Red Velvet Chocolate Cookies.


Hello everybody.

Second attempt to make something nice for Valentine’s day, this time a velvety full of chocolate cookies.

Found this recipe on my favorite application Pinterest, only thing I altered was that I used Toblerone dark chocolate chunks instead of the usual chocolate chips, taste is amazing specially that it’s moist and crunchy.

Ingredients and method :

* 1 egg.
* 3/4 cup brown sugar.
* 1/4 cup sugar.
* 1/2 cup butter.
* 1 tsp vanilla.
* 1 1/2 tsp red food coloring.
* 1/4 cup cocoa powder.
* 1 1/2 plus 1 tablespoon flour.
* 1/2 tsp baking soda.

*1 tablespoon milk.
* 1 cup chocolate chips ( I used crushed dark Toblerone)

wp-1454247614997.jpg wp-1454247628700.jpg

* beat butter and sugar well till creamy then add egg,vanilla and food coloring.
* add all dry ingredients and mix well.
* fold in chocolate chips.

* keep the dough in the fridge for 3-4 hours, it’s very important to cool it very well so as not to stick in your hands.
* form dough into medium sized balls then bake for 10-13 minutes in a medium heated oven.
* leave to cool completely before handling.


Happy Valentine’s everybody 💝💝






Happy Women’s Day.

Hello everybody.
Sorry for the delay but I was out in a big gathering,arrived home just a while ago.

Lunch today was homemade kebabs with yogurt and fried tomatoes. Big hit was freshly on the spot done bread, did it specially today in memorial of my dear loving grandma, God rest her soul cause as I keep saying no bread will ever taste like hers,you could smell and feel love and kindness in every loaf and bite.She’s my woman hero for sure.

Well hope you ladies all celebrated your way and enjoyed our day.









Yemini Mendi and Digestive Log.

Hello everybody.

Planning  to cook this dish a month ago or actually since my cousin posted it in my group,this is a traditional Yemini dish usually bought ready here from several restaurants.

My husband bought a pack of ready mixed Mendi spices and I added a bit of the spices originally in the recipe, I also used local chicken that my husband brought from the farm.

I  also made this super easy dessert cause I have some cream left from yesterday’s cupcakes thought I’d use them, you simply stack plain digestive biscuits with cream in between,I added some coconuts also , then you cover all with cream, leave to cool completely then top with chocolate ganache all over and decorate, looks a lot like Christmas Log Cake and looks very elegant , a nice idea for Valentine tomorrow right?


Ingredients and method of Mendi:

* Marinade for chicken:

* Ketchup.

* olive oil.

* salt,pepper,coriander,cardamon,cloves.

* bay leaves.

* copped onions and garlic.

* Marinade chicken pieces in all these for two hours then cover and leave in a medium heated oven 1 1/2 -2 hours then roast till golden.


* Rice:

* saute some sliced onions and garlic till golden.

* add one grated carrot.

* wash the rice and add it on them.

* add same spices as above then add add water and leave to simmer till rice is done.

*Note: use basmati rice or long .


* When rice and chicken are done arrange all in a deep serving dish then heat a piece of coal till very hot and red then add some oil on top and place it in the middle of rice chicken dish and cover for 15 minutes so as to give a smoky flavor to the whole dish.

* serve with roasted raisins,Tabasco and green salad.

20150213_153030  smoked chicken and rice.

20150213_134843 20150213_141938

20150213_152729 20150213_152651

20150213_154004 20150213_154547

20150213_154753 fumed charcoal.

Screenshot_2015-02-12-23-56-54~2 original recipe in Arabic.

20150213_154904 20150213_155111

I  also made this super easy dessert cause I have some cream left from yesterday’s cupcakes thought I’d use them, you simply stack plain digestive biscuits with cream in between,I added some coconuts also , then you cover all with cream, leave to cool completely then top with chocolate ganache all over and decorate, looks a lot like Christmas Log Cake and looks very elegant , a nice idea for Valentine tomorrow right?

20150213_163100  yummy biscuits log.


20150213_143325   20150213_144414 stacked biscuits and cream.

20150213_144654 20150213_152358

20150213_162500 20150213_162528



Traditional Iraqi Maher Party.(عقد قران عراقي).

