Chicken Curry and Mloukhieh.


Hello everybody.

How’s your weekend so far? cold cloudy weather , it’s like winter all over again :(

Well guess a chicken curry is just perfect in this weather, hot and spicy and a favorite for my eldest son.

IMG_1887 IMG_1883


As for an option for my hubby who doesn’t like curry at all I made some fried mloukhieh , meaning cooked with some onions ,garlic and minced meat with olive oil, salt and pepper. No broth at all and eaten with bread , don’t know why they call it Bourani Mloukhieh.




Mloukhieh Today 😀


Hello everybody.

Free today, no orders or things to prepare so I cooked at ease though babysitting my bundle of joy but he’s such an adorable boy, even ate some freekeh soup and chicken and loved it.


I made mloukhieh, both coarse and fine, grilled chicken and freekeh soup. So yummy with pickles and peppers on the side.

wp-1453131448584.jpg lovely appetizing meal.




Old Fashioned Chicken and Potatoes.


Hello everybody.

Back to an old dish today, been a while since I made it.

Chicken with potatoes, of course with some onions and a bit of garlic. I even fried the potato cubes like old times.

Made some coarse mloukhieh on the side since I have chicken broth,yummy with fresh lemon juice and hot pepper.



wpid-wp-1448805001017.jpg coarse mloukhieh .



Fried Courgette Flowers.

Hello everybody.

Lunch today was mloukhieh from yesterday, fresh from the farm and so yummy with garlic and lemons.

Alongside with it I made these cute fresh courgette flowers that u couldn’t resist not bring cause they were so intact, a waste to throw them away.

Stuffed with cheddar and Parmesan cheese, garlic and oregano then dipped in an egg,milk, flour batter with a pinch of salt and baking powder.

So crunchy and tasty, I even took some for the guy working at grocery store cause he can’t believe or imagine that these can be cooked.

طريقه وردات الكوسا:

تحشى الوردات بمزيج من الاجبان الصفراء مع ثوم واعشاب.

يحمى زيت القلي جيدا ثم تغمس كل قطعه بمزيج متجانس عباره عن كوب طحين, 2 بيض, , نصف ملعقه ملح ونصف باكينغ باودر ويضاف حليب بالتدريج حتى يصبح القوام سلس .

ثقلى بالزيت الغزير لمده 5 دقائق.


wpid-wp-1441636646080.jpg stuffed and ready for frying.

wpid-wp-1441636677737.jpg wpid-wp-1441636636715.jpg

wpid-wp-1441636739325.jpg  mloukhieh with chicken.







Steak with mushroom, mashed potatoes and fettuccine.

Hello everybody.

Invited our cousin and his family for dinner tonight.

Menu was steaks with mushroom,mashed potatoes,fettuccine,Iranian rice,mloukhieh,Russian salad and lettuce noodles salad.

wpid-wp-1435687572672.jpeg wpid-wp-1435687556742.jpeg

wpid-wp-1435687588729.jpeg wpid-wp-1435687599763.jpeg

wpid-wp-1435687615788.jpeg wpid-wp-1435687609316.jpeg

Mud Pie ( Lunch and Birthday ).

Hello everybody.

Big day!  lunch in the honor of my cousin and birthday of my big bro, all people around the table today are precious to me that’s why we had great time and enjoyed every minute . WELCOME my dear family,love you <3.

Lunch was many dishes, main was Rice with veggies and chicken (رز بنان) ,steaks with mushroom,hot spicy potatoes,mloukhieh,kibbeh,cheese rolls, marinated salmon,green salad and rocca pomegranate salad.

20141227_145806 main dish.

20141227_145747  20141227_145822  steak and potatoes.

20141227_145923  20141227_145942 mloukhieh,kibbeh and cheese rolls.

20141227_145843 20141227_121358

20141227_124916  marinated salmon.


Dessert was knafeh,strawberries with dips and this new awesome recipe I got from my sis, Mud Pie, it really looks like a plant you can’t tell it’s something edible specially that I inserted a real flower in it :)

Oh most important thing I got some beautiful presents ,one of them is a bunch of lovely stuff from my dear cousin living in Rome ,thank you lovely Rita.


Ingredients and method:

* 75 Oreo biscuits.

Mix 1 :

* 1 pack vanilla pudding.

* 2 cups milk.


Mix 2:

* 2 packs cream.

* 3/4 cups milk.


Mix 3 :

* 2 packets cream cheese.

* 1 tablespoon butter.

* 1/2 cup sugar.


*Mix  each one alone then add mix 1 and 2 to 3.

* Mash Oreos in food processor.


* In a deep transparent bowl make layers of Oreo then cream but take care not let cream appear on the side so that overall look be all brownish.

* leave in fridge to settle ( I made it yesterday) and decorate with real or artificial plant or flower.



DSC_0001  20141226_150924

20141227_121513  20141227_121539



Artichoke with Dip and Mloukhieh.

Hello everybody.

What a long Saturday !

Went grocery shopping as usual,found these lovely fresh artichokes and bought a couple to try them, first time I buy them like this I usually get them frozen or canned. Even the man working at the grocery shop asked me:” what are going to do with these? ” told him I really have no idea.

Well after a quick search I combined many recipes together and came out with this easy conclusion, boiled the artichokes with lemon slices,clove of garlic and some bay leaves then made a dip which is a mix of yogurt,lemon juice,balsamic vinegar,mayonnaise and some salt. Really yummy and great as appetizer before dinner or if you have a gathering,it’s also a healthy substitute to chips or crackers.

Lunch was coarse mloukhieh (ملوخيه ورق) ,as a friend told me this morning make mloukhieh it’s the lazy lady’s choice , well I’m not lazy but needed the quickest choice I assure you.





Welcome Home Lunch.

Hello everybody.

My sister in-law and her son came home to spend Eid holiday today, so lunch was upstairs at my mother in-law’s house.

Upon upon our young handsome guest’s request she made freekeh with chicken,kofta with tahini sauce,mloukhieh and a green salad.

Everything was delicious, great family gathering like old times! tomorrow my turn to cook for iftar cause all will fast Insha’Allah.



20141002_153406  20141002_153511



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