Old Fashioned Chicken and Potatoes.


Hello everybody.

Back to an old dish today, been a while since I made it.

Chicken with potatoes, of course with some onions and a bit of garlic. I even fried the potato cubes like old times.

Made some coarse mloukhieh on the side since I have chicken broth,yummy with fresh lemon juice and hot pepper.



wpid-wp-1448805001017.jpg coarse mloukhieh .



Chicken Tikka Masala and Chocolate Cake.



Hello everybody.

Today’s order is for a crowd, three portions of chicken tikka masala and rice for a group of employees during lunch break.

wpid-wp-1447327229214.jpg  portion/4 persons.

Dessert was a beautiful freshly baked chocolate cake with syrup on top, green ornament to match the company’s logo shape and color.

wpid-wp-1447327241913.jpg nothing beats a  fresh chocolate cake right?

wpid-wp-1447327250206.jpg   wpid-wp-1447327223796.jpg

Hope they’ll like it.

wpid-wp-1447327217921.jpg all packed to go !








Steaks with Onions and Mustard.



Hello again.

Had to cook something quick before going out this morning, easiest of all grilled steaks covered with spices and mustard with caramelized onions on top.

Side dishes were mashed potatoes and lentil soup.

wpid-wp-1446735799322.jpg sauteed onions and mustard steaks

wpid-wp-1446735806680.jpg wpid-wp-1446735782396.jpg




Green Onions Mushrooms Cheese Omlette.


Hello everybody.

I’m talking the day off since it was a very tiresome weekend plus beginning of the week.

Went to a gathering at a friend’s house, met new lovely ladies, enjoyed delicious food and desserts. A real nice change from household work.

Well back to reality afterwards cause nevertheless kids and dad were hungry so I made a quick omelette, rich and fulfilling with green onions, mushrooms   and cheese in the middle.

I also had some ready made hummus that completed the issue.


wpid-wp-1445346598396.jpg wpid-wp-1445346603950.jpg

wpid-wp-1445346585115.jpg wpid-wp-1445346591604.jpg




Eggplant Maqloubeh with Sun-dried Tomatoes.


Hello everybody.

Another batch of veggies were brought from the farm yesterday, so had to do something with these eggplants before they rot.

A traditional Arabic dish Maqloubeh is always a good choice but today I added two things that I don’t use usually, onions and sun-dried tomatoes.

Well thought I’d combine a recipe I saw on Fatafeat cooking channel in Chef Daad Abu Jaber show and an advice from my lovely aunt .Result was extremely delicious ,they really did add to the taste .

12003233_978105525586084_2367095381423750400_n onions,tomatoes,eggplants and meat all arranged under the rice.



Chicken Liver.


Hello everybody.

Leftovers aren’t enough today so I had to do something as a backup. Option was chicken Ceazar salad but it turns out I don’t have any chicken left so a plain one was done.

Found a small plate if chicken liver in my freezer,healthy easy option as well though as my hubby said they turned out a bit dry, always in my case when I make them unlike when he cook them don’t know why.

My sweet stuffed pickled peppers are done, so yummy!

Thank God all leftovers and today’s dishes are gone except a bit of salad that I kept for the boys as a night snack.


Chicken Liver:

* 1/2 kg chicken liver.

* 2 sliced onions.

* chili green pepper.

* olive oil,salt,pepper and pomegranate sauce.

* saute onions and peppers in heated oil,then add livers and stir.

* add salt and pepper then leave to simmer on low heat till dine ( 30-40 minutes)

* when done turn off heat and add one big spoon pomegranate sauce and stir all together.



wpid-wp-1442241768082.jpg wpid-wp-1442241759114.jpg

wpid-wp-1442241779928.jpg  not harmonic but all tasty.






Lentils with Pasta (حراق اصبعه)

Hello everybody.

