My Latest Beautiful Cake.


Hello everybody.

Baking and decorating a new cake with specific qualifications is becoming a big challenge, full of anticipations and excitement to reach the final look. It’s a feeling I guess similar to painting art or designing a dress , you just can’t wait to finish .


This weekend’s cake was for a graduation party, client wanted it flowery, pink with some leaves and topped with macaroons. though the idea was to use baby pineapple instead of the cactus but unfortunately I couldn’t find.


Cactus was the alternative and It was amazing, gave the cake a beautiful touch.

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Cake was lemon velvet filled with cream cheese frosting, strawberries, pineapple and coconut .


thank God client was satisfied and super happy .


Happy Mother’s Day.


Hello everybody.


Long full day, full of cakes flowers and presents.

Grand finale were two beautiful cakes for my mother in-law and mom، though I assembled them in a hurry but they turned out real beauties, covered with colored cream to match the macaroons and meringues on top.



First layer was lemon velvet filled with strawberries and top layer chocolate filled with ganache. So yummy.



Happy Mother’s Day to all lovely moms.

Coconut Macaroons ♡♥

Hello again.
  My son has a Science Fair at school today..his group did a Biology project, students usually serve chocolates or candy to guests. I thought why not make him some miniature cookies as a change.
  I kept searching for a recipe according to ingredients I already have at home cause it’s raining heavily today and I don’t want to go out shopping.
  Found this super easy recipe on the great website I highly recommend it, many many useful info and diverse recipies.

Coconut macaroons:

Ingredient  and method:
* 2 cups coconut.
* 2 egg whites.
* 3/4 cup sugar.
* 1 tsp vanilla.

* Beat egg whites with vanilla and sugar then add coconut
* form into any shape you like. Today I put them in small cupcake moulds.
* bake for 10-15 minutes or till slightly golden.
* store in a covered jar or box.





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