Hello everybody.

Last night I witnessed for the first time an Iraqi engagement or let’s say wedding vows commitment ceremony, though we’ve been to many Iraqi parties before but  this one was for for a close member of my family,my sweet sister in -law’s daughter.

Ceremonies took place as soon as the Sheikh or Judge entered, first of all bride sat infront of a big table filled with silver and white ornaments and bowls,each one symbolizing something which includes:

* Silver mirror.

* 7 bowls filled with white sweets,sugar,candy,cookies…etc.( for good luck and white happy sweet life ahead)

* 7 bowls filled with certain spices ( so that couples life be filled with spiced moments).

* lock and key.

* bottle of mercury.

* big white candle.

* white boxes contains all brides dowry (new clothes,perfumes..etc that the groom’d family bought her)

* silver bowl with water and bay leaves in.

* cardamon and honey.

* 2 big sugar cones.


They started by bride placing her feet in the bay leaf water, placing cardamon between her fingers and reading a certain verse from the Holy Quran meanwhile four girls (whom must be in the age of marriage) holds a white sheet over her head,another girls stands to unlock the key,one to shake the mercury, and this one I loved most a happily married lady with children rubs sugar over the bride’s head,how’s that ??

Finally when Sheikh finishes writing the wedding contract he comes in and ask her if she agrees and they all sign and of course all family and friends come in to congratulate the couple and their family ,followed by Iraqi dancing and a delicious dinner .

Lovely bride made an amazing candy bar filled with yummy candy and cookies and each guest filled a small bag before she left, very nice give away thought !

Congratulations for the lovely couple may your life together be as sweet and spicy as possible,love you both <3


DSC_0327  DSC_0329

DSC_0350  DSC_0349~2


DSC_0394  DSC_0393

DSC_0498  DSC_0513

DSC_0514  DSC_0515






DSC_0271  DSC_0540


DSC_0321  DSC_0322




Happy Birthday Hamoudeh ♡

Hello everybody.

Mansaf again today at my mom’s followed by knafeh for sure, crazy mansaf week,bye bye diet I guess.

Yesterday I baked a three layered vanilla cake and filled it with crushed Oreo cream then decorated it this morning with Galaxy Flutes,Ministrels and Ms&ms upon special request from my beloved son of my friend Hamoudeh for his birthday, it really looked beautiful and I just got A thank you message from him saying taste was great also.

Love you Hamoudeh &abibi,many happy returns,wish you all the happiness in the world <3



wpid-20140918_164511.jpg  20140918_120805





Happy Valentine ( Fruit Mousse).

Hello everybody.

Lovely morning, beautiful weather, great day for outings. Well our celebration was a colorful Valentine breakfast in the garden..who says one has to go out or celebrate with a fuss. Simple things can be more meaningful and loving. Don’t you agree♡♥.


Though I did more things.cause we have new love birds in the family, I baked a ready mix Red Velvet cake and decorated it for them. Looks good, hope it tastes as it looks. Enjoy Razan and Belal♡♥♡♥



As I mentioned yesterday,  we’re invited to lunch at my sister in-law ‘s house cause her sweet daughter Dina is home for vacation.
Dessert is on me,from the spirit of Valentine and cause it’s strawberry season. I made a fruit mouse with lady fingers biscuits. I have this recipe  long time ago from my dear friend Ruba.

* 2 packs lady fingers.
* 1 pack double cream.
* 1 pack kiri or Philadelphia cheese.
* 1 pack cream caramel powder.
* 100 ml fresh creme.
* 150 ml milk.
* 1 can pineapple.
* fresh strawberries.
* any other fruits you have.


* Mix the cream, fresh cream, cream caramel powder,milk very well till thick.leave in fridge for 4-5 hours.
* line the lady fingers in a spring pan.then sprinkle with pineapple syrup.
* spread cream mixture over biscuits then add chopped fruits.
* add another layer of biscuits then cream and decorate top with fruits of your choice.
* sprinkle toasted coconuts if you like.







Turned out a lovely Valentine’s day with Haidar’s beautiful roses to beautiful Layan♡♥♡♥




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