Lovely Friday Morning.



Morning everybody.

Lovely day though a bit cold and cloudy but this didn’t stop us from having a nice cozy breakfast outdoors.

No hunting today due to weather conditions so as a small lovely gesture since all are home we

had a traditional Friday morning meal, boiled eggs with salt,pepper and delicious Italian extra virgin olive oil from Centro store,cheese, labaneh,cream and strawberry, new makdous and olives.

Of course tea with mint is a must, enjoy your weekend lovely people.

wpid-wp-1446887178785.jpg wpid-wp-1446887182945.jpg

wpid-wp-1446887189120.jpg have a nice day,keep warm .




Black Olives Pate(معجون الزيتون الاسود).

Hello everybody.

Went out shopping today,changed the hectic tiresome week for sure, it’s true that shopping is the best therapy, I’m positive husbands don’t agree with me :)

At lunch time kids were out and we weren’t in the mood to eat something heavy,so I took out some Irbid loaf (قراص عيد) given to me by my beloved aunt,heated it to eat with fresh labaneh,new makdous though it needs more time to ripen, some olive pate and tabouleh from yesterday, best lunch EVER,this is my favorite kind of meal anytime of the day !

Black olives pate is very delicious and easy to make,I removed seeds of old olives from last year,added some chili,basil and garlic powder then processed them all together. keep it in a glass jar covered with olive oil, very nice spread for sandwiches or as  dip with chips,better than buying it ready made right?


Note: you can keep it in freezer to be more fresh whenever you want it.



no exact recipe for this,all depends on personal experience and a good old fashioned stove.

DSC_0626  DSC_0629 olives pate.



How to do Makdous (stuffed pickled eggplants,مقدوس)

Hello everybody.

Makdous are oil cured small eggplants,which are a major breakfast,appetizer dish in most of Middle Eastern Mediterranean countries specially in Syria,Lebanon,Palestine and Jordan.

It’s usually done at this time of year and kept in big jars to be eaten during Winter.I remember when we were kids both my grandmas used to make lots and lots of big glass jars filled with makdous,labaneh balls and olives for  Winter time storage (مونه الشتاء)cause at those times vegetables and fruits were seasonal and usually you can’t find lots of options and varieties in stores like these days.

One can’t find exact ingredients for doing it,they usually did it randomly by experience but I found this old one in my book I’m sure it’s good.

Ingredients and method:

* 3 kg of small eggplants.

* 7-9 tablespoons salt ( better to use local salt not processed ملح بلدي

* 1 cup crushed walnuts.

* 1 tablespoon chili powder.

* crushed garlic (as much as you like)

* boil eggplants in hot water till color change and they become tender but not too soft.

* drain then add a bit of salt into each eggplant to as to let all excess water goes out.

* leave to drain till no more water comes out.

* mix walnuts,garlic,chili and salt together then stuff each eggplant with it.

* leave downwards in a sieve till no water comes out at all.

* arrange in a glassware and add olive oil to cover completely.

* store till done which is usually 10-14 days.

* Can be stored in a cool dry place for months.

Enjoy :)







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