Happy Mother’s Day.


Hello everybody.


Long full day, full of cakes flowers and presents.

Grand finale were two beautiful cakes for my mother in-law and mom، though I assembled them in a hurry but they turned out real beauties, covered with colored cream to match the macaroons and meringues on top.



First layer was lemon velvet filled with strawberries and top layer chocolate filled with ganache. So yummy.



Happy Mother’s Day to all lovely moms.

Mother’s Day.


Hello everybody.

Happy Mother’s Day to all beautiful moms in the world.


Today’s orders were all cakes, simple basic one with some strawberries, Italian cream, chocolate strawberries and daisies cake.

wp-1458591685404.jpg wp-1458591670792.jpgwp-1458591654121.jpg

All turned out elegant and customers are satisfied,hope you all enjoyed your day.












Early Mother’s Day Lunch.



Hello everybody.

All family men were invited to lunch Mansaf-ing as we say, on the occasion of my dear cousin’s wedding.

Well it was a good opportunity for family women to gather, I made a small loving meal for my mom,mother in-law, sisters and sister In-law and we celebrated Mother’s day together.

Made beautiful mini cakes with pineapple, strawberries, croquants and red velvet,though they took lots of time but outcome was really cute.



Lunch menu was steaks with mushroom sauce, baked potatoes on salt, fettuccine, eggplant fatteh and a big salad.




wp-1458325563255.jpg    wp-1458325543636.jpg


wp-1458325593672.jpg  wp-1458325604357.jpg beautiful meal finale.







Pesto Pasta and Ceazar Salad.

Hello everybody.

Upon my son’s request today’s lunch was on his favorite dishes, pesto pasta with chicken, mushroom and cream. Easiest thing to do specially if you have an outing.

On the side and made a big bowl of Ceazar salad, yummy and fresh goes along with the warm sunny day.

wpid-wp-1427131358774.jpeg wpid-wp-1427131341822.jpeg

wpid-wp-1427131366736.jpeg  Fresh pesto done and cooked at the same time,amazing !

wpid-wp-1427131376289.jpeg dessert was a piece of yesterday’s cake !

Best thing that happened to me today is receiving a big beautiful greeting card on the occasion of Mother’s day from my best friend’s lovely beautiful daughter Ward, though I don’t have a daughter of my own but I really love all my friends’ beautiful young ladies as mine, thank you loving Whardo,you’re the sunshine of my life.

wpid-wp-1427131399280.jpeg wpid-wp-1427131389993.jpeg

wpid-wp-1427131394170.jpeg I will keep cooking,promise :)









Violet Velvet Cake.

Hello everybody and Happy Mother’s Day.

Though it’s supposed to be a happy joyful day but I always feel sad for people who lost their moms, or childless moms or orphans and keep hoping that these people might find someone to compensate the loss ,plus I don’t like the idea that this day became a big propaganda for gifts and home supplies. If you really love your mom you must love and cherish her all year long not only in one day.
Well anyway, we’ll all gather this evening, I made this lovely cake that I saw on Instagram and been waiting for a special occasion to make it, recipe is the same as red velvet but with violet food coloring and because I didn’t find the right color is did it by mixing red and blue together, all morning doing trials till we got the exact color.
One more thing, filling inside is cream cheese icing and blueberries.



wpid-wp-1426952548991.jpeg wpid-wp-1426952589204.jpeg original photo !!!


wpid-wp-1426952613525.jpeg Happy Mother’s Day.




Happy Mother’s Day ♡♥.

Hello everybody.
Beautiful sunny warm day..perfect for celebrating Mother’s Day and beginning of Spring time.
Happy Mother’s Day to all moms,grandmas, aunties, big sisters and anybody who’s celebrating.
I’m off today, no cooking, but we had a big breakfast in the garden with my mom and mother in-law. Got beautiful presents from my sister in-law..and most precious one was funny lovable cards from my two gems ..love you boys ♡♥♡♥♡♥.

May God bless all moms with us or in heaven.
God bless your soul teita Um Ja’far, this day you’re most missed.




Oreo Cheesecake. ♡♥

Hello everybody.

Festive mood in the air. Mother’s day is tomorrow, our dear friend’s birthday,  my son’s birthday also…♡♥♡♥.
Today we had a lovely gathering to celebrate ourselves “lovely moms” plus the birthday. It was a sharing brunch actually. Many delicious dishes..table was elegantly full of both salty and sweets variety. .I will post some new recipes of them soon.





My share was sweets..I made a plain chocolate  cake upon request of bday girl plus Oreo Cheesecake. It was superb..testimony of everybody not me alone.

Ingredients and method:
* 1-2 large packs Oreo biscuits ( 36 piece)
* 3-4 tablespoons butter.

* 3 eggs.
* 3/4 cup sugar.
* 3 tablespoons yoghurt.
* 1 small pack fresh cream.
* 1 pack kiri or cream cheese.
* 2 tablespoons flour ( sorry forgot to add in ingredients photo. )
* zest of lemon.
* 1 tsp vanilla.

* in food processor beat half of biscuits with the butter to form a base. Spread in a spring pan and keep in fridge.
* beat sugar, kiri, cream , lemon zest till fluffy then add eggs one at a time.
* continue beating, add vanilla then flour.
* add coarsely chopped Oreos,  around 10 and mix slowly.
* pour over base.
* bake in a medium heated oven for 40-50 minutes or till dry.
* keep in oven to cool but keep oven door open.
* cool in the fridge preferably overnight.
* decorate with crushed Oreo and chocolate syrup.

Enjoy your weekend everybody. ♡♥






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