Beautiful Baby Natalie Party.



Hello everybody.

Was invited to a lovely gathering welcoming baby Natalie to the world.

Beautiful setting and theme, all lavender and purple colored. Food was various and delicious, of course caraway was present as always.

wpid-wp-1452630678128.jpg wpid-wp-1452630695759.jpg

wpid-wp-1452630683990.jpg wpid-wp-1452630671149.jpg wpid-wp-1452630627853.jpg

My friend ordered from me falafel rolls, mini kibbeh, shawerma and Daisies chocolate cake.

wpid-wp-1452630531194.jpg beautiful kibbeh plate.

wpid-wp-1452630544182.jpg  shawerma.

wpid-wp-1452630619181.jpg wpid-wp-1452630574000.jpg wpid-wp-1452630663567.jpg

wpid-wp-1452630586225.jpg wpid-wp-1452630648136.jpg


Elegant party for sure.


















Another Kibbeh Fiesta.


Hello everybody.

Kibbeh day, intention was to make some mini ones and spread in a pan with nothing else or at least only some fries.

But then one thing led to another, got excited to do more appetizers to complete the Lebanese style, so end result was muhammra, rocca salad, chili potatoes, various types of kibbeh ( even fried the extra dough)  and new olives.

All extremely yummy, my favorite kind of food.

wpid-wp-1448035388829.jpg wpid-wp-1448035396117.jpg


wpid-wp-1448035429827.jpg wpid-wp-1448035415532.jpg one portion of muhammara to go !





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