Hello everybody.
Lunch today was upon boy’s request nachos,mushroom soup and homemade bread.

Made two loaves, one topped with oregano the other with sesame and black seeds.


Nachos are a favorite for many, so easy to make at home by the way,here are the ingredients and method
* 1 big pack nacho chips.
* 1 small onion finely chopped.
* 1/2 cup red beans.
* 1 big ripe tomato also finely chopped.
* a bit of hot pepper and Tabasco.
* salt and pepper.
* cheddar cheese.
* sour cream or labaneh.

* saute onions till tender in oil.
* add all other ingredients except cheese
* simmer on low heat till done.
* spread nachos in a wide oven pan.
* spread sauce over it.
* add cheese and put in the oven till cheese melts.
* serve with sour cream or guacamole on the side.
* Note: you can add jalapenos, black olives and fava beans to sauce also.


Really really yummy. .beats any Mexican food restaurant I bet you.:)



Baked Feta Cheese.


Hello everybody.

Alone for lunch today so I was looking for something light and quick to do,though hate eating alone but well one have to sometimes.

Found a pack of feta cheese in my fridge so I directly decided to this super easy appetizer that we always eat in our favorite restaurant in Limassol /Meze Tavern in old town. Of course it’s served alongside a wide selection of meze but today only with some rocca salad and crisp toasted bread.

Though the one they make stays more firm cause it’s originally this way so it stays the same after baking,mine was a bit crumbly but yummy nevertheless.

You simply coat the feta in foil paper then drizzle with olive oil and add oregano,tomatoes,olives and herbs. bake for 10-15 minutes and that’s it.

wpid-wp-1442587410198.jpg wpid-wp-1442587401575.jpg

wpid-wp-1442587430326.jpg wpid-wp-1442587438326.jpg

wpid-wp-1442587419735.jpg wpid-wp-1442587445635.jpg






Shushbarak in Tomato Sauce.

Hello everybody.

How are you all doing in this heat?  Guess hot fatty dishes aren’t desirable in this weather though many made mansaf or maqloubeh nevertheless.

Well a last minute decision cause all woke up late was this long time no cook dish. Shushbarak with tomatoes, I added mushrooms black olives, pesto, oregano and a bit of feta cheese over ready made shushbarak pieces then all topped with mozzarella.

Yummy cool and fulfilling, fake ravioli my kids call it.




wpid-wp-1437749236514.jpeg wpid-wp-1437749247121.jpeg lovely colorful mix.

wpid-wp-1437749213055.jpeg wpid-wp-1437749202552.jpeg




Pesto Pasta and Ceazar Salad.

Hello everybody.

Upon my son’s request today’s lunch was on his favorite dishes, pesto pasta with chicken, mushroom and cream. Easiest thing to do specially if you have an outing.

On the side and made a big bowl of Ceazar salad, yummy and fresh goes along with the warm sunny day.

wpid-wp-1427131358774.jpeg wpid-wp-1427131341822.jpeg

wpid-wp-1427131366736.jpeg  Fresh pesto done and cooked at the same time,amazing !

wpid-wp-1427131376289.jpeg dessert was a piece of yesterday’s cake !

Best thing that happened to me today is receiving a big beautiful greeting card on the occasion of Mother’s day from my best friend’s lovely beautiful daughter Ward, though I don’t have a daughter of my own but I really love all my friends’ beautiful young ladies as mine, thank you loving Whardo,you’re the sunshine of my life.

wpid-wp-1427131399280.jpeg wpid-wp-1427131389993.jpeg

wpid-wp-1427131394170.jpeg I will keep cooking,promise :)









Garlic Oregano Chicken with Veggies and Iranian Rice.

Hello everybody.

All requested a light lunch, we had a big mansaf the other day and boys made burgers yesterday so we’ll try to make it light for a few days.

I have some chicken breasts and various vegetables, so all was grilled in my thick grilling pan with garlic, ginger, oregano and a sprinkle of lemon. Veggies were carrots, peppers and broccoli.

Made some rice the Iranian way, recipe was posted by a friend in my page, very light and easy to do but I should’ve waited for potatoes to be toasted more but kids were hungry and couldn’t wait.

You simply soak rice in hot water for and hour then boil it till almost done in salted water. Then sieve it and place some oil and potato slices in the bottom of the same pan, add the rice and make holes in it,add some water diluted saffron and mix then cover with a clean cloth or foil and leave to simmer over very low heat till done.

Ahhh a hummus dish is our daily table friend nowadays, yummy yummy.




wpid-wp-1422024875892.jpeg wpid-wp-1422024881345.jpeg

wpid-wp-1422024886453.jpeg cover with cloth or foil.


wpid-wp-1422024930666.jpeg  veggies and chicken breasts,

wpid-wp-1422024845622.jpeg  awesome light rice,loved it.








Minestrone Soup.(شوربه ايطاليه)

Hello everybody.

Rainy day and I have a bad flu, a rich hot soup is a blessing in this case.I did this soup once in Ramadan but didn’t post the recipe so it’s a chance to do it again, definitely a rich aromatic tasty one.

Ingredients varied when I searched for the recipe so I consulted my dear cousin living in Rome for the original one that Italians usually do and she gave me the secret ingredient that you won’t find in any recipe but I added it after taking the photo.