A last goodbye treat for my friend and her lovely kids before heading back home, cooked lentils with pasta,fried onions,garlic and coriander . A traditional Syrian dish حراق اصبعه meaning when translated literally ” burned fingers”


An easy nutritious appetizer that’s originally done with lentils and special dough or small pasta as a quicker substitute then all boiled together with pomegranate sauce,lemons,fried onions,garlic and coriander topped with fried bread pieces.


Ingredients and method:
* 1 cup brown lentils.
*  2-3 cloves garlic
*  3-4 onions.
* bunch of coriander.
* 1/2 cup lemon juice.
* 2 spoons pomegranate sauce ( دبس رمان ).
* 1 cup small size pasta.
* cubed fried pitta bread.
* salt, pepper, cumin powder.

* wash lentils then boil in 4 cups of water , add salt and 1 spoon cumin.
* add the pasta and leave to simmer till done.
* add lemon juice, pomegranate sauce.
* fry the onions in oil till golden.
* crush garlic and chop coriander then saute them in some oil.
* add half the amount of onions and garlic to lentil pasta mixture. Leave to simmer till it thickens and homogeneous. You might need to add some water.
* upon serving,, in a deep dish put some of the bread in the bottom.
*add the lentil mixture.
* decorate with the rest of garlic, onions and bread cubes.
* serve hot.


wpid-20140317_104453.jpg wpid-20140317_110708.jpg

wpid-20140317_112025.jpg wpid-20140317_112123.jpg wpid-20140317_160803.jpg


11828578_10153434666065907_6929300180037814423_n yummy!!

Cheese and Capsicum Steak Stacks.

Hello everybody.

Today is meat day for protein source in the diet.

For a change I looked through my cookbooks for something new and came across this one, personally I loved it meaning not all family members found it unusual but it was worth trying.

It’s basically two thin slices of steaks stacked together with cheese, onions and blackened or roasted capsicum or sweet red peppers.

You then wrap them as a parcel then grill on both sides till golden. Leave in the oven covered for half an hour later on in very low heat.

I did some mushroom risotto and sauce on the side.



wpid-wp-1439304219831.jpg wpid-wp-1439304229149.jpg

  original photo in the cookbook.








Okra in Olive Oil.

Hello everybody.
Quickest solution for lunch since I didn’t intend to cook anyway was freshly picked okra fried then sautéed with garlic, onions and chopped tomatoes then seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika.

I also made a dish of white cheese and watermelons and a small one of labaneh with black olives, all yummy and cool.


wpid-wp-1437839741118.jpeg okra in olive oil.

wpid-wp-1437839747402.jpeg wpid-wp-1437839762470.jpeg


wpid-wp-1437839768463.jpeg best food in this weather.




Gazpacho (cold soup)

Hello everybody.

Seems today’s the hottest this season though we can finally feel it’s Summer at last, thank God it cools at night.

A great lunch time option in this weather is gazpacho, a traditional Spanish cold vegetable soup, first time I do it, really nice and cooling plus very easy to make I even added spring onions and it did add a nice flavor.

I also did some eggplant dip or mtabbal and some fresh guava grapes bananas lemon smoothie,all very refreshing.

Ingredients and method of gazpacho :
# 3-4 big peeled coarsely chopped tomatoes.
# 1 cucumber.
# 1 clove garlic.
# one small onion (I added a small spring onion also)
# 1 small red sweet pepper.
# 1 tablespoon lemon juice.
# 2 cups tomato juice.
# salt, pepper, chili powder.

# chopped parsley, tomatoes and cucumbers to garnish.

# mix all ingredients in a blender very well.
# chill in fridge for 3-4 hours then garnish with parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers and crushed black pepper upon serving.

I personally loved this dish, hope you try it and give me your opinion.

wpid-wp-1437571873143.jpeg cold chilled gazpacho.

wpid-wp-1437571882559.jpeg eggplant dip or mtabbal.

wpid-wp-1437571889595.jpeg guava juice.

wpid-wp-1437571898044.jpeg wpid-wp-1437571910499.jpeg





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