Morning Gathering. 


Hello everybody.

A simple elegant cheese platter with dried fruits and strawberries with crackers or breads can be the best thing for a small gathering specially if done with love to loving friends. 

wp-image-1640552431jpg.jpg wp-image-994391250jpg.jpg


I used a selection of cheeses, white, cheddar, Camembert and kashkaval with healthy dried fruits, some olives and a selection of jams (figs,quince, marmalade) 




I also made some sweet light cheese served with mixed berries jam.




Healthy Light Cheesecake.


Hello everybody.

Got a cute bag of Sativa raw sugar from my husband’s cousin last week so I thought I’d do a nice healthy dessert with it.

After some research I tried this mix, the lightest I could make though a small pack of cream was a must to give some richness and a bit of strawberry sauce on top to add some sweetness.

wp-1456242705947.jpg wp-1456242719626.jpg

Ingredients and method :
* for the crust :
* 1/2 cup finely crushed almonds.
* 1/2 cup finely chopped walnuts or hazelnuts.
* 1 tablespoon honey.
* 1 tablespoon low fat butter.
*  Mix all ingredients till crumbly then press into a cheesecake pan or small pots.


Cheesecake mix:
* 1/2 pack of light cream cheese.
* half cup yogurt.
* half cup Sativa raw sugar.
* two tablespoons labaneh.
* one pack cream.
* one tablespoon lemon juice.
* Beat all ingredients together till  soft and creamy then add on top of crust.

* Refrigerate overnight then top with strawberry syrup or fresh berries.

wp-1456242699883.jpg cute and delicious.






Rock Cookies with White Chocolate.



Hello everybody.

Today’s order was for a friend of mine, date rolls and rock cookies but with a twist this time .


I have some white baking chocolate so a crushed them into big chunks and added them to the classic rock cookies batter, increased cranberries also cause both ingredients works well together I presume.

Result was super yummy .

ingredients and method of rock cookies:

* 2 eggs.

* 1 cup sugar or 3/4 brown sugar.

* 3 big spoons butter.

* 1 cup mixed nuts ( walnuts,almonds,pistachios,hazelnuts)

* 1/2 cup raisins ( you can add dried cranberries also)

* 1 tsp cinnamon,pinch of cloves,cardamom and nutmeg.

* vanilla,1 tsp baking powder and a pinch of salt.

* 2 cups flour.

wp-1453217726582.jpg excellent results.

* mix eggs,sugar and butter till creamy.

* toast nuts in the oven for 10 minutes then crush them.

* add nuts and raisins to flour,baking powder and salt then add egg mixture.

* mix very well with wooden spoon till you have a not too soft nor tough dough.

* make spoonfuls of the dough on a baking pan,size of a small ball.

* bake in a medium heated oven for 10-13 minutes or till edges are golden.

* store in a well sealed jar or tin.

Enjoy :)

20140512_143725 wp-1453217733659.jpg



Caramel Coffee Nuts Cake.

Hello everybody.

Was invited to a small gathering last night at  my friend’s house and it happened that her birthday plus another friend of mine was a few days ago.

As always I did a cake for the occasion, didn’t know what to do at first,wanted something simple and nice then I came out with this one, cake was basic Nescafe cake,frosting was vanilla whipping cream then I decorated it with caramel and roasted nuts.

Final look was awesome and taste was light and yummy.

Ingredients and method:

* 5 eggs.

* 1 big spoon Nescafe dissolved in 1/2 cup of water.

* 1 tsp vanilla.

* 1  1/2 cups sugar.

* 1 cup vegetable oil.

* 4 tsp baking powder.

* 2 cups flour.

* 1 1/2 cups sugar and 3/4 cup almonds for the croquant.

* whipping cream.

* extra Nescafe in water for the cake when done.

* beat eggs with sugar till creamy then add vanilla,oil,Nescafe,baking powder and flour alternatively.

* bake in a medium heated oven in two small baking tins for 30-35 minutes or till dry from inside.

* when cooled, place one layer in serving plate then add some Nescafe on it.

* cover with cream and croquant then add other layer and repeat.

* decorate cake with anything you have .

*Croquant :

* heat sugar and almonds till it caramelize.

* pour in a well greased pan till cold and stiff.

* crush or use food processor to make fine crumbles. ( it actually resembles glass :) )

* leave in fridge to settle before serving.




wpid-20150711_181211.jpg a beauty.




Energy Bites!

Hello everybody.

Did a massive fridge and freezer cleaning today and took out many things stored since a long time so as to do something useful or throw them away.

Result was a mix dried fruits,nuts, crushed biscuits,blueberries, oats all bound together with honey and molasses with a bit of cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. They’ll make a super snack during Ramadan specially at suhour time cause they’re full of nutrients and fiber which will help during fasting next day.

Another outcome was a plate of chickpeas with tahini sauce ( مسبحه) decorated with parsley and nuts.

Lunch was Shakshouka, no cooking till beginning of Ramadan, that’s my decision so far.

wpid-wp-1434372089016.jpeg energy bites.

wpid-wp-1434372099175.jpeg wpid-wp-1434372131202.jpeg

wpid-wp-1434372111335.jpeg nuts fruits oats mixed with honey and molasses.

wpid-wp-1434372151087.jpeg chickpeas and tahini.

wpid-wp-1434372159462.jpeg shakshuka.

wpid-wp-1434372170908.jpeg lunch !

wpid-wp-1434372165693.jpeg  yummy light food!











