Fabulous Graduation Party.

Hello everybody.

As you may have noticed no post was published yesterday, well reason is that it was my son’s graduation ceremony and dinner party.

Ceremony was in school, very elegant and full of emotions then it was followed by a big dinner party at the Intercontinental Hotel Amman, all party details were organized by the most elegant and professional lady owner of Shahin & Shahin event planner and all decorations were from the shop Shahin flowers and balloons, all was perfect to the smallest details.A big salute and thank to all the team members who made our night a memorable one.

We also ordered cupcakes from Mammy’s cake decorated with a graduate hat and diploma, thank you Lina for a job well done.

wpid-img-20150606-wa0102.jpg photo booth.

wpid-dsc_0815.jpg memory jars,the party hit!

wpid-dsc_0819.jpg wpid-img-20150606-wa0103.jpg

wpid-dsc_0827.jpg  welcome dear graduates.

wpid-20150606_232453.jpg wpid-20150606_232535.jpg








Traditional Iraqi Maher Party.(عقد قران عراقي).

Hello everybody.

Last night I witnessed for the first time an Iraqi engagement or let’s say wedding vows commitment ceremony, though we’ve been to many Iraqi parties before but  this one was for for a close member of my family,my sweet sister in -law’s daughter.

Ceremonies took place as soon as the Sheikh or Judge entered, first of all bride sat infront of a big table filled with silver and white ornaments and bowls,each one symbolizing something which includes:

* Silver mirror.

* 7 bowls filled with white sweets,sugar,candy,cookies…etc.( for good luck and white happy sweet life ahead)

* 7 bowls filled with certain spices ( so that couples life be filled with spiced moments).

* lock and key.

* bottle of mercury.

* big white candle.

* white boxes contains all brides dowry (new clothes,perfumes..etc that the groom’d family bought her)

* silver bowl with water and bay leaves in.

* cardamon and honey.

* 2 big sugar cones.


They started by bride placing her feet in the bay leaf water, placing cardamon between her fingers and reading a certain verse from the Holy Quran meanwhile four girls (whom must be in the age of marriage) holds a white sheet over her head,another girls stands to unlock the key,one to shake the mercury, and this one I loved most a happily married lady with children rubs sugar over the bride’s head,how’s that ??

Finally when Sheikh finishes writing the wedding contract he comes in and ask her if she agrees and they all sign and of course all family and friends come in to congratulate the couple and their family ,followed by Iraqi dancing and a delicious dinner .

Lovely bride made an amazing candy bar filled with yummy candy and cookies and each guest filled a small bag before she left, very nice give away thought !

Congratulations for the lovely couple may your life together be as sweet and spicy as possible,love you both <3


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