Melon Granita.

Hello everybody.

Saw this recipe on Fatafeat cooking channel the other night, when I searched the net I found a big variety of recipes of the basic one but with many flavors either fruits or coffee.

First trial was with melons and it turned out really good,refreshing and light I even liked it more than ice cream, definitely a winner!

Ingredients and method :
# 1/2 cup sugar.
# 1/2 cup water.
# 10 ice cubes.
# 1 melon cut to chunks.
# 3 tablespoons lemon juice.

# dissolve sugar with water and boil for 3 minutes then add ice cubes,leave till they melt.
# in a blender mix syrup, melons, lemon juice all together.
# pour mixture in a big metal pan and put in freezer.
# after one hour begun scrapping edges and mix all together.
# keep doing this every now and then till you get a crystal or slushy mixture.
# Serve with fruits or alone.

Note: you can blend mixture a bit if it gets too hard next day.




wpid-wp-1438162467060.jpeg granita before icing.





Honey Glazed Lamb Chops.

Hello everybody.

In addition to routine shopping I went to the butcher this morning, though I’m not a meat expert but I managed to get what I want with the help of the friendly butcher in Miles store.

My youngest son who’s a big meat lover asked for lamb chops,even searched for a new kind of marinate or seasoning and came out with this one to try, really delicious mind that meat is very tender and fresh also.

I made some potatoes mixed with herbs and spices, some Greek quesadilas cause I have some tortillas from last week that must be used before they ruin and a big bowl of salad.

Excellent meal to end the weekend :)

Marinate for lamb chops :

* 1/4 cup honey.

* 1/4 cup soy sauce.

* 1/4 cup Worcestershire  sauce.

* 1/4 cup mustard.

* salt,pepper.

* some Italian seasoning,chili,oregano.

* some bay leaves.

* olive oil.

* lemon juice for serving.

* mix all and marinate chops in a bag for 1-2 hours then roast uncovered in a medium heated oven till done.




20141220_144407  20141220_145746










Diet Starts Today !

Hello everybody.

New month resolution DIET and back to daily WALKING habit, too much events and invitations since end of Ramadan,so now after school opened and sadly said goodbyes to most of Summer visitors it’s time to stop our mouths a bit don’t you think? hope this decision holds on cause only today I got two invitations for the next upcoming weeks , well I’ll do my best to compromise :(

I won’t start a fixed written diet,will try to cut down bread,carbs in general and portions cause I do have a family to feed and I won’t cook special meals for myself .

Today’s dish is very simple and easy,chicken breasts stuffed with spinach and garlic with herbs, lemon juice and soy sauce for seasoning,no salt and a bit of olive oil.

* Ingredients and method:

* chicken breasts cut in the middle.

* garlic and spinach.

* lemon juice and soy sauce.

* broccoli and mushrooms or any vegetables you prefer.

* oregano,basil or any herbs for seasoning.

* crush garlic and mix with spinach then stuff inside breasts.

* season with lemon juice and herbs.

* heat some olive oil in skillet then add breasts,keep turning till golden on both sides.

* add veggies and sprinkle all with some soy sauce then leave to simmer on low heat till all done.

* serve with simple salad .










Cauliflower Stew .

Hello everybody.

Kids asked for cauliflower with rice ( مقلوبه زهره ), personally I don’t  like cauliflower or let’s say it’s not a favorite of mine, I like it more as a stew. Though it’s a very healthy vegetable full of vitamins and minerals, I only eat it for this reason :)

This dish is very easy and can be served with rice or  bread with tahini sauce on the side.

Ingredients and method:

* cooked minced meat or cubed veal or lamp as desired.

* boiled and fried cauliflower.

* 2-3 cloves garlic.

* one small onion finely chopped.

* lemon juice.

* salt,pepper,all spice, cumin and dry coriander.


* saute meat till dry then add garlic and onions.

* add cauliflower and seasoning,leave to simmer, you may add a bit of water if it’s too dry.

* serve with tahini sauce and summaq on top.

Enjoy :)



20140511_100657   20140511_101023



20140511_161057   very tasty maqloobeh by the way :)




Marinated Chicken and Asparagus.

Hello everybody.
Remember the big bunch of asparagus from Friday?
Still have a some of it, today I’ll make them like my dear lovely cousin suggested (guess now this dish will be called Dua’a’s Asparagus).

It’s a marinate for asparagus but I also marinated chicken with the same mix .Super juicy and tasty. Thanks my dear ♡♥.

Ingredients and method:
* 1 whole chicken.
* asparagus .
* for the marinate:
* soy

* balsamic vinegar.
* lemon juice.
* olive oil.
* garlic.
* salt, pepper ,paprika.

* marinate chicken and asparagus as long as you can, the more the better, each in a separate bag or bowl.
* grill chicken till done.
* add asparagus and saute till juices are lessened a bit.
* serve with rice or roasted potatoes.

Marinate tastes fantastic!
Enjoy ♡♥♡♥.







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