Ramadan Kareem.

Hello everybody.

Two days passed, I can say they were easy and smooth.
First day ritual dish was stuffed vine leaves and courgettes, mushroom soup and fatoush. Typically dessert was qatayef filled with cheese and walnuts.

Second day’s dish was okra in the oven and Iranian rice, as for dessert I tried a new recipe that I sorted out by mixing many similar ones of the same ingredients.

Pistachio rose water dessert, base was crumbled biscuits and butter,topping was a mix of whipping cream, heavy cream, yogurt, pistachios, rose water, pinch of saffron. All beaten till creamy then onto biscuits, cooled then garnished with pistachios.
Simple elegant dessert with Ramadan spirit in it.








Old New Lunch!

wp-1464450369022.jpg wp-1464450347205.jpg

Hello everybody.
Well lunch today was two opposite dishes, first very old and traditional the other kind of new and modern. Had to do this to please everyone and hopefully to have enough leftovers for tomorrow.

Okra with olive oil, a simple dish with few ingredients, you simply fry okra with some olive oil till crispy, add chopped garlic and tomatoes. Add salt, pepper and chili and leave on very low heat till all done.

wp-1464450390626.jpg  wp-1464450397991.jpg


Other dish was chicken cubes cooked till done with some chopped onion and garlic, then I added fresh mushrooms, broccoli and fresh cream and cooked till cream is thick and veggies tender,all served on a bed of fresh yummy pasta from Maysas.Pasta.

wp-1464450381908.jpg  yummy ingredients leads to a delicious meal.

wp-1464450406126.jpg wp-1464450369022.jpg








Okra in Olive Oil.

Hello everybody.
Quickest solution for lunch since I didn’t intend to cook anyway was freshly picked okra fried then sautéed with garlic, onions and chopped tomatoes then seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika.

I also made a dish of white cheese and watermelons and a small one of labaneh with black olives, all yummy and cool.


wpid-wp-1437839741118.jpeg okra in olive oil.

wpid-wp-1437839747402.jpeg wpid-wp-1437839762470.jpeg


wpid-wp-1437839768463.jpeg best food in this weather.




Stuffed Mushroom and Courgette Flowers.

Hello everybody.

Too hot to cook today and nobody gave me any answers about what they want so I did what I found.

End result was some okra in olive oil with garlic, onions and tomato and no meat, vegetarian style. Then I decided to do some stuffed mushrooms with garlic, coriander, cheese, breadcrumbs salt pepper and chili, and since I have some courgette flowers that I intended to fry I stuffed them same as mushrooms and all together in the oven.

Result was super, all gone in minutes


wpid-wp-1432649543680.jpeg light nice lunch.

wpid-wp-1432649553383.jpeg okra with garlic onions and tomatoes.

wpid-wp-1432649576682.jpeg stuffed mushrooms and courgette flowers.

wpid-wp-1432649606703.jpeg wpid-wp-1432649618725.jpeg stuffing.

wpid-wp-1432649585477.jpeg great appetizer dish.









Crunchy Courgettes.

Hello everybody.

I saw this recipe on Pinterest last week,got some courgettes the to try it. turned out really good,healthy light appetizer can be an alternative to fried or heavy dishes.you simply cut them,dip them in egg white then coat with breadcrumbs and bake till crunchy,you can add pepper,chili,oregano and salt of course to the crumbs as seasoning.

Well lunch was okra in the oven,couldn’t resist not buying those lovely small green okra yesterday,always be sure that fresh vegetables when in season make the best dishes :)

When I was done cooking my husband called to tell me his friends are coming at night,so I baked a simple orange cake with syrup on top and small buns ( pizza dough recipe) with some oregano and dry basil, then filled them with different kinds of cheese and labaneh.


20140914_145249 20140914_150449

20140914_102342  20140914_163018

20140914_185151   orange cake with syrup.

20140914_155921  20140914_164117

20140914_154144  20140914_154437

My hubby got me these cloths from Safeway,one for the roller and one to roll dough on,very useful , I liked them a lot <3

20140914_183744  20140914_185245




Okra (باميه بالفرن)

Hello again.

This recipe was the first on the blog,that was four months ago, can’t believe it’s been that long!!

The earlier post “ Okra in the oven ” has the ingredients and method but no photos so I’ll add them today.

Hope you’re all enjoying my blog so far :)






Today’s pick- Okra in the oven


What to cook everyday is a big dilema for all moms or families. ..I’m sure it’s a question every mom asks her children, husband about every morning!!!!
In this blog I will try to share what I cooked, baked, created so as to give you ladies some ideas.
Hoping everybody to share ideas.pics…so that to make life easier.

Today’s dish..is okra in the oven..eaten wirh hot pitta bread not rice.
And for dessert orange cake….

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