Basil Cherry Tomatoes Mazorella Steaks.

Hello everybody.

Last minute decision of what to cook for lunch came out after lots of ideas and guesses, typical Friday.

Well finally I took out some steaks since I have all ingredients of the dish, Rita’s recipe, simple sautéed thin steaks topped with fresh basil, cherry tomatoes and a slice of mazorella. Extremely delicious, all gone in minutes.
I made mashed potatoes, sweet creamy corn, gravy with mushrooms and a bowl of Ceazar salad.

wpid-20150424_155935.jpg yummy !

wpid-20150424_154951.jpg wpid-20150424_155614.jpg

wpid-20150424_155722.jpg Ceazer Salad.

wpid-20150424_155910.jpg mashed potatoes,gravy and corn.









Everybody finished lunch happily, real comfort food.


Pineapple Roca Salad.

Hello everybody.
Long full day, lots of things to do and places to go, end was a sudden visit from my mother in-law’s cousins, and lovely group but a shame I don’t have any dessert or cakes,but we really had a great time.

Lunch today was a variety of many delicious dishes:
* Asparagus soup.
* Pineapple roca salad with dried cranberries, walnuts and a lemon, oil, salt balsamic vinaigrette.
* Cute Caprese salad.
* Green fava beans with garlic and coriander.

All very fresh and yummy.


wpid-wp-1427568743793.jpeg colorful table !

wpid-wp-1427568776503.jpeg wpid-wp-1427568760693.jpeg

wpid-wp-1427568787991.jpeg lovely easy Caprese.


wpid-wp-1427568803190.jpeg  wpid-wp-1427568809006.jpeg








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