Pizza in a Pan.

Hello everybody.

Lazy cold cloudy Friday, why does it become like this on weekends????

Well at lunch time I suddenly decided to try this pizza recipe my cousin posted last week, a spreadable kind of dough in a pan, topped with pizza sauce, toppings and cheese then cooked on the oven. Turned out really good and extremely quick to be done as said in video.

While pizza on stove I made some Rock Cookies for the empty jar and send some to my friend on the occasion of birth of her first grandson, congratulations

Baked some of the cookie dough in a skillet,super yummy.



Ingredients and method of pan pizza :
# 1 cup flour.
# 2/3 cup warm water.
# 1/2 tsp baking powder.
# 1 tsp instant yeast.
# 1 tsp salt.
# 1 tsp honey.

# mix all these ingredients well together then spread evenly in a nonstick pan.
# add pizza sauce then any toppings you like ( basil,oregano, tomatoes, olives…)
# top with cheese.
# cover tightly and cook on the stove on high temperature for 5 minutes.
# remove pan lid a bit and lower heat to minimum and leave for another 10 minutes.
# toast top till crispy.

Quick and easy way to make your favorite pizza.


wpid-20150522_160521.jpg  pan pizza.

wpid-dsc_0519.jpg wpid-dsc_0520.jpg

wpid-dsc_0521.jpg wpid-20150522_155653.jpg


wpid-20150522_163536.jpg  rock cookies.

wpid-20150522_164458.jpg  small baby gift.

wpid-20150522_165003.jpg cookie in skillet.











Chocolate Nuts cake and Pavlova.

Hello everybody .

No cooking today cause each one is invited somewhere and hubby went hunting.

I did two desserts though,a chocolate nuts cream cake for my friend’s sister birthday and a fruit Pavlova to take with me to my uncle’s house for dinner.

All looked yummy, hope taste is as good !

20150402_114927 Happy birthday sweet Lulu :)

20150402_144043 fruit,nuts and blueberries Pavlova.

20150402_123615 20150402_144901 20150402_152834  Spring is coming !




Cookie Gifts :)

Hello everybody.

I have this childish habit I guess ! love to use,eat.wear any gift right away .I never hide away or keep anything for later like today, I got this beautiful food display tray from my cousin yesterday,really elegant, so I called my friends this morning for coffee then thought why not make a quick breakfast to use the new item ? loveliest meal ever specially when shared with my best friends.

20141228_122028  20141228_121826 20141228_122142

Afternoon I baked some Rock cookies and Chocolate Chip Marsh mellow ones for my cousin loving in U.A.E ,will send them with my friend going to visit her tomorrow, even improvised a greeting and packaging quickly, hope she likes them .

No cooking today of course,lots of leftovers from yesterday.

20141228_144933  chocolate chips and mini marshmallows cookies.

20141228_145655 rock cookies with nuts and raisins.

20141228_145930 20141228_150016 banancooking labeled gifts.



Beans Orange Salad and Thumbprint Cookies.

Hello everybody.

Had visitors last night with no time to do lots of stuff,so I made this easy salad and some cookies and arranged some fruits,with coffee,tea and nuts turned out a pleasant evening.

Salad contains red beans,sweet corn,chopped colored sweet peppers with orange slices on top,dressing was salt,oregano,lemon,vinegar and olive oil.

As for the cookies, these are ingredients and method:

* 1/2 cup butter.

* 1/4 cup sugar.

* 1 large egg separated.

* 1 cup flour.

* pinch of salt.

* 3/4 roasted finely crushed nuts.

* jam


* beat egg yolk,butter,sugar and salt till creamy.

* add flour and knead till you form a ball.

* form small balls then press them  with your thumb a bit in the middle.

* beat the egg white and coat cookies with them.

* roast and crush finely the nuts then coat cookies with them as well.

* bake in a moderate heated oven for 13-15 minutes.

* when cooled add a little bit of jam in the thumbprint.


Yummy yummy :)



20140920_160958  20140920_162026

20140920_163948 20140920_192903





Om Ali ( ام علي).

Hello everybody.

no cooking today cause we went shopping at City Mall and had lunch there,in the way back I bought ingredients of Om Ali dessert cause my husband been craving it since two weeks and I hadn’t got the time to do it at all,it’ll be a nice treat after his hunting trip when he comes home.

This dessert is of Egyptian origin,as they say the mother of Egyptian desserts, it’s said that it’s named after the sultan’s wife Om Ali who distributed this sweet after the death of the Sultan’s second wife. It’s basically done from puff pastry with nuts and cream.

Ingredients and method:

* 1 pack puff pastry.

* 3 cups pf milk.

* 2 packs cream or fresh double cream.

*  1 cup sugar.

* some walnuts,almonds,pistachio,raisins and coconut.


* toast the nuts in the oven for 10 minutes then crush them.

* bake the puff pastry till golden.

* heat the milk,cream and sugar till they boil.

* shred the pastry in a deep oven pan then add nuts,coconut and raisins .

* add half the amount of milk then add another layer of pastry and nuts.

* add remaining milk and sprinkle with some cinnamon.

* bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes .

This dish is served hot,you can make it in a pottery pan so as to stay warm for a long time.



20140912_192353  20140912_184146





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