Grilled Chicken with Broccoli Mushrooms and Pesto Pasta.

Hello everybody.

Had to cook something quick today cause I had to meet my friends to go watch Mammia Musical and it was really worth every minute and penny, absolutely amazing,music still in my ears till now.

Saturday lunch is always fresh cause it’s grocery day, marinated chicken breasts in this yummy rich dressing marinate sauce my husband bought yesterday, then grilled them with garlic, sage and rosemary, added fresh broccoli and mushrooms then left them to simmer a while. Made some pesto pasta on the side and that’s it, quick and easy.


wpid-20150516_123549.jpg wpid-20150516_123608.jpg very tasty marinade.

wpid-20150516_123819.jpg wpid-20150516_125443.jpg

wpid-20150516_141536.jpg best dish ever !






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