Anise,Almond Walnut Biscottis.

Hello everybody.

Going to visit my cousin this evening,excited to go see her new baby.

As a usual custom now I made her some biscottis,some with anise seeds and some with almonds and walnuts, though the ones with nuts become so crumbly but taste is good, these will be great with coffee or tea in the morning.


wpid-wp-1426690548536.jpeg biscottis before cutting.




Lunch was beans from yesterday and some lentils with rice ( mujadara)  and a big salad.


Homemade Applesauce.

Hello everybody.

Applesauce is a puree made from peeled or unpeeled apples and spices,it has several uses as a side sauce with meat,in cakes or to add flavor to yogurts or ice creams or simply as baby food.

A very good use is a substitute for oil or butter in cakes so you can make a very healthy kind of cake by reducing both oil and sugar in ingredients. That’s why when I looked at the apples in my fruit basket that everyone refused to eat I thought of applesauce, why waste them right? will search for a good recipe for it tomorrow.

Lunch was Mujadara with burnt onions and salad.

20150114_184427  Mujadara (lentils and rice) healthy easy dish.

20150114_184449  finely chopped tomato onion mint salad is the usual one done with it.

Ingredients and method:

* 4-5 big apples.

* 1 1/2 cups water.

* 2 lemon slices.

* 1 tsp cinnamon.

*  pinch of nutmeg.

* pinch of salt.

* Mix all ingredients and leave to boil and simmer till apples are tender.

* remove lemon slices.

* puree mixture in blender then sieve to remove rough parts and peel.

* store in a clean glass jar in fridge.

See very easy healthy useful thing to do with extra apples :)

20150114_184631   applesauce.

DSC_0339  DSC_0343 final product.


Black Forest Cake.

Hello everybody.

I know I said I’m on diet,still holding on honestly, lunch was one cup Mujadara with yogurt and that’s it.

As for the cake,I actually did two today,one plain with chocolate frosting for my cousin who’s resting after a minor operation and the the other chocolate black forest for the afternoon visit at my mother in-law’s cousin who moved to a new house. So I’m not guilty till now right?

Ingredients and method:

* 2 eggs.

* 1 1/2 cups both brown and regular sugar.

* 3/4 cup cocoa.

* 3/4 cup vegetable oil.

* 1 1/4 cup yogurt.

* vanilla and 2 tsp baking powder.

* 1 1/2 cups flour.

* whipping cream and blueberry topping for decoration.


* beat eggs,vanilla and sugar till creamy.

* add cocoa ,oil and yogurt and beat well.

* add baking powder and flour.

* split batter in two round baking pans and bake in a medium heated oven for 30-40 minutes or till done.

* beat the cream and put in fridge till stiff.

* remove cakes from pans and then assemble by adding cream and blueberry in middle and top.

*Note: you can add grated chocolate pieces on top also.




20140902_122530  simple cake with chocolate icing.

20140902_150849  mujadara (lunch)


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