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Invited to breakfast this morning so I wanted to cook something as quick as possible, this simple rich dish was the rescue recipe, my husband saw and wrote it down  long time ago in Fatafeat cooking channel. Though the original recipe on the net usually doesn’t contain sausages like this one so you can do it with or without. Very tasty and good for a Friday brunch by the way.

Anyway breakfast was at a nice place in Taj Mall called Majnoon Qahwa, though service is slow as always in MOST Amman restaurants but food was really good and all in all atmosphere is cozy and nice,most important thing is that smoking area is completely separated so no Argileh smoke to suffocate you !

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And they do have excellent Yemeni coffee,really strong and aromatic.


Ingredients and method of Sahkshuka:

* 1 large thinly sliced onion.

* 4 cloves of garlic ( used my new mortar to crush them)

* 1 can or 5 big diced tomatoes.

* some fresh sausages (optional).

* chili powder,salt and pepper.

* some chopped parsley (optional)

* 4-5 eggs.

* olive oil.

* saute onions and garlic in hot olive oil till tender.

* chop sausages and add  them.

* add the tomatoes,salt,pepper and chili then leave to simmer till done.

* crack the eggs on top and cover .

* leave over low heat till eggs are done the way you like them.



20141229_093304  20141229_093837  DSC_0108

20141229_092149 my new kitchen tool,stone mortar from IKEA.


20141229_144410  yummy Shakshuka.


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