Lunch Order For Jeeran Amman Company.


Hello everybody.

Sorry for the delay but it was a long eventful day with an early start cause I had a lunch order for a group of employees at Jeeran company.

They ordered steaks with mushrooms and gravy, mashed potatoes, chicken with broccoli and cream along with pesto pasta, quesadillas and French Pizza.

Dessert was a treat from me,muhalabieh with caramel.

wp-1453061092183.jpg wp-1453061100233.jpg

wp-1453061126212.jpg wp-1453061107893.jpg

wp-1453061119605.jpg wp-1453061113451.jpg

wp-1453061145819.jpg wp-1453061134504.jpg

So happy that all was wiped out in minutes and reviews were awesome.











Cousin’s Lunch Gathering.

Hello everybody.
Had a warm loving lunch for my cousin and her cute daughters visiting Jordan from Rome, it was really a pleasure.
Menu was Banan’s rice, Fava beans with cooked yogurt and steaks, a pesto pasta and salad.Dessert was plain cake with chocolate Ganache on top and fruits.



wpid-wp-1437940736684.jpeg wpid-wp-1437940768272.jpeg

wpid-wp-1437940778382.jpeg pesto pasta.wpid-wp-1437940790984.jpeg baba ghanouj.


wpid-wp-1437940800785.jpeg dessert.






White Cheese Sweet (Saudi recipe)

Hello everybody.

Tried a new kind of dessert today, found the recipe in an old magazine,love easy basic desserts.

Ingredients and method :

# 1 1/2 cups sweet white cheese ( one used for qatayef)
# 3/4 cup butter.
# 1 egg.
# 1 pack cream.
# 1/2 cup powdered milk.
# 1 tablespoon sugar.
# pinch of salt.
# 1/2 tsp baking powder.
# 1 cup flour.

# syrup.

# beat the cheese well with butter and egg.

# add the cream, sugar, salt.
# add the milk then baking powder and flour.
# pour in a greased small pan and bake in a medium heated oven for 35-40 minutes.
# when cooled add syrup all over.




Dinner today was chicken with broccoli and mushrooms with pesto pasta, noodles soup,samboosek and spring rolls.

Made a nice cool salad with simple ingredients which are lettuce, fried noodles on top.dressing is lemon olive oil and soy sauce.

wpid-wp-1435082796804.jpeg lettuce noodles salad.

wpid-wp-1435082772629.jpeg spring rolls and samboosek.

wpid-wp-1435082781904.jpeg chicken broccoli and mushrooms with pesto pasta.


wpid-wp-1435067763167.jpeg nice light dessert.







Grilled Chicken with Broccoli Mushrooms and Pesto Pasta.

Hello everybody.

Had to cook something quick today cause I had to meet my friends to go watch Mammia Musical and it was really worth every minute and penny, absolutely amazing,music still in my ears till now.

Saturday lunch is always fresh cause it’s grocery day, marinated chicken breasts in this yummy rich dressing marinate sauce my husband bought yesterday, then grilled them with garlic, sage and rosemary, added fresh broccoli and mushrooms then left them to simmer a while. Made some pesto pasta on the side and that’s it, quick and easy.


wpid-20150516_123549.jpg wpid-20150516_123608.jpg very tasty marinade.

wpid-20150516_123819.jpg wpid-20150516_125443.jpg

wpid-20150516_141536.jpg best dish ever !






Beetroot Apples Dip.

Hello everybody.

What a busy eventful day, nonstop activities since morning which started by a gathering at mom’s for my dear aunties , lovely ladies with so many old stories to tell. I made some spinach pastries and almond pudding,mom made za’tar cookies and orange cake.

PhotoGrid_1424168803665 20150217_094817


As for lunch at home I made this lovely bright beetroot apple dip or salad that my sister told me about since beetroots are in season  these days,this can be a very nice healthy dish to make instead of processed ready dips.

Ingredients and method:

* 2 large beetroots boiled or baked.

* 2 apples.

* 2 tablespoons mayonnaise.

* 2 tablespoons labaneh.

* 2 tablespoons crushed walnuts.

* salt and pepper.

* grate beets and apples then squeeze them with your hands to remove all excess water.

* mix mayonnaise,labaneh,walnuts,salt and pepper.

* add beets and apples then mix well.

* put mix in a bowl then leave in fridge a bit .

* turn it upside down and serve with chips or toasted bread.

20150217_152816  yummy good looking dip.


I also made a quick pesto pasta with the dip.




Then I went out with my lovely college friends to Yoshi for sushi, though I’m not a fan of it but food was great and atmosphere and service were excellent, company was the best part of the evening as always.

20150217_185717 20150217_185408 Yoshi !

As soon as I arrived back home my aunt and her lovely daughters passed by and brought Falafel sandwiches, unfortunately I was full :( though I love it, again it’s the company that matters. Love you 3amto <3.

20150217_210020 20150217_210046





Beetroot Roca Salad.

Hello everybody.

Remember the strawberry pineapple cake from last week? Well I did another one today for my friends’ birthdays,we went out for breakfast to Cafe Hanin again and I took it with me. Happy Birthday everybody .

Lunch was spaghetti with chicken,broccoli,sun dried tomatoes,pesto sauce and cream topped with Parmesan cheese,really yummy .

I also made this delicious salad I saw on Pinterest , it contains beetroot,roca leaves,feta cheese,flax seeds,mushrooms and peppers,dressing is simple vinaigrette, so refreshing.

Beetroot is a very healthy nutritious veggie,I always boil some and use in salads or simply sliced with a drizzle of lemon and olive oil when in season, excellent source of vitamins,fibers and anti oxidants  plus having many medical uses such as lowering blood pressure and many many more.




20141105_162530  pesto pasta with chicken and broccoli.

DSC_0352  DSC_0353


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