Moroccan Dish: Chicken with lemon and green olives.(دجاج بالزيتون)

Hello everybody.

As I said yesterday today’s lunch will be special to compensate for the lousy one, have this recipe ripped off from some magazine long time ago, really rich and juicy and of course it’ll be much tastier if you cook it in the tajin dish or pot Moroccans usually use.

Ingredients and method:

* chicken pieces with bones.

* 1 big chopped onion.

* 4-5 cloves garlic.

* 1 lemon peeled and slices.

* 1 tsp fresh ginger.

* pinch of saffron (زعفران)

* 1 cup green olives pitted.

* 1 tsp dried thyme.

* salt pepper and olive oil.

* Marinate chicken in salt,pepper,onions,garlic,thyme,saffron and ginger for 1 hour.

* heat the pan then add some olive oil, then add chicken pieces without marinate and saute till golden on all sides.

* add all marinade and leave to simmer for 10 minutes.

* add lemon slices and olives,some more slat and pepper if you like.

* add 1 cup water and leave on very low heat till done or you can put it in the oven if you wish.

* serve with rice or pitta bread .


Really yummy try it!




DSC_0252  DSC_0255

DSC_0234  photo in magazine,they used preserved lemons but you can use ordinary ones no problem.



Lamb Cubes with Honey and Saffron.

Hello everybody.

Today I had absolutely no idea what to cook at all,nobody gave me a clue what they want, I took out some lamb cubes to defrost and went out for an errand,then on my way back home I remembered this dish.

Since a I have new fresh saffron from Turkey,thought I’ll do this old recipe I have.As I recall this dish is from the Moroccan cuisine,I saw it in TV long time ago during Ramadan cooking programs,they called it “Qumama” or “عسليه” if I’m not wrong. I did search for it today but didn’t find a recipe with this name ,if anybody has an experience in Morroccan food or knowledge or heard about it please inform me.

It’s a very easy basic recipe with little ingredients but saffron and honey are a must.

Ingredients and method:

* lamb cubes.

* 2 large chopped onions.

* 2 chopped garlic cloves.

* 1 tsp saffron.

* 1 tablespoon honey.

* salt,pepper,all spice,cinnamon stick,cardamon seeds,bay leaves,and some cloves.


* In the pressure cooker or regular pan,saute meat till brownish then add onions and garlic.

* add all spices including saffron which must be soaked in some water before usage.

* add the honey then enough water to cover.

* cook for 20-30 minutes then transfer to a deep oven pan.

* put it in the oven on low heat till water is lessened and sauce is thick.

* keep stirring it while in the oven so that all meat pieces are well roasted from all sides.

* serve with rice or bread.

Though my family were surprised cause I usually make this dish only in Ramadan,but it was really good,enjoy :)


20140603_144458  20140603_144652

20140603_145602    20140603_145727

20140603_161048   20140603_162920




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