Chicken Fajita Loaf (Deema Hajjawi”s recipe).


Hello everybody.

My son ate this dish at his friend’s house last week and been nagging on me to do it, took the recipe from my friend which is originally Chef Deema Hijjawi’s recipe done on Roya TV.

Easy delicious dish,type that kids love cause it doesn’t need rolling or any effort,just slice and dig in. I also made some spring rolls , sheets are ready but I made the stuffing and sauce, so fresh and crunchy, I’ll post recipe later on .


Ingredients and method of Fajita laof:

  • shredded chicken breasts (  used 4 today)
  • 1 thinly sliced onion.
  • 1 cup shredded sweet colored peppers.
  • salt, pepper, cumin, coriander and crushed chili.
  • fajita spices.
  • 1 loaf of toast bread .
  • 1/2 cup Kraft or Puck cream cheese.
  • 2 cups cheddar cheese ( white and yellow)
  • 1/2 cup cream.
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil.
  • wp-1454168345577.jpg wp-1454168323042.jpg


  • Saute chicken in a heated skillet till done.
  • remove from pan then add oil, saute onions,peppers .
  • add chicken pieces.
  • add salt,pepper,cumin,coriander , chili and fajita spices and mix all well.
  • turn off heat then add cream cheese.
  • remove bread crust,line up in a greased oven pan.
  • add chicken vegetable mix then cover with another layer of bread.
  • sprinkle cheese on top.
  • add cream all around sides of pan so then bread won’t be dry
  • bake the loaf in a medium heated oven for 25-30 minutes.
  • you can decorate with chopped spring onions and coriander.

wp-1454168306108.jpg wp-1454168273218.jpg




Hello everybody.
Lunch today was upon boy’s request nachos,mushroom soup and homemade bread.

Made two loaves, one topped with oregano the other with sesame and black seeds.


Nachos are a favorite for many, so easy to make at home by the way,here are the ingredients and method
* 1 big pack nacho chips.
* 1 small onion finely chopped.
* 1/2 cup red beans.
* 1 big ripe tomato also finely chopped.
* a bit of hot pepper and Tabasco.
* salt and pepper.
* cheddar cheese.
* sour cream or labaneh.

* saute onions till tender in oil.
* add all other ingredients except cheese
* simmer on low heat till done.
* spread nachos in a wide oven pan.
* spread sauce over it.
* add cheese and put in the oven till cheese melts.
* serve with sour cream or guacamole on the side.
* Note: you can add jalapenos, black olives and fava beans to sauce also.


Really really yummy. .beats any Mexican food restaurant I bet you.:)



Summery Watermelon Salad.

Hello everybody.

Back to normal life routine today, went grocery shopping and kitchen started buzzing after a three day vacation.

Since it’s extremely hot and nobody wants to eat something hot or heavy after eating in restaurants past couple of days one feels so full right?
Well end result for lunch was this amazingly cool salad which consists of watermelon cubes, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and sprinkled with green onions, mints and lemon slices, I then added a drizzle of pomegranate sauce and olive oil. Really yummy.

I also made some pasta with white cheese and parsley and tacos. All very delicious.




wpid-wp-1437398122671.jpeg cool kind of salad.

wpid-wp-1437398132984.jpeg wpid-wp-1437398179666.jpeg

wpid-wp-1437398159568.jpeg wpid-wp-1437398197856.jpeg







Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minutes Tomato Soup.

Hello everybody.

Well it’s Winter all over again with low temperatures and heavy rain as if we’re in mid January. A soup will be perfect specially a chili hot one.

Saw this recipe on TV last week  Jamie Oliver’s 15 minutes meal,I just love this chef, he cooks with a style and makes everything looks easy and yummy like this soup.



Ingredients and method:

For the soup:

* 1 green onion chopped.

* some chopped chives (optional)

* 1 red chili pepper.

* some preserved roasted red peppers ( didn’t have today )

* some chopped fresh coriander.

* 1 can diced tomatoes.

* 3 cups water.

* salt,pepper.

* Saute onions,peppers,chives and coriander with some olive oil.

* add tomatoes and water then season with salt and pepper.

* leave to simmer till done then blend with hand mixer.

20150411_155244 20150411_155526

* Toppings and additives:

* Roasted tortillas with melted cheddar cheese.

* chili peppers,coriander, feta cheese and black olives.

* yogurt mixed with fresh mint leaves ( original one contained crushed jalapenos also)

20150411_170036 20150411_171231

20150411_171316 20150411_171428


Upon serving put tortillas in bottom of bowl,add whatever you like from toppings, add soup then drizzle yogurt mint sauce on top.


A  real genuine dish ,we loved it !


Nachos in an Eastern Look (فته مكسيكيه).

Hello everybody.

We all ate too much during this week ,lunches and dinners, so today we’re eating light to at least lessen the guilty feelings.

I made potato salad with dill and spring onions,grilled veggies tossed with pomegranate syrup and olive oil and this Mexican dish in an Arabic twist.

Learned this dish from my cousin, you simply cook some onions,tomatoes and black beans to form a sauce then spread it over the Nachos then add tahini sauce,chopped tomatoes,beans and some parsley on top. Really easy and light cause you don’t add cheese or butter,you can use light nachos for a healthier version.

Hope you all enjoying Friday so far.








Chicken Fajita.

Hello everybody.

Another full of events weekend,last night was the Henna party for our lovely bride Tara,lovely alive party and delicious food catered by Gourmet,wish the bride and groom an everlasting love and happiness. Today we’re invited to a wedding at the Four Seasons,best wishes to newlyweds as well!

Well lunch today was chicken fajita,very hot weather and dinner out needs a light lunch.

Ingredients and method:

* 1 large shredded boneless chicken breast.

* 1 shredded green or dry onion.

* shredded carrots.

* shredded colored peppers.

* fajita spices ready or homemade like the ones I made for quesadillas.

* pitta bread.


* marinate chicken in a bit of lemon juice or vinegar and 1 tablespoon of spices .

* heat some vegetable oil then add chicken and stir till dry and colored.

* add the onions,carrots and peppers and stir fry till all done.

* before serving add some sour cream or labaneh or avocado dip on the pitta bread then add chicken mix.

* wrap and toast a bit on the toaster.

Serve with simple lettuce vinaigrette salad or any of your choice.



20140830_153154  20140830_153236







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