto Pasta and Ceazar Salad.

Hello everybody.

Upon my son’s request today’s lunch was on his favorite dishes, pesto pasta with chicken, mushroom and cream. Easiest thing to do specially if you have an outing.

On the side and made a big bowl of Ceazar salad, yummy and fresh goes along with the warm sunny day.

wpid-wp-1427131358774.jpeg wpid-wp-1427131341822.jpeg

wpid-wp-1427131366736.jpeg  Fresh pesto done and cooked at the same time,amazing !

wpid-wp-1427131376289.jpeg dessert was a piece of yesterday’s cake !

Best thing that happened to me today is receiving a big beautiful greeting card on the occasion of Mother’s day from my best friend’s lovely beautiful daughter Ward, though I don’t have a daughter of my own but I really love all my friends’ beautiful young ladies as mine, thank you loving Whardo,you’re the sunshine of my life.

wpid-wp-1427131399280.jpeg wpid-wp-1427131389993.jpeg

wpid-wp-1427131394170.jpeg I will keep cooking,promise :)









Eggplant Rolls and Mushroom Soup.

Hello everybody.

Extremely cold today,bet most moms made a soup in this weather, I did a super mushroom soup from the ones my cousin sent me from Rome,I also used the mushroom cubes which made a big difference in taste,really rich aroma and flavor I didn’t even add any spices. Big evidence is it’s all gone !

Lunch was Kebabs in tomato sauce(كباب هندي) ,kept some of the kebabs and wrapped them in thinly sliced fried eggplant then cooked wraps in tomato,onion and garlic sauce then sprinkled some chopped parsley on top. Really good and well stewed ,eggplants gave it a nice twist !

Oh and I made a fresh pesto sauce to keep in my new pistol and mortar all from scratch!

20150104_164245  mushroom soup in a bun.

20150104_164335   eggplant rolls.

DSC_0198  DSC_0200

20150104_093742  20150104_093818 homemade pesto.



Crispy Tortilla Pizzas.

Hello everybody.

Bought these tortillas Saturday to do these pizzas and didn’t have time to do them till today, excellent when you don’t have time to make a dough. Even an extremely fast choice if you have ready pizza sauce and already grated cheese :)

You simply add pizza sauce on one tortilla,add any kind of topping you like, I made one salami,one roast beef,one only olives and one with only pesto and salami then add cheese. Top it with  another tortilla on top and add some sauce and cheese on the surface. Bake them till crispy and golden on sides, really yummy yummy :)

One last tortilla left so made it as dessert, Nutella and crunch, FANTASTIC after lunch !


DSC_0781  morning coffee with my best cousin <3


DSC_0789  DSC_0793


DSC_0798  Nutella crime !




Crunchy Baked Wedges.

Hello everybody.
How’s your weekend so far? Weather turned crispy cold and dusty not enjoyable for an outing right?
Lunch was cheese burgers and crunchy spiced wedges,you cut potatoes with skin into wedges and mix well with pesto sauce,chili,rosemary, oregano,breadcrumbs,sun dried tomatoes,salt ,pepper and olive oil then bake uncovered till done and crispy. Salad was beetroot and lettuce topped with feta cheese and vinaigrette.

Upon kids request I baked more peanut butter chocolate cookies cause I only left some for them yesterday. Love this recipe very easy and quick.







Eggplant Pizza.

Hello everybody.

I was planning to make eggplant with rice for lunch today ( maqloubeh) but my youngest rejected the idea cause he doesn’t like it,so I switched to homemade kebabs and made this new eggplant recipe that my cousin posted on my fb page.

Turned out really tasty nutritious and light,eggplants are very full of fiber and you can find so many recipes for them,but in general not so many people like them, I have many in my family :)

Ingredients and method:

* 2 large eggplants half peeled and thickly sliced.

* 1 small finely chopped onions.

* 1 clove garlic.

* 2 large chopped tomatoes.

* feta and kashkaval or mozzarella cheese.

* salt ,pepper,pesto,oregano and olive oil for seasoning.


* Mix all ingredients together except the eggplants.

* brush a pan with some oil then add eggplants with topping.

* cover and leave to cook on low heat,when almost done add cheese on top and leave to melt.


Rest of eggplants I dipped them in some eggs and breadcrumbs then deep fry,really crunchy and yummy.




20140831_132734 made some cooked tomatoes with the kebabs also.

20140831_133749  20140831_134226






Most Perfect Dinner !

Hello everybody.

Can’t think of any other title to describe last night,they say you can feel you’re pouring your love when you cook as much as you love the people to you’re cooking for,well I guess it’s kind of true

Dinner last night was to the  dearest loveliest group of friends, though I did do my best to make everything perfect,or maybe cause the whole atmosphere was warm and loving but food was really fantastic . Love you guys <3

As for the menu, it was:

* Greek and Caprese salads.

* Penne Arabiata and Pesto Pasta.

* Grilled vegetables and baked potatoes.

* Roasted boneless chicken marinated in lemon and herbs.

* Grilled steaks with mushroom sauce.

* Dessert was cheesecake pots and chocolate balls ( done by crumbling old brownies and chocolate cake then mixing with butter,cinnamon and coconut)

Thank God I still have leftovers to take photos <3


20140826_161040  20140826_161014


20140825_140714  20140825_143445

20140825_150705  20140825_231018









Greek Style Quesadillas.

Hello everybody.

Very hot and busy morning , don’t know why streets and shops are full, finished grocery shopping as fast as I can to go back home :(

Lunch today was noodles with vegetables and chicken,with soy sauce,ketchup and ginger. It’s a favorite of ours all the time .

I also made a quick side dish, light vegetarian quesadillas,found this recipe on Pinterest. You can add chicken to it if you like, your choice. Tasted really really good,will certainly do them again !

Ingredients and method:

* large tortilla bread.

* feta cheese.

* mozzarella cheese.

* fresh parsley and mint , chopped.

* black olives.

* chopped sweet peppers.

* pesto sauce or fresh basil leaves.

* cherry tomatoes.

* oregano,salt and pepper.

* optional additives : onions or shredded chicken.

* add feta and mozzarella on half of the bread then add toppings as you like.

* grill or toast in the oven after brushing pan with a bit of oil.

That’s it, enjoy !!!



20140816_145841  20140816_145909


20140816_144717  20140816_151511   Main dish



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