Ingredients and method:

* 1 small finely chopped onion.

* 1 clove garlic.

* bunch of chopped basil.

* 1/2 cup chopped celery.

* 1 small chopped zucchini.

* 2 small chopped carrots.

* some sun dried tomatoes.

* 1/2 cup black beans.

* 1/2 cup green beans (optional )

* 2 leaves finely chopped lettuce. (secret ingredient)

* 1 can chopped tomatoes.

* 1 tsp tomato paste.

* 4 cups broth or water and cube of broth.

* 2 bay leaves.

* salt,pepper and oregano.

* 3/4 cup small shaped pasta.

* Parmesan cheese.


* saute onions,garlic,carrots,celery till tender.

* add rest of ingredients then broth and pasta and 1 tablespoon of cheese, boil then leave to simmer till done and all ingredients are tender.

* sprinkle with Parmesan cheese when served.




Crunchy Courgettes.

Hello everybody.

I saw this recipe on Pinterest last week,got some courgettes the to try it. turned out really good,healthy light appetizer can be an alternative to fried or heavy simply cut them,dip them in egg white then coat with breadcrumbs and bake till crunchy,you can add pepper,chili,oregano and salt of course to the crumbs as seasoning.

Well lunch was okra in the oven,couldn’t resist not buying those lovely small green okra yesterday,always be sure that fresh vegetables when in season make the best dishes :)

When I was done cooking my husband called to tell me his friends are coming at night,so I baked a simple orange cake with syrup on top and small buns ( pizza dough recipe) with some oregano and dry basil, then filled them with different kinds of cheese and labaneh.


20140914_145249 20140914_150449

20140914_102342  20140914_163018

20140914_185151   orange cake with syrup.

20140914_155921  20140914_164117

20140914_154144  20140914_154437

My hubby got me these cloths from Safeway,one for the roller and one to roll dough on,very useful , I liked them a lot <3

20140914_183744  20140914_185245




Diet Starts Today !

Hello everybody.

New month resolution DIET and back to daily WALKING habit, too much events and invitations since end of Ramadan,so now after school opened and sadly said goodbyes to most of Summer visitors it’s time to stop our mouths a bit don’t you think? hope this decision holds on cause only today I got two invitations for the next upcoming weeks , well I’ll do my best to compromise :(

I won’t start a fixed written diet,will try to cut down bread,carbs in general and portions cause I do have a family to feed and I won’t cook special meals for myself .

Today’s dish is very simple and easy,chicken breasts stuffed with spinach and garlic with herbs, lemon juice and soy sauce for seasoning,no salt and a bit of olive oil.

* Ingredients and method:

* chicken breasts cut in the middle.

* garlic and spinach.

* lemon juice and soy sauce.

* broccoli and mushrooms or any vegetables you prefer.

* oregano,basil or any herbs for seasoning.

* crush garlic and mix with spinach then stuff inside breasts.

* season with lemon juice and herbs.

* heat some olive oil in skillet then add breasts,keep turning till golden on both sides.

* add veggies and sprinkle all with some soy sauce then leave to simmer on low heat till all done.

* serve with simple salad .










Eggplant Pizza.

Hello everybody.

I was planning to make eggplant with rice for lunch today ( maqloubeh) but my youngest rejected the idea cause he doesn’t like it,so I switched to homemade kebabs and made this new eggplant recipe that my cousin posted on my fb page.

Turned out really tasty nutritious and light,eggplants are very full of fiber and you can find so many recipes for them,but in general not so many people like them, I have many in my family :)

Ingredients and method:

* 2 large eggplants half peeled and thickly sliced.

* 1 small finely chopped onions.

* 1 clove garlic.

* 2 large chopped tomatoes.

* feta and kashkaval or mozzarella cheese.

* salt ,pepper,pesto,oregano and olive oil for seasoning.


* Mix all ingredients together except the eggplants.

* brush a pan with some oil then add eggplants with topping.

* cover and leave to cook on low heat,when almost done add cheese on top and leave to melt.


Rest of eggplants I dipped them in some eggs and breadcrumbs then deep fry,really crunchy and yummy.




20140831_132734 made some cooked tomatoes with the kebabs also.

20140831_133749  20140831_134226






Greek Style Quesadillas.

Hello everybody.

Very hot and busy morning , don’t know why streets and shops are full, finished grocery shopping as fast as I can to go back home :(

Lunch today was noodles with vegetables and chicken,with soy sauce,ketchup and ginger. It’s a favorite of ours all the time .

I also made a quick side dish, light vegetarian quesadillas,found this recipe on Pinterest. You can add chicken to it if you like, your choice. Tasted really really good,will certainly do them again !

Ingredients and method:

* large tortilla bread.

* feta cheese.

* mozzarella cheese.

* fresh parsley and mint , chopped.

* black olives.

* chopped sweet peppers.

* pesto sauce or fresh basil leaves.

* cherry tomatoes.

* oregano,salt and pepper.

* optional additives : onions or shredded chicken.

* add feta and mozzarella on half of the bread then add toppings as you like.

* grill or toast in the oven after brushing pan with a bit of oil.

That’s it, enjoy !!!



20140816_145841  20140816_145909


20140816_144717  20140816_151511   Main dish



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