Happy Mother’s Day.


Hello everybody.


Long full day, full of cakes flowers and presents.

Grand finale were two beautiful cakes for my mother in-law and mom، though I assembled them in a hurry but they turned out real beauties, covered with colored cream to match the macaroons and meringues on top.



First layer was lemon velvet filled with strawberries and top layer chocolate filled with ganache. So yummy.



Happy Mother’s Day to all lovely moms.

Canelloni with Spinach and Pavlova.

Hello everybody.
It’s always a pleasure to cook a pasta dish, last night’s Italian aromas are still lingering in my mouth so I decided to cook cannelloni today.

Did it as my friend once told me,tomatoes in the bottom not on top of stuffed pasta, really yummy.

wpid-wp-1426435437676.jpeg wpid-wp-1426436311040.jpeg wpid-wp-1426436293130.jpeg wpid-wp-1426436303040.jpeg




Dessert was another pavlova cause first time it was eaten quickly and we had guests so my kids ate only the leftover crumbles, love this dessert so easy to do and really good looking, seriously it’s very elegant.



wpid-wp-1426435467101.jpeg isn’t she a beauty?

Cannelloni recipe:

Ingredients and method:
*1 pack cannelloni.
* 1 can chopped tomatoes.
* 1 spring onion or leek.
* 2 big ripe red tomatoes.
For cannelloni filling:
* 2 chopped chicken breasts.
* 1 cup spinach.
* 2-3 cups thick white sauce ( 2 big spoons butter,  2 big spoons flour, 2-3 cups milk.)
* cube of white or fetta or ricotta cheese.
* some grated parmesan.
* mozzarella or kashkaval chesse for topping.

* start by making the filling cause it must cool before you use it.
* sautee chicken pieces with some oil.add salt and pepper till golden.
* make the white sauce by adding flour to heated butter, stir well till golden then add milk slowly and whisking at the same time.take care cause it may clott , if so use electric whisker to make it creamy.
* add spinach and chicken, cheeses then season to taste.
* keep uncovered to cool.
* make the tomato sauce by frying chopped onions, adding tomatoes (2 kinds) and salt, pepper, chilli, paprika as you like.
* leave for 15-20 to cook.
* stuff cannellonis with filling with a small spoon or as I do….wear a disposable glove and stuff..much more quicker:)
* arrange over tomatoes then put them covered in a medium heated oven 45-50 minutes.
* note: I actually added a bit of water on top  during baking cause I felt pasta is drying.
* sprinkle with cheese and roast till it melts.



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